Can you tell ?

That my hands are still shaky?
field waterlogged

Not good for a photographer. Ah well, today is Day Three of the IcePick  Headache Bad Head so I am sure you will forgive me the camera shake. I feel so sorry for people who deal with pain on a daily basis. I should be grateful that all I have to deal with is the occasional Bad Head.

Above is the most boring picture ever but it shows you the surroundings. We are surrounded on all four sides by waterlogged empty fields.

And what a misery of a day yesterday was – it rained and blew, the clouds were low, the fog thick, the light dim and slowly it got colder.

Two middle sized pigs  (the smaller hand reared ones)  have been slow to pick up – still not eating much. They are too old for this kind of problem. They will go off on jaunts around the field and chew on grass but then straight back to bed. No fighting for food. I am still concerned.

Tima and Tane are still a box of birds though – nothing slows these two down.

Everyone got an extra portion of straw to help with the cold last night: we are drifting down into another cold snap again, though so far I see nothing below 0F/-17C . I don’t call it cold until we get down to 0F.  We all do ok below freezing.  Sub zero is the killer.

Actually wind is the killer! Luckily everyone has good deep beds out of the wind. It will be chilly today with wind but I am promised some sun.

Some days on the farm in the winter are kind of dull to report on. But this is what farming is like out here. Some days are dreary, it is real life.

I need to shut this screen off now. Get moving.

I hope you have a good day.





58 Comments on “Can you tell ?

  1. “When icicles hang by the wall, And greasy Joan doth keel the pot…..” Not being a farmer, I will stay stay out of the cold wind here & finish my Christmas jigsaw puzzle, a little January pleasure. I hope your horrible ice pick takes its final stab Today & goes away forever.

  2. Maybe 3rd day is the charm and it will be the final day. I have to go inspect a broken tree in the front of my house. After freezing rain followed by snow was too much weight. Looks like it just missed the car, I hope. Well the Christmas lights are down…on the ground 😒

    • All four of the pigs trotted out for breakfast this morning – and did it again at lunchtime so i am feeling more hopeful.. I hate it when pigs are not 100 percent. They just look miserable. c

          • I read that people feeding ducks and geese often swap coats, because the birds become accustomed to their smell and don’t like change. They will similarly get upset and stop eating. Perhaps the pigs have the same sensitivity to smell? No doubt your older pigs feel more secure and are less worried by change.

  3. when you write everyday it must get difficult to find things to write about but you do it so well….and no I cannot tell that your hand is still shaky…There has to be  a reason…

    This weekend our weather is to be -25  and 20 cm of snow….and wind…you might never hear from me again. All large vehicles have been banned from using the roads and ordinary folk told to stay home….

    I really hope that you will feel better soon   love p


    Sent: Wednesday, January 04, 2017 at 2:45 PM

  4. Hope the wind drops, temperatures rise and the sun comes out. Laura

  5. Migraines are terrible. Like you, I only have them once in awhile. Sadly, hubby has suffered from them for years. Now he’s added worsening back problems to the mix. Not a good mix for farming, which is why I had to let go of my farming dream 😦 Instead, I live out my farming dream thru the words on your blog, but miss living close enough that the girls and I could make the drive up to visit your little farmy.

    • Thank fully this is not a migraine – I feel awful for migraine sufferers, this one does not force me to close my eyes at least – best to work through it. Yes, those visits were precious. I still think of that picture of Naomi (was it Naomi or am I remembering her name incorrectly)running at top speed through the long grass. c

      • I don’t remember if it was Lili or Naomi, but most likely Naomi if running was involved 🙂 We will have to make a point of coming up for a visit on our next trip to Illinois.

  6. I’m with you. The wind is the worst of it. We have been packing out my son’s storage unit into a Uhaul truck. We are not used to cold temps here in Portland and it was COLD yesterday and colder today while we finish the packing up. At least it sunny and dry so things can be spread around outside. To do what you do everyday, would be too much but then you have animals counting on you. I hope everyone perks up soon. Three days with a headache would be cause for concern for me. It’s been a long time since I’ve had one of those. I had bio-feedback many years ago because the meds didn’t work. Sometimes a headache isn’t just a headache. Just know I’m thinking of you and hope you feel better sooner.

    • Well this is just a stupid headache – and losing its grip today which I am grateful for. You have a lot of work to do – those storage units can hold a lot! c

  7. I feel for you miss c….I am a frequent sufferer of migraines so have plenty of medication and am ready to fight back. Think it must be dreadful to be attacked randomly like you have been…you’re defenceless 😢

  8. I have found that migraines can take many forms. I seriously sympathize that your ICE PICKS are so severe. I wish that I could suggest a remedy. Periodically I have the strangest thing happen. I can only describe it as a hallucination. It is a visual semi circle off of my left eye. It is mostly colored and looks like a pulsating shattered stain glass window dancing to the beat of my heart. If it’s not in color it looks like zebra patterned chevrons, but still pulsating. When this happens it is so distracting that I need to stop whatever I’m doing, hang my head, and close my eyes in a darkened space if possible. Even walking is difficult, so you can imagine how I feel about driving. Fortunately it comes on slowly, and is often gone within a half hour. When describing this to my physician, I was told that it was a migraine. My response is that I didn’t have a headache, the guess is that I’m so glad the hallucination is gone that I don’t notice the migraine. Weird.

    • I was told those were optic migraines and I had those for several years before the ice pick migraine came immediately after the optic one. Now I just grab the migraine medicine as soon as the optic one starts and head for a dark room. I have tried to work though them but for me it only prolongs them so Advil Migraine and sleep are what works for me.

      • Thank you for this information, optic migraine sounds about right. My hopes is this is where it continues to start and end. Currently the people that are around me at the time just think I’m ready for the loony bin, telling them it’s an optic migraine sounds much more sophisticated than shattered stain glass dancing 🙂

    • I’ve heard them called “visual migraines” and the first one I had scared the pants off me. I was at work and suddenly realized I couldn’t see the report I was reading. Thought I had a fluff or something in my eye, then thought maybe something to do with my retina, but no. It’s more like the old prism tube things we had as a kid – you looked in and turned the bottom of the tube and the patterns changed – can’t remember what they are called. But I never have pain associated with them and thank heavens they don’t come often, because they really stop you from doing much when you can’t see properly. Mine do clear quite quickly, with only perhaps a heavy feeling while it’s happening. Oh – just remembered – kaleidoscope!

      Chris S in Canada

  9. Oh sweet friend – we hope that you feel better really, REALLY soon. Ice pick headaches suck… well that’s what mom says. Sending you major hogs and snout kisses for a quick recovery. XOXO – Bacon

  10. Oh C. 3 days with that stabbing head pain sounds unbearable…Maybe it is as someone suggested, weather related?? Do you also get them when the temps are warm and dry? Ugh! Severe headaches are the worse…they drain the life out of you, don’t they? I also hope as someone else said that the 3rd day will be the last. Get well!

  11. Miss Celi ~ I’ve had a history of migraine headaches in my lifetime ~ along with Dad. Believe me I know what head pain is all about!! The best ole immediate remedy I ever had was when Mother would put hot hot wet washcloth on my forehead ~ she would run the faucet water over the washcloth til it was boiling hot, wring it out and lay it on my forehead and I would turn it a few times to keep the hot side on my head; then Mother would come with another hot one, etc. It always immediately took the worst throbbing pain away. Years ago I would have headaches 24 hrs a day for a month and more at a time ~ used to take 4 -5 aspirins at a time which never took it away 100%! They say stress can cause some of these migraines ~ yet when my husband died in an accident and I was in deep shock for awhile ~ I never had one headache ~ explain that one!
    Also ~ for your cold ~ many people say you need to put vicks on the bottom of your feet along socks and on the chest ~ they swear by it ~ don’t know if that’s a good medicine in New Zealand!!
    Stay warm and snuggle up with my buddy BooBoo!! Do you have a good ole down comforter from your Grandma? Hope he is doing better ~ can’t live without Boo on the farm!
    Hope Piggies get better ~ maybe they need a chocolate malt ~ our ole Dr said malt is the best thing for tummy ache ~ and it definitely always felt better!!
    take care Miss Celi ~ NO MORE BLASTED MIGRAINES!! and hugs to Boo.

  12. If it’s day 3, you’re coming to the end of it. Keep your head and face out of the cold wind as much as possible. Do try hot or cold washcloths, depending on which you find most comforting. For me, it’s cold. I put them on my aching head and you can practically see the steam rising… But I know some people find heat relieves the stabbing pain more. We’re having torrential rains and pretty strong wind too, down here, but it’s hot and steamy with it, 80°F +. Cyclone season is here. I’m hoping we’re spared again this year…

  13. So sorry you still are not 100% but it sounds likes the pigs are. Hopefully you will be soon. Never do I think “dull” in regards to The Farmy. Not even in winter, It got so cold so quickly here as that wind blows across us. Bitter, bitter cold!

  14. I remember thinking how fairytale your earlier snowy landscape looked, now the mud looks like a battlefield tale landscape. But it, and dreary days are as They say all just grist for the mill. I prefer dull days to drama days.

  15. Icepick headaches certainly are not migraines but still oft associated with both the latter and cluster headaches – usually come on after about age 45! Altho’ the cause[s] are not certain I am afraid stress seems to play a big part and your abortive trip to Canada accompanied by the dour weather cannot have helped.. The drug Indocin helps in over half the cases but can be quite dangerous in the long term . . . . actually the best proven remedy is meditation: it would greatly help both stress and headache – you take time off in the afternoons: an ideal period during which to enter absolute heaven as far as I am concerned – I have had severe daily pain for decades and get rid of it for hours this way and without Big Pharma! Hope it is on the way out . . . three days is unusually long . . . there are other reasons but only a quack and tests would make sure . . . all the best . . . oh, I have had visual migraines for at least two decades: small transient ischaemic attacks, but I have no pain associated, just broken vision from a couple of minutes to half an hour: slow down > goes away 🙂 !

      • *smile* So much work, am back late !! Well, Valerie has also come on board with meditation I see . . .once it becomes part of one’s life it is wonderful! My main guru for CD’s is Deepak Chopra – his gorgeous, sexy Indian voice [if you do not know, he is actually one of US’ foremost professors of medicine and has a large facility in La Jolla] can ‘make you do anything’ !!! Pain: one learns to live with it, to smile and tell it to ‘f… off’ !! I was born with a back of a 95-year-old [no, one can’t see: am told I have a superb posture!] and nought can be done about that!! I would take painkillers 1-2 a month: am not about to wreck my liver and kidneys and blood composition, thank you! You just live with it and don’t think about it 🙂 ! All the best . . .and hope your chest has cleared up . . .fully . . .

  16. Celi, hope you’re really beginning to feel Better… one of your friends wrote asking for the pain banishing technique I mentioned yesterday… rather than write it out again, I referred her to a blog in which I wrote about it … the directions – if you’re interested – are in a blog of january 2013 called The Challenge of Meditation … go well, magnificent person XXX

    • Thank you Valerie – I did not see your comment from yesterday – we will come over and find this post – thankfully I am better now so no more need to worry .. c

  17. I’m farther behind than I realized… I thought the ‘ice pick’ was in your back… but, rather, it was stuck in your head. Do you get nauseous when that happens? I give you so much credit for working through it.. but I guess you have absolutely no choice. (As I read on Thursday’s post – your headache is better – thank God.) And – are those fields ever dreary…. are they usually snow-covered, like in Quebec?

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