Greens in the sun

Poppy spent most of the day laying out in the field enjoying the sun.

Sheila spent most of the day laying out in another field enjoying the sun.

And so did Molly, and Tima and Tane.

And all the cows.

And my bed of greens lay about in the garden enjoying the sun. The greens are the most important colour in my colourful diet.


(This is the only picture that survived a failing card, you will have to picture the cows and pigs laying about in the sun in your head).

I did not spend any of the day laying about enjoying the sun. But I did shift the cows electric fence which was easy, then I shifted the piglets electric fence which was not so easy as it is low to the ground and the piglets love to be under my feet.

And on yesterday an ordinary day I stepped 19,125 footsteps. (81/2 miles)

Tonight is going to get quite chilly, almost a frost and  both Molly and Sheila spent part of their afternoons making their beds nice and deep. Poppy has a heat lamp above her and one on in the hot creep and her pen is draft free so she made no attempt to make a bed at all.  If she had,  that would have sent me into high alert anyway. But no, she is just sleeping. Waiting.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


21 Comments on “Greens in the sun

  1. 8 1/2 miles … wow that is impressive, as are your greens. Laura

  2. I can picture Sheila and Molly et al sunning themselves. And your kitties too. They are great loungers in the sun. You should take ten minutes to enjoy the warmth too, before it’s all gone.

  3. That’s a lot of steps! Some days I feel like I’ve walked miles but have only been on my feet all day without walking far and other days I’ve done lots of steps and kms!

  4. Wow! Eight and a half miles. Just incredible! Hats off!

  5. I love your greens. Isn’t the sun lovely? I think I may just go out with my old pink blanket and lay a bit with Emma and Ronnie. We had a bit of rain yesterday and the ground smells fresh and herby today!

  6. It’s so easy to step lots of steps just doing chores…farm work has lots of steps in it. Then you are adding MORE and EVEN More steps to your already many steps.


  7. Many miles apart yet very similar weather, we had our first frost last night and a wonderful sunny day today. Shame about the memory card.

  8. I’m not surprised at how much walking you do, you are a perpetual motion machine. But I do wish you’d had 5 minutes to turn your own face to the sun and enjoy it before the cold, dark weather arrives for the foreseeable future.

  9. Hmmm! Yes, twice as many steps as the medicos recommend as a minimum and most of us don’t get: well, people in African countries like Kenya, have to manage as many just to get their water and food and walk miles to and from school . . . I guess one gets accustomed and it just happens to be wonderfully healthy as well . . . Love the photos of the garden: actually green comes second/third in the health stakes: red/orange spectrum as in tomatoes and peppers has even more vital nutrients . . . . but green above ‘non-colours’ at every turn . . . garden looking nice and I DO think you are getting quite enough vit D just running the chores . . . even tho’ a rest in the sun is lovely . . . .

      • Enjoy!!! You know what your body wants 🙂 ! May the weekend go smoothly and I am hoping a certain lady decides to drop her litter soonest and that you may have a day or so up north!!! love . . .

  10. Everybody here was laying in the sun today, even the dogs. Do you think they know it’s on the wane?

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