Brain Clear

Well, you know the game. I have to enter the first heading that comes into my head and this is the one. My brain is clear this morning. And I have to put those words up whether I want to change them or not. I give myself many blog challenges to keep my work fresh but this one must be the weirdest.

I walked the path to the West Barn yesterday four times. This weather is just too good to pass up. Poor old BooBoo was allowed to come on half of one of the walks, but at my side on his leash. His back leg seems a little better (the torn AC something or AT something- I was always useless at anagrams or groups of letters like this – I need the WORDS.) anyway I sense a strengthening in Boos leg of the muscles around the torn – um  area.  JOhn was working while I was away so Boo had forced-rest for the whole day each day I was gone in Europe. (on the couch no less – sigh – took an age to clean)  He will put his foot down every third time but still no jumping and no running ever again.  Little steps.

The second time I walked over to the West Barn was to manage the delivery of one big round bale of good grass for the cows over there. JOhn had the man put it on his dump truck and we just rolled it out. Two of this herd should be pregnant – Lady Astor and Aunty Anna. The bull Carlos the Tiny and Aunty Del need to stay slim as well so a good bale of grass hay is perfect for them.


I don’t give the cows my special mix of grain in the normal course of events so they need good forage.  And  I never use commercially created feeds  unless they are certified as using only plant proteins because here in America they are allowed to render down animal parts then put them into the cattle feed to boost fat. The rendering plants are meant to separate out the suspect parts of the animals but who knows what they do in those places. A necessary evil I know. But this is why I grow my own meat. Here is a simple article on this subject.  I had to really search for anything written currently on this matter – basically people do not want to know what the meat they are eating has been eating.  Though things are better than they were here (in the USA)  it is still not good enough for me. Cows are not omnivores. Cows are herbivores and should not be fed other animals. Though my pigs (who are omnivores)  are vegetarians for exactly the same reason.

I need to qualify that you can find plant based feeds for cows and pigs but they are more expensive and your animal will grow the old fashioned way – slowly. Both my cows and my pigs eat a lot of good hay and good diverse pasture.  I have the local feed mill mix my own feed from local grains. (I cannot afford organic – which is often imported nor do I trust that label – or non GM but I insist on local it is the best I can do). I have the local seed company mix my pasture seed cocktail which John will be sowing starting this week.  And neither of these initiatives contribute to a healthy bottom line in the financial page of my little farm. But they do contribute to healthy clear minds and bodies.

And sweet smelling manure! Don’t forget that. (that made me laugh – sweet smelling manure – laughter – it is important I promise!).

Hay and Pasture is the best for ruminants. It is all about fermentation and that needs good clean forage to work well.

Back to the round bale!. Poor shorty Carlos cannot even see over the top of the bale. “Never mind Carlos by this morning those big cows will have unraveled the whole thing and strewn it all over the yard to lie on”. I don’t have a big round bale feeder, as I seldom feed round bales due to their weight and me only having a little tractor. There will be waste, but all that waste will eventually go into the compost.

TonTon and I walked home down the road and up the driveway for a change.

This Point of View is from Boo – waiting on his chain by the barn, watching us walk up the lane.  He always waits very quietly. Quite still. His eyes never shift from me.  He knows I am coming for him.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi.

57 Comments on “Brain Clear

  1. I’m sure he was thrilled to be let off the chain and accompany you around the farmy. We had a whopper of a thunder storm last night. Lights flickering, then going out, then coming back on again. For such a huge city, the electricity is not very stable in San Antonio, Texas. Have a good day today C.

  2. Enjoy the good weather. After a five year drought it’s raining cats and dogs here in California. Trees are coming down like sticks, landslides are everywhere. Commuting is a nightmare because of all the road closures. Poor old Boo Boo , I hope he doesn’t feel too bad. My dad used to feed his cows fermented sugar beets .

  3. A clear brain is important for man and beast. It’s obvious that what we ingest contributes or detracts from that objective. I do wish I had better access to well raised meat so I eat very little anymore. I do feel for Boo having to be left behind so his leg can heal. A necessary thing but I’m quite sure it’s hard for a working dog to not work. Enjoy your sunshine.

  4. Oh my gosh, the cow pics are so adorable!!! Just makes you want to plant kisses on their noses!!! 🙂

  5. I think your ‘philosophy’ of food for your animals, and yourself, is sensible. We’ve worked hard over the years at shortening the list of ingredients in the foods we eat and making them more natural. We feel better for it.

  6. I think I have mentioned before my poor old Luc (shepherd mix in his 17th year) has managed for most of those years with ACL-I think it is-wish I knew the words too- & can these days canter & gallop a bit sometimes & even do a bit of up & down on his front paws prancing-dancing & laughing. He has never jumped since the injury. But he did recover from limping & lifting his hind legs ages ago. I hope for this in a little while for Boo.

    • Yes and your stories of Luc are what keep me on this course. I am very very careful with Boo and am heartened to know from you that his leg can in a way be re-muscled to cope with the injury . He got away on me yesterday and raced across the field after a bird using all four feet the whole time (then i made him lie down for hours) but it was good to see.. c

      • I’m glad you made him rest & be still for a long time, but also that you saw it & realized he could do it when carried away with the thrill of the chase. A brief spell of Boo Joy!

  7. Our philosophy of food is identical~ yours and mine. I just cannot serve my sweet children food laced with unknown ingredients that might cause them harm in the long or short term. It’s absolutely counterproductive to work so hard at giving our children everything they need to grow happy and healthy then serve them hidden poisons.

    • I am deeply horrified when I see some of the food people shove into childrens mouths – but also deeply grateful when I hear of people like you and my own children whoa re very particular about what the babies can eat – that kind of thinking should change the world of food! c

  8. Carlos the Tiny might have fun tunnelling right through the centre of that bale 🙂 I hate that brain fog from jet lag, but you worked yours right out chasing piggies everywhere, sunshine helps too. Laura

  9. Poor Boo! I think he’d be happy just to be near you, even if he can’t run and jump anymore….And yes, clear brains and sweet smelling manure are the best, arn’t they? 🙂

  10. Beautiful light in your photos today. And your last words in this post are why your animals are sane, healthy and confident creatures: “He knows I am coming for him”. They know you care for them as individuals, that you will do right by them, and that you will never let commercial demands get in the way of what they need to be healthy. They know you will always, always come for them.

  11. These close-ups of the cows’ faces –them eating are great!

  12. You’re too humble to say this, but if I were you I’d be so amazed by myself. Here you were a nice young girl born on a beach. Here you are now, after having raised several children, you have embarked on a 180 degree different kind of life AND become an expert!

    • It is true I have done many things and strive to do better at them all the time – not an expert of course but always learning – just like you – you are always out to learn new things.. c

  13. I’ve been thinking about animal identity issues. It all started with the Al the Bore story. The boar, I mean (I didnt identify with either one, but the seed of doubt and fear had been planted,) Now, however, as I consider diet preferences, I,m wondering if I might not really be a ruminant. I do a lot of ruminating after all. But since I haven’t heard anything from My Dear about sweet smells in the WC, I guess there’s no point in pursuing this issue.

  14. Jonathan > The foundation of country life is sh.. Compost making – including seaweed and manure – is something I take great pride in. Done well, it smells lovely. Bad smells is due to anaerobic conditions- too compacted, too wet, not enough fibrous matter.

    • Yes! You know I feed my animals a dried seaweed product. It is expensive but SO good for them. I envy you your seaweed, we used to collect it as kids and wash it and Mum would put it in barrels and I can’t remember what else – but she used it as a fertiliser.

  15. Brain clear, sky clear, dogs companionable and manure smelling sweet [yes, this city gal has actually smelled it thus 🙂 !] . . . . glass more than half-full methinks . . . .fair enough . . .

  16. Nice article you link to, I don’t think many people actually realise what went into the food on their table. I must use it for my next post, which is still sitting in drafts after about a week 🙂
    What great weather you are having there and as ever you capture it so well.

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  18. Poor Boo. When your life has purpose it’s very hard when it gets taken from you by physical limitations.
    But dogs are resilient and adaptable souls. He’ll figure out his new life on three good legs and one gimpy leg.

  19. It’s been a while since I’ve told you that you’re AMAZING!! You’re raising your animals the way they used to raised… not all that long ago. I read recently that people will never again be as slim as they used to be due to all the ‘crap’ in our food. I just can’t understand how it’s legal… it sure isn’t good…. Have a great day. Oh, guess what? My Yellow Farmhouse sold in 8 days. I love, love, love this place but I’ve been in one place far too long!! ; o )

  20. Thank you for the “simple article” link. I am utterly stupefied at how few people understand where meat comes from and what the animal was fed or ate. And how is it that many people do not wonder why we have so many ill people in our country? Diabetes and cancer are two that could easily be dealt with by eating good, clean foods. Someone needs to “drain the swamp” in the USDA and FDA… and we need to better educate our young people.

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