Oh Sunday. A day of a little rest. 

Unless you are a cat. Tuesday and Dennis. 

I was trying to take a  photo of the lovely morning sun and the coop for the airbnb page and there is Boo. Peering around to see what is going on. 

There are similarities beteen the coop and the lines of the barn 

Boo and Wai Wai.

Tuesday the kitten. 

At breakfast time I will do my Amazon shopping then once I have unloaded the last of the hay from my truck I will go to the supermarket for my monthly walk down the aisles. I cannot find good strong ground coffee on Amazon – have you found any?

See below for more shopping opportunities.

I hope you have a lovely day.

love celi

PS  WEATHER: Lovely day again.

Sunday 09/10 10% / 0 in
A mainly sunny sky. High 73F. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph.

Sunday Night 09/10 10% / 0 in
Clear skies. Low 46F. Winds light and variable.

6:28 am 7:10 pm
Waning Gibbous, 74% visible 10:04 pm 11:02 am



Espresso Mug.  I am creating a whole collection of coffee mugs. One per month using the farm cartoons. This one is marvellous.  perfect for anyone who was excited by the eclipse (and who wasn’t).  Plus, every few days, I add to the card and magnet collection with images of the animals.  Like this one of Tima.


The Amazon page (found under the Menu) is where I stash my list of Amazon products. I am always finding new stuff and am presently getting little bits and pieces for the Airbnb. So if you are going shopping this Sunday start here to help create a little revenue to keep the farm going over the winter plus get your shopping done.


Feel like booking a break away from the big city?  Or travelling through and need a place to stay.

Come stay in the Coop. This is my latest favourite shot for the airbnb page.  Join my marketing team and share this with your friends – you never know who might need a place to stay for a few days. Find me on airbnb. Just key in Kempton- Illinois. You will find me!

Fall will be glorious this year!

I will keep you up to date on my little endeavours every Sunday where I will shamelessly hawk my stuff once a week.  Does that sound fair?

Thank you for sharing.

Love c



30 Comments on “SUNDAY: SHOPPING DAY

  1. Anyone would be lucky to stay at your place for even one night. I’m hoping you have great success with it as well as all your endeavors. It’s hard to keep any farm running but one like yours with all the extra kindness spread to every living thing can be extra expensive. Can’t help you with the coffee. I drink colored water. 😦 Shopping is not much of an option for me these days. Have a wonderfilled Sunday.

  2. I love Salt Spring Island coffee. I now drink my coffe black and am very picky about it. I am not on the west coast (Canada) but I have it shipped to me by the case to save money!

  3. I love the eclipse mug! What a great design. I need a BIG mug though… we are BIG coffee drinkers here! The coop looks warm, cozy and inviting. Shoot, I really need to plan a trip.

  4. I order Illy coffee from Amazon when I can get it at a “good” price (it’s still not cheap) but I love good, strong coffee. Love the airbnb shot of the sofa. I would love to come and stay, but the goats keep me home most of the time, too! Ah well, wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love it :*)

  5. Ah, I love that you shop monthly. Takes planning but it works for us. We live in the rural MIdwest and shop once a month “in town” and more frequently online with Amazon and other sellers. Love the kitty pictures as well–they are darling!

  6. the coop looks LOVELY!!! I swear to the gods, one of these days, I AM GOING TO STAY THERE and relax like a cat, or maybe, work like a dog! We’ll see. The dappled light is scrumptious.

  7. I’m sure you’ll have a queue for the Coop, when people see an opportunity to stroke the animals – cliché I know, but people love to stay on the farm.
    Can you get Chicago John to recommend a good coffee supplier, who could send you beans once a month or similar…

    • yes and i also have a favorite cafe where they roast their own beans – just around the corner from the train station too!! I NEED t get up to the city soon – getting desperate

  8. I love visiting the Coop -vicariously for now, at least- and pop in occasionally to browse your Amazon recommendations, allowing for what is & isn’t available will or won’t ship to Australia, it is great info & inspo ♡

      • Not yet for retail but apparently coming very soon according the news media and mixed reactions… but I think it woild be great. I already buy quite a bit of household stuff online such as coffee. Amazon US ships some items but not others. And then there’s the exchange rate 🙃

        • Shall be interested in what Amazon will have to offer when it arrives, all bells and whistles, next year. I too have been ‘knocked back’ here a number of times and hate the currently v high freight costs and exchange rate. Since I buy over 90% on line I am thrilled by the current local offerings, with oft 80% off, no freight and gifts galore . . . . hard to justify going elsewhere . . . but good luck to Amazon and good luck., naturally, to you . . .

  9. Looks lovely and so inviting, love all the photos. One wee question about the airbnb site: why do you have a booking for a 9 day stay showing? My favorite and darkest roast is Peet’s French Roast which can be ordered on line at or in some grocery stores. But I always keep a can of Illy on hand, in case I run out. I’m going to check out your favorite sheets on Amazon now because I also am picky about bed linens.

  10. Sorry but I had another couple of questions about the airbnb site (realizing it’s a work in progress): why does it now only mention a mattress on the floor for sleeping and where is the loft? I can see a library ladder in the photo… Sorry, I’m a marketing professor and can’t help myself when I see things that a potential customer might find confusing.

    • It is booked for those dates in October and December. But I am having trouble describing that there is a mattress in the loft ( no images yet of the loft) I will go back and find out what has gone wrong – thank you!! … (later) think I fixed it. Airbnb has excellent customer service so I will ask them how to do it. if you see anything else I am doing wrong – don’t hesitate..

  11. coffee recommendation: Kicking Horse coffee and the blend is Kickass! It is out of Canada and my sweetie buys it on Amazon and he buys it in a kilo size package.
    Keeps well in the freezer.
    Love your photos of the kitty’s …. cheers!

  12. Sorry Miss C, but the flavour of coffee is directly related to the amount of time expired between grinding and brewing. However, lol Melitta Costa Rican & Guatemalan are very good: )

  13. I’m into decaf and it’s even more difficult to find a decent flavoured coffee! We used to get the very famous, wrst coast named brand decaf espresso but recently the quality has fallen and it tastes like warmed dishwater! We’ve enen tried locally roasted but the rich coffee flavour is missing.
    Good luck with your air bnb, I wish I had checked out your oasis when we were there, I recall the care and precision you put into it when you were building it.

  14. For once in my life I think I’d like the experience of feeling “cooped up.” I shall check my calendar and the coop’s. I’m really hoping to see Wai Wai one day. He’s become a kind of icon. Maybe he will emit healing energies.

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