Pigs love Pears

They say that pigs will eat anything but I have never seen that – there are many things that pigs will not eat, onions, celery, to name a few, but they all love pears.  Tima is able to fit up to three pears in her mouth before she runs off to eat where Tane cannot see her.tima

I have always said that focus is over-rated . (I also say if you like a photo of mine, just steal it – I don’t mind).

The runaway chicken and her five chicks are still doing well in the turkey house so she spends as much time as she can trying to teach them to fly over the fence.

Yesterday Zack and I shifted the piglets field house closer in to the barn. The night before last the dogs and I were kept awake by howling coyotes so it is best that we do not offer them little piglets for dinner. Better for the piglets to be close to the cows and the dogs, and close to their food so there are no midnight runs across the field for a snack. They have shifted out to the field a little earlier than I anticipated, but there you are, Poppy needs the inside farrowing suite now.  So we need to make sure that they are safe. Once again I have created a little village for them, of assorted huts all grouped together. Their favourite game is to run in and out of all the huts at speed spinning in circles as they run which is very entertaining to watch.

Molly loves pears too. No-one told her about chewing with her mouth closed.

Good morning. This is Zack and Whitneys last day, so I hope it is a good one!

and I hope YOU have a lovely day.

Love celi


34 Comments on “Pigs love Pears

  1. A friend of mine told me that puppies and kittens create the most boring games of all the animal kingdom. It sounds like she was right! Baby pigs playing would definitely be on my to-watch list.

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  3. We will eat just about anything. There is only ONE food that I have found in my piggy life that I will absolutely not eat. Are you asking yourself what it is? Kumquats. OMP – I had one and one of my ears went north while the other went south. I did not like the sweet and sour no I did not. XOXO – Bacon

  4. I’m with Tima on that: if I could stuff 3 pears in my mouth and run away for a private feast, I would. Nothing better than a ripe, delicious pear.

  5. Safe travels Zach and Whitney! We have all enjoyed your stay with Miss C as I know she has too. FYI: Cows love PEARS also…. it was a real treat when the pear tree had too many for Mom to keep up with canning, preserving, pies and cakes. Pear pie – YUM…. Pear Relish in a bowl of beans – how devine!

  6. I can’t wait to see what the new piglets will look like! I so wish my pig would get pregnant. I’m just not sure what the problem is – her or the boar. *sigh*

  7. Safe travels to your intrepid helpers. Coyotes make me shiver, I’m glad you are circling the wagons. Maybe a donkey would be useful to stand guard?

  8. Travel’in metcies Zack and Whitnet. Wr out here, particularly this city mouse appreciates your service. I hope a myriad blessings enfold you

  9. Best wishes to Zack and Whitney! Would love to see a video on Instagram of the little piggies running in circles from hut to hut 🙂

  10. I am told one is actually born with a sweet tooth, and onions and celery are not sweet 🙂 ! More for me and you and us . . . And I am hugely jealous you are able to offer pears as a part of a piggie diet: I am having a hard time affording enough for myself!!! One at a time, savouring each bite 🙂 !!

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