Short and Sweet.

Short and sweet this morning. John is off to work and my workers are having their days off so I am on my own. I don’t mind.

Baby Bobby has a rotton mother. She had already taken herself up to the barn to settle in for the night last night and this little ragamuffin was still wandering about the fields. They are locked up onto the concrete pad at night so he is not left out for the coyotes.

Below: Piglets being robbed by a rooster. And all they can do is watch in horror as he eats their expensive feed. Poor lovies.

Goodnight barn.

Good morning you all. I had better get busy.

When I work alone on the weekends it is weirdly restful. Though I literally have three times the work to do, I can do everything at a slower pace. I just puddle through things one after the other – no problems.

I hope you have a lovely day.


Looks at this weather! Stunning.

Saturday 05/13 10% / 0 inA mainly sunny sky. High 78F. Winds W at 10 to 15 mph.

Saturday Night 05/1310% / 0 inClear skies. Low near 55F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph.

28 Comments on “Short and Sweet.

  1. Good Morning, Celi! Have a lovely day, too!
    Is it possible that Lady A and her son had a lack of bonding due to her health / calcium accident?

  2. Poor Bobby… He’s going to get waves of goodwill beamed across by the Fellowship, but let’s hope Mama recollects her maternal duty. Enjoy your peaceful day puddling through the chores 🙂

  3. Poor Bobby all alone and abandoned…do cows do this often?

    • The only cow who does this here is Lady Astor – she was never much of a mother. But she has loads of milk and is standing nicely for him to drink – unlike one other calf who she would not stand still for at all.. c

  4. Ha! That rooster had better watch out. Those fatties won’t be little for long then we’ll see who’s boss. Have a wonderful time”puddling” through your day, Ms C.

  5. Poor helpless babies. My grandmother used to call me ragamuffin. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see that word in the middle of your post. I wish I were there to puddle (well, I would probably muddle) about with you.

  6. Ahh poor bobby, yes as Elizabeth said that rooster better watch out, they won’t be small for long! 😀

  7. The animal world is not so different than the human world. There are thieves, bullies and terrible parents. There are ragamuffins everywhere too (which always pleases me a bit… they’re special). I wish I were “puddling” alongside you today. I have this desire to flee everything here. I guess the best I can do on that note is hook up with the deer… they are puddlers for real!

  8. I wonder if Lady A is just accustomed to being parted from her calf early, having being a dairy cow for so long? Winter arrived here today – 9 deg C, cold wind and rain all day. Laura

        • I don’t know – he said she just raised her own calves. He did not add another calf or anything – just left them to themselves. Terrifying really. One quarter is all out of shape – the result of that I think. but it still milks out alright.. c

  9. I guess Lady Astor figures the Bobby should be attentive and tag along. Glad you are there to assist the poor baby. I can see the wheels turning in the piglets’ heads as the rooster rudely dives in. It would be fun to have translating collars on all of them. Hours of entertainment. Enjoy your puddling day.

  10. Going to be low 80’s in Chicago today– hope you have a warm sunny day. Eighties all week but plenty of rain.
    Thank goodness you’re there to save that sweet baby!

  11. those little piggies are going to get bigger and they will get even with that naughty
    chicken! Poor little Bobby- shame on Lady Astor.

  12. After your recent comment about baby Bobby having now discovered his frisky explorer side, methinks it’s just possible his Lady-mother gave it a go and wearied of trying to herd him with her into the barn. These kids today! 😉

  13. Don’t know whether one is allowed to laugh or should one be seriously remonstrative!! With careless mothers and thieving poultry!! I believe that little bobby recognized the facts of life at birth . . . . twixt you and his young Lordship: methinks you’ll do fine. As long as the milk is there . . .

  14. Piglets smaller than a chock, not even……no special Mother’s Day for Lady A.

    Happy Mother’s Day Miss C…..much love from Colorado

  15. J > Where does John work? What sort of things does he do?

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