Home Again

I got sick.  And you know me I so seldom get sick that when I do I am FELLED.  The nights are so long in Canmore this time of year. And there is only a tiny bit of sun in the morning before it drops behind the mountain peaks. But I noticed none of this for a while, wrapped up in pain and fever, keeping to myself, trying not to infect any other members of the little family living in the tiny basement flat I was sharing.


We walked every day though. Not for too long, but it always felt good to get some fresh air and push my body a bit.  But when I was not walking my head was muddled and anxious from the fever and I could not focus on things,  dropping in and out of sleep. I cannot believe I succumbed so fast.


I managed to get myself all the way back home yesterday, from Canmore to central Illinois, my face wrapped in a big scarf. My bags on my back.  It took eleven hours. But the return went smoothly.  Every plane and train and station had people hacking and coughing into their tissues. Blowing their noses and burying their faces into their scarves.


I will be brief as I am still not well. I cannot go near the pigs for fear of them catching this which makes me feel even sicker – usually the first thing I do is pull on my clown suit and go check the stock.


Maybe later on today.


I hope you are all well. I missed you.

Love celi

118 Comments on “Home Again

  1. We missed you too. Get better soon. You need a large glass of warm brandy with a touch of honey to kill those nasty germs.

  2. Yep, same here ill in sympathy with you, in the middle of summer! We have had 7 days of cloudy weather and rain, lovely but our temperature dropped to 19C s one day. Hope you are up and running soon, get better. Laura

  3. oh my giddy aunt!   I am so sorry ! But that is always the way..you can work 51 weeks of the year, in all weathers and …nothing  BUT one week of relaxation and WHAM ! GOT YER!….It was like that when I had a business to run..always and always I got a bad cold in that one week..and the reason? because your body knows it has time to be ill…Get well soon, and if love could cure your illness you would be as right as rain..right now xxxxxxxxx  

    Sent: Thursday, December 29, 2016 at 2:42 PM

  4. Good to know you’re home and please know you were very missed. About the bug you caught, with your description of everyone on the way home exhibiting some kind of illness, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out you picked up your bug on the trip to Canmore. A stinking rotten way to spend Christmas but glad you arrived home again, jiggedy jig. Just as well you can’t go out to check on your ‘stock’… you need a good two to three days to rest and recover… keep warm and dry and think sunshiny thoughts! ~ Mame 🙂

  5. OH dear – Chicken soup….. lots o’ chicken soup. And stay away of those piggies today…. Your John and Jake can help you another day I am sure. Boo will be happy to be your companion near the fire I am sure.

    Jagermeister soup? You have to be kidding me….

  6. Feel better soon. I agree with Patrecia… your body knows when you start relaxing and letting your guard down and ithe germs take that opportunity to grab you. I am sure the piggies know that you are home.

    • Thank you Darling – and i will be better asap – not to worry – I will start some chicken broth this morning – now that I am feeling well enough to eat a little. c

  7. Oh dear … I wondered what had happened. How nasty of that bug to tag a ride with you on your holiday! Glad you are home. So much easier to put yourself back together in your own bed. Rest a while more if you can. Hugs from Ontario!

  8. So happy you are home and on your way to a speedy recovery! You are so right about staying away from the pigs for awhile. They are so very susceptible to getting everything that we humans get. Sending you healthy hugs and healing energies! xoxoxo

  9. I wish I could bring you down here and put you in a long chair in the hot sunshine to bake your bones, with a huge glass of fresh juice and one of the Christmas List books I bet you didn’t get a chance to read. We’d soon see the bugs and fever off… But knowing you, you’d get restive and pine for your creatures, you’d want to be walking the boundaries and checking on everything. Get better soon, Miss C.

  10. Thank goodness you were away when you got sick – the animals were all taken care of and you had time to just sleep. You must have needed some rest, Celi, and your body just took full advantage. I just don’t ever remember you reporting in sick before, and I’ve been following the farmy chronicles for a few years now. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  11. Oh poor you. I had the flu a couple weeks ago– I had felt completely impervious and laughed off the vaccine–and it laid me absolutely flat, so I know how you felt. Except you weren’t even in your own home, in your own bed. Poor thing. I’ve always thought that our bodies know when we have a free minute to get sick. I was sick over a long holiday weekend. So funny how that happens. Take it easy, and get well.

  12. So sorry to hear you didn’t get to enjoy your family time. Had a feeling as there was no peep from you the entire time. A shot of Brandy always helps and I would think a bowl of that soup would do too. I eat my pickled garlic en-mass before traveling to make sure no bugs want to come on board for a visit. So far, so good. Glad you are home safe and sound and I know you will feel better quickly. No choice on that matter, right.

  13. So sorry this happened to you. I used to be the same way–never ever got sick so when I did, bam. I was down for the count. But now I have grandchildren and since they are adorable little disease vectors, I’m exposed to all kinds of things all the time. They’re worth it, though. Sending you healing thoughts!

  14. CRAP ……………. As you said, you NEVER get sick… Seems like you got that horrible flu that’s going around… my son’s family got it.. i heard the headache is horrendous. Feel better soon my friend. i clicked on ‘like’ — but i don’t ‘like’ this. And I bet your animals miss you. ; o (

  15. I’m sorry your visit was marred by illness. The mountains look so gorgeous. And of course just being with family is such a wonderful treat. It’s quite unfair to not be able to fully enjoy it.
    I hope you recover quickly.

  16. I thought, I’d be all alone with my bad cold and caugh caught exactly on Christmas Eve and lasting on and on. For absolutely no reason –– and yes, in my tiny little holiday week of that year. What a pity. Aren’t we some poor creatures? Wish you all the best, Celi – have hot cups of tea prolonged with a good shot of Rhum (or why not Jägermeister???)… Get well soon!

  17. The XXS on the sidewalk and on the window tell your story as well as words could. Hope you are free and looking up by now!

  18. Oh darn! I’m so sorry that you had to spend your special time ill. Enjoy getting back to your routines, your own bed, and your own bowls of chicken soup. Get well soon!


  19. Oh rats! I’m so sorry. I hoped you were having too good of a time. Enlist John for a few more days if you have to. Sweat it out and get better. Welcome back. We missed you!

  20. Oh, Cecilia!! I’m so sorry. What a bummer. Is there anything worse than being sick away from home–and having to travel on a damn airplane with tons of others coughing, sneezing, blowing! traveling for a grand total of –11 hrs?? Damn!
    The older I get the more I realize the fact that health is everything. (I smoked for many years. My mother tried to tell me, but no, I wouldn’t listen. Arrogant!)
    I’m hoping there’s some sun on you today. It’s sunny here but snow flurries predicted for late this afternoon. Only blessing–Boo has you back. Get plenty of rest, for heaven’s sake!!

  21. Oh dear. I hope you feel better soon! I often find that I get ill when I stop working — I’m fine when I’m busy, but then when I relax my body seems to take that as a cue to force me to rest.

  22. The mountains are beautiful! The lack of sunlight would do me in, I’m afraid. Your body must have been ready to yield to the illness and a good opportunity presented. I thought I even caught glimpses of that in your posts before you even left. Hope you are back on your feet in no time. Take care.

  23. SO sorry! I hope you mend quickly and very thoroughly so you don’t have to be away from your work and animal care for too long! I’m sure they missed you. Photos are beautiful – such mountains! Such snow! I miss snow so much.

  24. Very irritating to be sick when there is so much life. To live! Feel better fast. I go the chicken soup and marathon sleep route. Good luck. The New Year will see a healthier Miss C.

  25. Welcome home…so sorry you’re under the weather. Your pictures are breath taking. What a wonderous place to live! Your son’s view is amazing! Text if you need anything.

  26. On the bright side :)…….you had nothing to do and folks to take care of you while you were feeling poorly, but sorry to hear your holiday wasn’t what you hoped. Welcome home!

  27. I got sick after a flight once – I think it relates to everyone sharing germs in a confined space with limited oxygen. Normally I’m like you and rarely use public transport, which is (I’m sure) where all the concentrated germs lurk…
    Get well soon! A bowl of Jägermeister might scare the germs, but chicken soup with lots of garlic is probably the best cure 😉

  28. It used to happen to me often, as soon as I would go on holidays I would get very sick. It was as if my body knew it could ‘let down’. We all need a rest sometimes, take care. xx

  29. Bugger. Being crook is bad, being crook away from home is worse. But at least you had tlc at hand to prepare you for the trip home. It occurred to me that despite our inclinations to spend the occasion with our dearest, Christmas & travel are not conducive, and better spent with our nearest if possible, and travel left for better seasons & non-peak times.

  30. You had waited SO long for this trip: am thinking of every crude Down Under expression and saying them out loud enough for you to hear and painfully laugh on the Prairies!! [And after all my years in exclusively male working company I DO know them all and they help me !!!]. After three nights of barely any sleep and the 41 C + temperatures and high humidity still ongoing here [nope, no ac 😦 !] don’t quite know which is worse of the extremes . . . . thank God John is home and you need not feel too worried about the ‘critters’ outside your bedroom door: all the bestest !!!!!

      • Well, ma’am, have you any objections if I worry anyways just a tad over you . . . ? Boo-Nanny: where the heck are you – we really need you at the moment !!! Just bloody well sit in front of her couch and growl when she tries to do anything and get someone else do it and if that really more than anything important – and Boo, you are IN CHARGE relying on you buddy . . . . . you better abetter know what we expect!!

  31. Get well soonest, Celi. I know Boo is delighted you’re back, the piggies probably are too. You know what to do. I’ve been fortunate, no icky bugs to get over. Our driveway/parking area and alley took forever to clear of the snow and ice, but we’ve been out and about this week, good thing too. The spouse had a miserable time getting the car up and parked when the grocery shopping was done – I got left home, just as well. Have to remember to move the car down to the street if there’s much snow forecast – annoying.

  32. Oh that stinks, wrecking your short time with your son. And I can only imagine what a miserable trip home it was. I seldom get sick but I know all I want is my own bed and pillow when I do. You did say you were tired, perhaps this was incubating for a while. Snuggle a bit with Boo – the bigger the dog the better the hot water bottle effect! (Too bad you can’t snuggle with Sheila!!)

  33. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I picked up a bug on my trip to IL, but seem to be coping with it okay. You almost can’t help picking up something on trains and planes…

  34. I am just now catching up on old posts. I hope you are feeling better by now. Sometimes the best medicine is just to be home in your own house, bed and comfy clothes. I fear something similar has got me but I’m fighting it tooth and nail! Public transportation this time of year leaves us susceptible to all sorts of nasty virus and bacteria. So far all I’ve had is a headache and sore throat.

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