After Dusk

I was making dinner last night (the creamy dill chicken in pasta with a butternut salad)  and hanging a yoghurt up to drain for the labneh today when I suddenly realised I had not taken any photos for you. So I pulled off my pinny grabbed the camera and walked out the door to get Anything.  I will leave it up to Camera House I thought. There was not enough light for a handheld image so I set everything on automatic plonked Camera House onto a post and clicked, laid it in the drive way and clicked. Did a 180 degree turn and clicked again, then one of the Daily Views from the veranda rail and back in just as the timer on the stove was dinging that the two loaves of bread  were ready to come out of the oven.

cows at night

What is the name of that blue light after sunset and as dusk dying down, just before real night?


Yesterday it rained in the morning so we made Anise Biscotti using Chicago Johns recipe, home made butter, yoghurt, started the bread, and put another ricotta salata in to cure.  Ricotta Salata is the best cheese to make, so easy, (the cheats way) and we eat it with everything. I especially love shaving off pieces of the cheese  and pan frying them in a little butter. Oh MY!  I have to stop!

dog and barn

I will tell you my recipe with pictures soon. But it is simple, you can find it on the internet. I make marscapone instead of crème fraîche and Zack taught me a perfect labneh. So all you milk and cheese lovers – stand by for those recipes!

daily view

Then in the afternoon Romain and I loaded up the wheelbarrow and commenced planting trees. These are the first trees he has ever planted and he was very touched by the thought that they (hopefully) will be big trees long after he and I have shaken off this mortal coil. He is thoroughly enjoying himself and very kindly enthuses over the food we eat.  He is exhausted by every evening – they all are for the first few days. Everyone sleeps well. Pity he is only staying until Tuesday. But he is the last of the student farmers and we have had a great summer.  And things are much slower now.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

56 Comments on “After Dusk

  1. We call it twilight, one of my favourite times of day the light is always magical as you photos show. Perhaps this is what we all need to do a little more. Put down our tools and get outside and just look around and take time to appreciate the most simplest of things.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time in your budy day to takemogf your pinny and rush out to get pictures. I could well be wrong but isnt it called Twilight…. Love you all lots

  3. The diffused light from the sky during the early evening or early morning when the sun is below the horizon and its light is refracted by the earth’s atmosphere – Twilight.
    Love that time of the day, either in the evening or early morning. It’s like the earth takes a deep breath before rising for another full day, or one before settling down for a nights sleep.
    Crazy times here packing up to go home – but I am reading every day!

  4. How lovely things are a little slower now C. Love how you can just take a photo at any time and they are always the most lovely shots. I need to put my camera down low and see what I get. Think I would put on a lot of weight if I were to visit you – always such wonderful tastiness going on in your kitchen.
    Have a beautiful weekend. I have my Pete home for nearly 2 weeks! So excited. AND, I might even be making a trip with him to London. Just imagine!
    🙂 Mandy xoxo

  5. I think it’s actually dusk – the dictionary definition says that dusk is the darker stage of twilight 🙂

  6. So the camera house captured a hens view of the farm – or close to it! Maybe a chick’s view. OH the cheeses and butters from fresh farm milk must be divine. Frying cheese in butter – how decadent and my mouth is watering now.

    I find it odd how I have never cooked with cream, but I am subscribing to one of those food delivery things (Home Chef) where they send you ingredients each week for how ever many meals you want to cook. I have learned so many new recipes – but the #1 thing is that cream sauces can be simple and it takes very little cream to turn ‘eh’ chicken into something amazing. I have grown so bored with my cooking that this has really revved me up again and I look forward to Wednesday and Thursday cooking from the box. Now to just turn this knowledge into a more natural food source, from a family farm preferably, and it would be so much better.

  7. 2nd photo calendar worthy. I think it is sunset, twilight, dusk and nightfall. Gloaming sounds so much more romantic 🙂 Laura

  8. Beautiful blue light… Twilight’s the most common name, but the Scots call it the ‘gloaming’, the French ‘le crépuscule’ and my favourite of all, the Latin ‘tenebrae’.

  9. Crazy how Camera House has a better eye for photos than I do. Beautiful. Especially love the barn shot with… Which pup is that?

    My Australian buddies have gotten me used to abbreviated words, but I still marvel at them when I see them. Pinny. I really like that.

  10. Beautiful shots in the twilight. I also like gloaming. When we were kids if the sky was that colour, you were in trouble-supposed to come in when the street lights came on. Later as a young teenager on my friends farm, we would play ‘hide and seek ‘ in the dark. It’s nice to be in a warm, bread smelling kitchen when the night is gathering outside. Thanks for the great pictures.

  11. A few years ago I started occasionally using the “set your camera on the ground” technique. I am always pleased with the results because this angle offers such a different perspective. Well done for an impromptu photo shoot.

  12. Loved the squash on the porch in the header. I had to go get something in my stomach halfway through reading this. You made me soooo hungry. Anise Biscotti, Butternut salad, creamy chicken pasta. Yum! Getting my flight ordered now. Coming for dinner!!! 🙂 Don’t I wish. I am no cook but do appreciate those who do it well. I just had a handful of nuts. 😦 Thanks for this and all the wonderful new words I learned today.

  13. Nana (my maternal grandmother) would say, “Lets go and walk in the gloaming, it’s a blessed time and heaven is close to us then.” We would walk around the yard, the flowers colors soft, the air cool and the scent of blossoms and earth. Then into the kitchen, rich with the smells of dinner cooking. Made for a wonderful evening.

  14. Typically me: had to go talk to my dear friend Mr Google ere I put a word down 🙂 ! Yep, basically ‘twilight’ tho’ the lovely notation of ‘blue hour’ appeared more than once! And I just love the oh so romantic ‘gloaming’! [I really and truly should not repeat, but you kind’of captured yours truly: ‘Eha’ means just that in whatever form: Daddy saw me first at gloaming, named me after the moment and it was a mutual love affair until he passed into the heavens far too early: oh, we still talk multiple times a day 🙂 !!!] . . . . so, I too am smiling . . .

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