All born yesterday. Poppy’s labour lasted all night and was not without its problems but she has nine lovely live and very active piglets and they are feeding almost non stop. The piglets are still on lock down so the only image of them I have is from the monitor.

But here is Lady Astor with her baby.  Born yesterday at lunchtime.  I saw her looking uncomfortable – moved all the other cows out of the field she was in, she lay down as I walked away and within about 30 minutes we had a little bull calf.

It was a beautiful comparitively warm day so they hung out in the field, baby got up soon after birth and was drinking shortly after that, while I dealt with the milking set up. I had everything ready just not all put together.

Then I walked the baby all the way to the barn  with Mama close behind.

It all went quite well considering my deep sleep deprivation. Adrenalin goes a long way.

Later I milked Lady – her udder is so big and swollen and engorged, it was no fun for her. But it was getting impossible for the calf to latch on and very painful for the cow.

Here is that rather gruesome sci fi image of Poppy and her crowd of babies.

I milked again this morning at five am in a massive dark thunder and lightening storm. The weather was very, very loud and the rain was coming down in sheets.

To alert the sows to my arrival  (the sows and their babies, and Lady and her calf  are in the barn where the milking room is),  I put the soft milking music on, the phone tucked into my pocket, so they could hear me coming and going and moving about. With the milking music and the rain and the pump chugging away and  Lady mooing to her calf:  the sows joined in with their feeding chorus, grunting for their piglets to come out for a drink, and the piglets began to squeal and it became very noisy in the barn at one point.

It is 7.58 now.  I am cleaned up and back up to the house. The workers are outside doing chores. I am having my second coffee. The ground is waterlogged. We had way too much rain last night and more coming this evening. It is going to be a soggy  day.  I am thinking of loading everyone up into the truck and off we go to get feed and supplies.  Best use of a rainy day.

Merciful heavens yesterday was crazy. It all happened at once but we have all forty feet on the ground. And soon we will have milk!

Have a lovely day.


Weather says more rain.




  1. Great news! I was worrying with no post yesterday. Hope everyone continues to do well. Send some rain west – we can always use it in CA.

  2. Blimey I bet you are knackered but happy! Hopefully you will get a good nights sleep tonight. Have a great day.

  3. Fantastic – I was just looking at Instagram to see if there was any news. Good job it was dry for Lady Astor’s birthing 🙂

  4. I was just this moment saying to the Husband that we hadn’t heard from you, and that I bet Lady A and Poppy delivered at the same time, keeping you frantically busy. And suddenly, there was your post, with confirmation that that’s exactly what had happened. So glad to hear everyone’s safe and well – except perhaps you, who needs about a week of sleep… Welcome to the new Farmy Littlies, both Bobby and Plonkers.

  5. Glorious day on the farm!!! That bull calf is beautiful!!!!

  6. I know there is relief & joy mixed in. What a Day to Remember at the Farmy. I am happy for you all.

  7. Congrats to Poppy and Lady Astor – just in time for celebration of Mother’s Day!!! Hope Mama Astor’s udder can get a bit more comfy for her beautiful little boy!! And Mama Poppy ~ a busy mama for a bit!! glad all has gone fairly well ~ except for all this rain!! We’ve been out West ~ touring thru CA and the Southwest National Parks some of the time I was able to read along here ~ but often without connection in the parks ~ Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Lake Powell, Zion and Bryce. Some beautiful landscape we have in the USA. 3 New Zealanders and 8 Aussies were on the tour with us!! So much fun with them!!!

  8. Never rains unless it pours! Old english saying when everything happens at one time..including the weather by the sound of it. Glad all went well and that Poppy and her brood are fine as well as Lady Astor and her new son

  9. Well, Lady Astor wasn’t growing a cat in there — and the vet lost the bet! Glad all are here and healthy and 40 on the ground! Rainy days on the farm meant a trip to town for errands or fun, especially during hay season. Hope you get a nap here and there Celi

  10. Blessings on the new boy calf and the milk that comes from it! and congrats on the new litter of piglets,, now I know why despite checking a few times yesterday why no post.. all for the best reason’s indeed.. Enjoy that second cup of coffee dear Miss C you certainly deserve it.. And feed run on this rain soaked day sounds good.. while the flood waters are still rising and thousands locally are out of their homes. Here on my little farm we have had two days of sun-cloud and snow.. lol

    I am still blinking a bit.. but hail, sleet and snow over the past 24 hours.. Ah weather.. it is certainly something we do not control and we roll with it as best we can. I am just grateful that both my hubbies work place (closed for two days now to workers for the buildings) and also anyone that needs to cross the river bridges to get to work on the Quebec side have been ordered to stay home.. so Jason has been working from home and it would appear that he will most likely be home on weds as well.

  11. You already have such sweet pictures of Lady A and Bobby R. What were Alex and Aunty Anna doing ,,,, ducking the flieing shoe here 🙂 🙂 Laura

  12. Milk, Cream, Cheese, Yogurt, Ice Cream, Fresh Butter – the endless possibilities of fresh milk. YEA! When I last checked in you didn’t think there would be a calf at all! And good Poppy!

    Yes – I have been away at sea…. it was fabulous to let myself un-tether and float (literally and figuratively)…… But now I am back and refreshed…. Happy Tuesday!

  13. Today sounds like the day for a nap. I know you usually keep working while everyone else naps but come on….take a nap! You deserve it.

  14. Congrats! When you queried the other day whether every baby would arrive at once … I thought it was a great sense of foreshadowing! There is a picture today of you with your hands on your hips looking at the little bull calf – and Lady Astor is to your right. At first it looks like you are resting your arm over her back and the both of you are admiring him … or constructing a plan …

  15. Wow, congratulations on your Spring brood. I get tied up and am not reading for a while and look what happens…the farmy has grown tremendously! Hope you can get some rest.

  16. Wonderful news. Plus, the photos are fabulous, especially the photo of the mother licking her bull calf. Well done!

  17. Oh wonderful babies. And fresh milk. I know you were saying it wouldn’t be a milking year, but I could sense a bit of disappointment at no fresh ice cream, yogurt, cheese, and milk. Your rain is headed out way again and it is so soggy here I can’t even work the gardens. There are beds to weed, beds to plant, flowers and herbs to get in the ground. Maybe after this weekend. We just missed a late frost night before last. Some of our region got it.

  18. You are an amazing woman.
    Wonderful news about the piglets and well done, good wishes for Lady Astor.
    Rain up here, too. 😦

  19. Ohmygoodness! Lady A’s udder was nowhere near what I would have expected to see in a cow that close to calving! Hmmmm. Guess we need to be on the calf watch too.
    Have a wonderful day Miss C.

  20. Congratulations! She just popped that little thing out! And more cutie piglets! Hope you get some rest!

  21. wonderful! what a bountiful day….thank goodness for your sty camera! Stay dry and have a great day!

  22. Congratulations on the new additions to the farmie, how exciting. I am glad there weren’t complications. Years and years ago (I was in grade school), my dear Mom took my brother and I to the Toronto Exhibition, there in the farming pavilion a cow was about to give birth and my dear Mom thought it was a great opportunity to see it in action. The poor cow had such issues, they eventually had to tie the calf’s legs with rope and pull it out. It was a very long time ago and I still remember it.

  23. What wonderful mamas you have! I wonder if they feel tenderness or love for their babies, or if it’s an in-born survival instinct. May all of it rolled together? In any case, congrats on your lovely farm full!

  24. Oh just spectacular pictures–I especially love the ones of you lifting the new calf up and shepherding him along with Mama close behind. Sooo cute!! Her licking him is precious just precious. A wild day you had. I too checked back a couple times yesterday for news and figured there was plenty a-comin’! Congratulations to every single mother!!!

  25. So Manu has done his duty again! He’s such a ladies’ boar. Who’s Lady A’s baby daddy, again?

  26. Lots of babies around considering Molly and hers are still in earshot of the newest ones. A busy barn and a busy you. At least you can breathe easily that they are all safe and probably healthy. Hopefully sleep comes soon for you.

  27. What lovely News! And what a busy and heavy day you had! But what a beautiful outcome. So many new lives – what a richness is that. Love the baby bull very much. He’s a beautiful one…

  28. Beauty all around. Bless your poor sleepy soul, I hope you get a solid night or twenty, very soon!
    Much love.

  29. Congrats on the new arrivals!!! I figured when there was no post yesterday that there were probably babies arriving. They picked a nice day for it. Handsome little bull calf, I’m sure Lady A is pleased to be done with pregnancy and delivery. Poppy too, hope the problems were small ones. Lots of new feet meeting the ground indeed.

  30. Your pictures show the obvious benefit of your close relationship with your animals. Not all Mom’s would allow you to come so close to their new offspring, much less touch it and calmly lead it away, even if she was following closely. When I was young some of our cows would be let out for the day and unexpectedly, not come home at milking time. We then would need to go out into the woods with a tractor with a tractor box to find the new Mom and her baby. Once there my Dad’s job would be to distract the Mom while I stole the baby and seated us both in the tractor box. As we drove away with the new born, the Mom would come running after………with murder in her eyes.

  31. Mazel tov! All those beautiful babies. Good on their mans and on you. Hope you were able to get a power nap somewhere along the way today.

    • J > Well I was wondering whether it should have been ‘men’ – there would be a logic to that, albeit somewhat dislocated from the context!

  32. Looks like he decided he was tired and had a lay down. Glad he got into the barn in time to ride out the storm. Good job C. I hope her udder stays healthy this time. Baby drinking after stand, excellent! It’s amazing that animals know what to do. Nature is full of wonders. Fried chicken for dinner to go and a beer, then a good sleep.

  33. Sugar!! A second Aussie-bred ‘blimey’ from me: how 24 hours can change things!! Hope the little boy is welcome and the money-in-time but no milk or further babies scenario to come suits! Spring truly has sprung – never mind the lightning . . . .

  34. Yay! Lots of beautiful babies safely arrived, and a beautiful bobby to take the place of the bobby-who-turned-out-not-a-bobby. I hope you remembered what the vet bet that Lady Astor wasn’t pregnant!

  35. I was up very early and was looking for your post because you didn’t have one yesterday. I started to panic when I didn’t see one early as usual. I’m glad it was just life running roughshod over you and not something tragic. What a delight to see all that new life. I hope all continues to go well. I’m sure you are totally worn out and hopefully will sleep soundly tonight. Keeping good thoughts for you and all around you.

  36. D > Exciting and exhausting: and now the work really gets going!

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  38. I would love to know what your “milking music” is!

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