The Lady Sits

We were working so fast on the Hay Day that I made a temporary tower of hay in the piglets front room.  They have made the area into a race track and snack area.

They run madly round and round the tower then throw themselves down for a quick munch of the fresh hay then off they go again. 

They are loving it.

I have to be careful they don’t eat too much of the alfalfa – they will get too fat too fast! I will get the escalator out when Poppy’s piglets are a little bigger and load it all into the loft. In the meantime Molly’s piglets are happy to look after it for me.

Every time I see Lady Astor lying down when all the other cows and heifers are walking about I get a flutter of panic.

Afraid that the milk fever is coming back. I am fairly sure we are out of the woods  but flutters of panic are not rational beings.

Poor old doll – I am always taking her out little offerings so she will stand up and I see that she rises without any problems and I can relax. Like gently poking a sleeping baby with one tender finger, just to check for movement.

Little piggy.

It has been cold – no snow though – like some other states -but cold enough to put the babies heat lamps back on for the night-time.

The busy weekend awaits.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

Saturday 05/20 90% / 0.59 inThunderstorms. A few storms may be severe. High 79F. Winds SE at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 90%.

Saturday Night 05/2080% / 0.67 inThunderstorms likely. Rainfall will be locally heavy at times. Low around 55F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 80%.

Oh yay.  More rain. But at least it held off until my hay was in.




27 Comments on “The Lady Sits

  1. I love your pictures! Stunning. I love life on the farm. I would not change it for the world.

  2. Aw. Do you suppose she lays down just so you will give her treats? She looks like she knows how to work the system. 🙂 Glad she’s doing better.

  3. Laugh, I know what you mean … For the past 3 months we have been having lots of false alarms on our perimeter electric fence. We eventually replaced a defective section and now I dial in to the energiser to make sure it is all working still 🙂 Laura

  4. Aren’t piglets wonderful! Our’s are really plumping up with the extra milk from Maisy. That sweet Jersey milk does the trick!

  5. Adorable piggy nose. It looks like a slightly grubby pink upside down heart. That piglet’s smile makes me want to give him or her a nice hug and a back scratch… and perhaps a sneaky handful of alfalfa, stolen from the Leaning Tower of Hay.

  6. there is something irresistible about a piggy’s nose sticking through a fence. if you touch it, is it cold and damp like a dog’s?

  7. Love the photo of the pig’s nose. It did cross my mind that you never wake up without anything needing to be done that day! 😉

  8. You make your animals so happy, every farmer should be like that. We are expecting a very warm week here in Northern California .

  9. I’ve been up a couple of hours doing my chores but this is always the first stop when I sit a minute. It’s nice you were able to make a playroom for the piglets. Glad that Lady is just enjoying a sit down and not ill again.

  10. Once someone has been ill the caregiver never forgets and is foreverafter poised for a recurrence.

  11. My first thought was that the escalator was for certain elderly pigs to ride up to the loft to get away from the chaos of the nursery/playground. Then of course I realized it was to get the hay away from the piglets’ ongoing heyday. Great photos all around!

  12. Pigland enrichment! Summer camp for piggies! Glad everyone is healthy! I, too am suspicious that Lady Astor is training you. Hope you have a smooth day at the racetrack.

  13. Those piggies will remember their heyday as I remember mine… heh heh — have a great day! ~ Mame 🙂

  14. Lady Astor: “Oh, how lovely! When I lay down, Miss C comes to check on me and brings me treats. I must remember to lie down more often, then I shall receive more treats.”

  15. Pavlov’s cow…….if I sit she’ll brings me treats 🙂 A sweet day!

  16. No hay for me thanks, I have enough allergies already
    I am intrigued by the piggie lamp. I am learning so much about farm life from you. Fascinating thing, farm living.

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