Frogs in Puddles

After all the rain the fields are heaving with frogs and toads.

It was Ellie’s last day and before she left she stalked animals and amphibians with her camera.

Boo was being helpful.

This is the look Lady gives me after milking – she walks out of the milking room and turns then waits at the door, for me to bring her the Baby Bobby.

He has finally woken up and is a wild and naughty wee fella. He races about running rings around us all.

I brought Alex and Aunty Anna out to meet the calf. Aunty Anna was deeply jealous and kept bumping the calf off the udder – she has always been Lady’s handmaiden. So she has gone back with the herd.ย  Alex can stay with Lady. Alex is a lead cow and Lady is a follower so I need someone to live with Lady or she will not come in when called.ย ย She needs another cow to follow. Alex always comes when called.

Also Alex spent all afternoon snoozing within arms reach of the baby while Lady went off to graze. Alex is a perfect Aunty cow.

Not that wild Aunty Anna though. She is a loud and high spirited cow who does not like to share.

I hope you have a lovely day.



26 Comments on “Frogs in Puddles

  1. I often learn something I didn’t know when I read your blog. I never thought about a cow needing a ‘lead cow’ who would come when called, and that some will heed the call and some will not! xx

  2. Another lovely post. As always I find such peace in reading your posts and seeing your pictures in the morning. Thank YOU!

  3. How great to see the Bobby galloping about in that stiff-legged calf way, as though his legs were made of wood. All too soon he’ll be a big and beefy boy. Lady A needs to smarten up her attitude after all your care of her. Fancy giving you the stink eye like that after you saved her life. But I suppose she’s a cow, and that stuff doesn’t enter into her reckoning of how the universe runs…

  4. Lady A seems to be a bit more maternal with this calf, or does she also leave him out in the field? Good shot of frogs making whoopy in the field ๐Ÿ™‚ Laura

    • She has left him out on the field twice already today – and i have had to go and find him and bring him in. She comes in for the shade and leaves him out in the sun. I will have to lock him up in the daytime for his own good!

  5. who would of thought that cows could be so different in their personality, I will look at a field of cows now with a different eye!

  6. As Janet Knight mentioned, I’m also intrigued with the variety of personalities. When you think about it… well, of course, why not? I guess it’s just I’ve never thought about it… lol Alex does sound like the perfect companion, and the Bobby sounds like a baby who has found the joy of living.
    Living in the city now, I do miss the morning and evening frog chorus — so enjoy it for me, will you please? Hope you have a lovely day too. ~ Mame ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I am glad the milk fever problems have ceased. Nothing quite so upsetting as a down cow. Your new calf is a beauty.

  8. I love all of these personalities and how you know each one and how to put them together for the good of all. It is quite a job being the mistress of the circus! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Nice pictures and lots of standing water. Do you get many mosquitos? Will you set up the hanging cloths in the trees for the herd again this year?

  10. Oh that Baby Bobby is adorable. (I’ve said it before but can’t help saying it again.) It’s lucky you have various personalities among your cows. Imagine if they were all followers (or eeks–leaders.)

  11. Oh I love frogs! We know spring has truly arrived when the peepers’ chorus can be heard echoing across the pastures from our small neighborhood pond. It’s been a bit too chilly here yet to hear spring.

  12. Seems to me Boo and Ton will miss one young and pretty lady when it is her time to leave . . . tho’ I wonder whether anyone ever really ‘leaves’ the farmy once they have been . . . So happy to see a vigorous, energetic and handsome young bobby being spoilt by more than one: naturally one again so feels n giving him a name and letting him stay and not have to earn the farmy’s keep . . .

  13. We have the same, frogs all around after heavy rain, which in turn brings out the storks who are enjoying the extra protein ๐Ÿ™‚

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