Long Light

I went out into the evening for these pictures last night. As the  long light slanted in, the sun dropping low, it’s rays whispering in under the hood of my lens.

My friend came yesterday and we spent two hours trimming Tima’s (the kunekune sow’s) hooves.  Most of this time was spent gently talking her into laying down so we could get to her curly feet. She has one deformed hoof which makes this job difficult.  We trimmed a little bit at a time, making sure not to trim too close. She walked away happily. A job well done.

Tane  )the kunekune boar) is not doing so well – the cold yesterday seemed to have hit his other hip and he was not walking on either of his back legs, using them to pivot but he was in pain yesterday. He has always had one bad hip but now both are awkward.  He will have to go off to the vet again but I am afraid of what they will say. So far he has done well with the warm weather and the odd aspirin.  The winters here will not be good for a boy with arthritic hips already.  Somehow I had not realised how bad his hips have become.

Above is Lady Astor’s Bobby with his budding horns.

The piglets are growing madly and still their buyer has not turned up. Hopefully soon. We have a few weeks of warmth ahead so there is time. And while we wait they are hard at work clearing the thistles from this field.

Pigs love acorns.


Poppy spent most of the day out in the fields again.


I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


30 Comments on “Long Light

  1. Good morning, c, and to the farmy. I hope the vet gives you news of Tane better than you suspect. A happy weekend to you all.

  2. That’s one handsome Bobby, isn’t he? Hope it’s nothing serious with Tane. Love autumn light and its long shadows. I keep checking the skies for the broad “v” of cranes heading south. Every year, they cross my patch of blue when I’m without my camera. Sneaky devils! I’m bound and determined to catch ’em this year. My neighbors must think me crazy, weeding the flower beds with my camera on my right and a can of bug spray on my left. (Arachnophiles will be happy to note that no 8-legged beasts were harmed during the clearing of my backyard’s flower beds.) 😀

  3. Poppy looks to farrow this weekend for sure …. hope it is during the day and goes well. Laura

  4. Sorry to hear that the buyer of the piglets has not turned up. Thats the problem with Fb that half the buyers are not genuine…hopefully you have been paid already..?? And poor Tane..as a sufferer of arthritus l know how much it hurts. As a human l can get help and treatment for my one leg..but to have it in both..poor wee boy… I shall send him my love and thoughts and pray for him…the pain really does hurt

  5. Poor Tane – he needs a hot tub. I do hope the vet can help him.
    Those piglets look like they are having so much fun 🙂

  6. I am not ready to think of Tima as a sow. I think of her as an itty-bitty gilt.

    Poor Tane. Arthritis at his age does not bode well. Hopefully the vet will have some answers.

  7. Your Bobby is beautiful! Poor Tane I feel so bad for him. Animals in pain are awful because they cannot moan or groan or complain like we do. I hope he can be made comfortable.

  8. I was almost salivating at the acorn photo… I’ve been on the lookout for more oaks that produced this year. I have exhausted the two trees in this area that are putting off white acorns. Emma and Ronnie deer love them. You educate us so well, with these tiny snippets of information about farm life and livestock. I noted a couple of years ago that a bumper crop year for pecans brought the wild hogs in from the river area. I suppose acorns and nuts are a very good source of protein and fat to pack on pounds for winter survival.

  9. Wow, Poppy’s belly is impressive. It surely can’t be much longer, she’s looming nearly as large as Miss Sheila! Oh, and our Lurch T-shirt arrived, and it’s great, really good quality.

  10. “As the long light slanted in, the sun dropping low, it’s rays whispering in under the hood of my lens.” – reads like poetry and perfectly describes the light this time of hear. Have a good day.

  11. I, too, just LOVED how you described the light last night. Sadly, so many people are in such a hurry that they don’t take a moment of observed the beauty of twilight…or, in this instance, ‘almost twilight’!! ; o )

  12. Lovely light in your pictures. Would a heat lamp help Tane’s sore hips? Is a pig like a dog in that glucosamine and cartiledge helps? Hope you have a peaceful day.

  13. Poor Tane. I hope the vet can ease his suffering. Oh how I wish that buyer would show up for heaven sakes. Maddening and so unfair.

  14. Lovely light. I, too, am happy that you take the time to enjoy your surroundings. I was wondering about glucosamine/condritin as well. Also, can he get a shot of cortisone? Much love, Your Gayle (You’re all stuck with me, ya know!!!

    • Gayle dearHeart – Now I use quite a number of supplements and ‘know my stuff’, but increasingly it has been proven that the expensive enough glucosamine products simply do not work as described! Medical study after medical study is coming in attesting that. Pretty much waste of money: if one thinks they have helped it just may be a placebo-effect 🙂 ! I don’t think a pig would feel that . . .

  15. Ooh the best jamones (Spanish hams) come from acorn fed piggies. And poor little Tane . My Alfi dog has also developed a bad hip and is off to the vet soon to find out what’s going on…I’m dreading it 😥

  16. Tane seems young to have arthritis, poor guy. Rosie the potbelly got to the point where he wouldn’t even stand up but he was 11 years old then. I wonder if turmeric would help? It’s supposed to be a good anti inflammatory.

  17. Loved the large moon in the background on your banner picture tonight. We’re hearing this full moon is BOTH a Hunter’s Moon and a Super Moon. I wonder if that means our animals are going to be ‘super crazy’? The full moon certainly gets out jennies into a wild mood. Almost as good a stir up as a windy day.

  18. You find out something new here every day – today’s bit of knowledge is that pigs really do like ‘haycorns’, just like Piglet from Winnie the Pooh! I hope Tane is alright, poor sweetie. Did he come from a warmer country? I remember you picking him up from the airport, but I can’t remember where he came from.

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