BooBoo and Marmalade were both so determined to sleep right in front of the fire yesterday that they even agreed to share the mat, which meant touching. Even though Boo Nanny was Marmalade’s surrogate father in her very early days (here is there picture from that time just so we can sigh over it again)  –


Nowadays it is very seldom that these two sleep together.

cat and dog

Let alone touch! Horrors.

frozen water

It is so cold in the winter that the waters freeze in the animals troughs.  The cows have heaters in their water but the little pigs would pull the heaters out and chew on them so they have to have their water renewed a couple of times a day. Tima got ahead of me yesterday morning and was smashing through the ice in her water bowl. With her feet!

breaking the ice

Tane stood by hoping she would share. That spare gate has fallen and is frozen to the ground, I must remember to pick it up in the next thaw.

dsc_0192 pork

Roast pork.



Later in the evening Marmalade went back to her rocking chair, jumped onto her customary cushion and even later in the evening the green cushion, perched  on the the back of the chair, fell on top of  her. But she simply slept on under the cushion.  Just too tired, as Victoria said. Cat tired.


My four middle sized piggies were all up and about yesterday – eating and shoving each other about. Not too boisterous yet but I think we are getting over the worst of it now. This morning will be the telling morning. I am also feeling better now. No pain in the night, so lets hope the ice pick has been withdrawn.

Everything is ready now to make the soap today. If all goes well we hope to get at least four batches made today and another four tomorrow. The house really will smell wonderful for a while as it cures.

I hope you have a lovely day.





65 Comments on “Touching

  1. Aww – that picture of Baby Marmalade snuggling with Boo!! Worth a million!! They were always so cute together!!! And Tima entertaining us making crushed ice!! Looks like you enjoyed a tasty pork roast and gravy!! Hope you are feeling better. Have a good day making soap.

  2. All mammals and birds seem to know what to do to get to water… but thank goodness for those water heaters! I have also read that squirrels are usually solitary about setting up digs, but in bitter cold temps they will huddle up together in groups of five or six in a small tree cavity to keep warm.

  3. Stomping with her feet, her own built in ice picks. I hope Tane warmed up her feet for her after he had his drink. I did sigh over the Marmie baby shot. The green pillow just kept her warmer, just like Boo in the old days. I hope you have some sun today.

  4. As you told your story about Boo and Marmalade, I was reminded of 2 little kids – “mom he’s touching me” – yesterday was a good day to curl up close to the fire — wind shill warning till noon today here in SE MN – Brr! Pork roast looks wonderful !

  5. Our pig waterers for winter had small kerosene lamps under the tank the pigs couldn’t reach. They were messy and unreliable.

    • It has been done before – do you remember when Ton got out of his outside pod and there underneath him was a flattened Marmalade. He had been sleeping on top of her. I guess she was his hottie. She seemed unperturbed. c

  6. Thank goodness for tank heaters and heated buckets! I see the problem with the piggy water systems, they would definitely not cooperate with a heated setup. But Tima looks like she has got things well in hand!

    • They just have to wait for water twice a day. Though this system is flawed too because eventually I have three or four bowls with frozen water in the bottom waiting for the thaw.. c

  7. Ah Bless, Tima helping with the chores 🙂 Glad you are on the mend, and that Pork roast looks mouth wateringly delicious. I would love to learn how to make soap, but have been put off by all the dire warnings that seem to come from everybody. Laura

    • If you are careful with the lye there is no need to be afraid. My helpers always wear glasses and gloves. And we organise things very well. We have never had a problem. c

  8. Aw, Boo Nannie with his kitty. Sweet boy. Oh if only we had smell-a-blogs! That roast looks fantastic! Cat Tired! I have used “slept like a beagle” before – so that must be like cat tired.

  9. And… you make soap… !!!!!!!!!!!!! You are just something else my friend. I have to catch up – I didn’t realize you’d hurt your back. I’m so glad it’s better today. You have lots to do, as always.

  10. Two of our four cats snuggle up with Daphne, our German shorthair pointer when it’s really cold outside, and she absolutely loves their warmth. Dolly, our blue heeler, doesn’t really bother the cats, she only likes to be the one in charge, kind of herding them around and telling them what to do and not to do. The cats would love to cuddle with her, too, but she keeps a distance between herself, the boss, and them, the peons.

  11. Good news about the pick ax. I hope it’s gone for good! Good news, too, about the pigs. Now, if only spring would get here oh, say, 3 months early, all would be right in the world. 🙂

  12. So glad the head is improved., sounded terrible. Healing is good. Thanks for the lovely pics, as always. Glad Victoria came to stay-seems like good timing. Hope the soaps help with the healing too.

    • I want to say soap making is easy but if I say that it will lesson the chance that my soap comes out.!! Best not to appear too confident! There is always a chance that it will not set, but until now I have not had too much trouble.

  13. I’ve been noticing pictures of tires with buckets sitting in the middle. The tires are stuffed with straw. Yesterday I noticed one that was two stacked tires and had straw stuffed into the bottom of the tire as well that the bucket could sit on. I’m thinking of trying that in our front paddock… Glad your pick axe has decided to retreat. Have a good day Celi!

  14. No one can lie as flat and ‘zausted as a cat, just a thin weary old strip of fur painted on the floor, the chair, the cushion, draped over the bookshelf… I wonder if Boo had a moment or two of nostalgia. That photo of the sky says cold better than any shot of ice in a bucket, but Miss Tima trampling the ice was wonderful! And thanks for reminding me to take my rolled pork shoulder out of the freezer!

  15. I’m so glad you are feeling somewhat better. We are in the middle of a blizzard with terrible cold to follow.


  16. Beautiful photos again today. I have to admit, though, to spending far too much time trying to figure out what was in the one just before the marmalade vs cushion shot. lol…. had to really stare at it a while before the peacocks emerged. And apart from the cold, lots of good news: head clearing, piggies bouncing again, a roast of pork, help to make soap and lovely lavender scents all round. Sounds like a perfectly lovely way to spend a couple of wintry days. Hope there is lots of laughter going on too! ~ Mame 🙂

  17. We’ve had the cold weather, but not all the rain that you’ve had. I’m not a big fan of winter, but I think I’m ready for Spring to start any time! I enjoyed your photos very much.

    • Yes – an early spring would be a fine thing in my opinion! All this rain is so unusual. We get a lot of rain in the winter in New Zealand (where I come from) but it is never followed by these frigid temperatures. Usually in the midwest it is just all frigid! c

  18. You can almost hear Marmalade ….” pooh, stinky feet” ! Two of my cats curl up with Mirrhi, but while she loves them close, 2 furry water bottles make her very hot and she gets uncomfortable and gets ‘that look’…..

  19. now I am hungry for roast pork with gravy! Yum! and that pic of baby Marmalade and Boo is the best! What a smile maker!

  20. I love the pictures of Maemelade and Boo! They bring a smile. Animal cuddling here takes on a different aspect. We have only one cat, Charlie, and no dog, Often on a cold dark afternoon if I walk down the hall towards the bedroom Charlie runs ahead and jumps on the bed, waiting. As I pass by he reaches with his paw, a signal. Okay, so I lie down now and then, but with a book as an excuse. Soon he walks across me, punches gently at my stomach, then curls up under my arm near my heart. It is hard to keep reading. That warmth lulls me, and I’m off too. Neither of us has ever slept with a pillow on top, however. That’s more than a nap. Smart cat. Probably thinks, what else is there to do when it’s cold and grey outside.

  21. Just checking in–very late today. Photographs so unusual and interesting. So sweet Boo and Marmalade. I had forgotten!

  22. If different animals like Boo and Marmalade can share in peace, why can’t we?

  23. We have taken to running the cord from the bucket/tank heater through a piece of pvc pipe screwed tight to the wall and securing the water tub to the wall with a clip. It has kept everybody, horses, donkey, goats and pig from mauling their water heating systems. If you cut the ends of the pvc at an angle it’s easy to mount them to a wall. You can still unclip the tub and slide it out from under the heater. We also glued rigid foam insulation sheets to the outside of the horses’ big tank and covered it with plywood. It’s made a big difference, I have the heater on a outside timer so it only runs for a couple hours on and a couple hours off.
    Glad your head is better, isn’t it almost a euphoric feeling when you realize the pain is gone? I often feel almost giddy with relief.

  24. I do so love Boo and others too; i am glad you are better as I was worried; love your photos; am sending this on to my great nephews and nice and their lovely parents; hugs

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