Foccaccia. Too thin, too crispy and too delicious.  I am making more today to take over to Jake’s – we are having a meeting about this new year.  ficaccia-005

There are many, many plans afoot.


The last of the green soup with my focaccia.


When I was cleaning out the hallways in the barn I threw all the dry straw in with Tima and Tane, they just lay there and grunted happily at being buried in warm tailings.


The sun did come out yesterday.


And the frostbite on the chickens is even more evident.


We took the three cows over to the other side. I have kept Aunty Anna in the side pen a bit longer as she and the black and white bobby were fighting each other hard. They will settle fast but I worry about someone being pushed through the electric fence and taking the whole thing down.


You would think that butter would not melt in her mouth (that is the weirdest saying)  but she is a bit of a stirrer this cow. Txiki went out with the others yesterday evening just before the fight erupted so I could not get her back, after I separated the others, but she is so small no-one sees her as a threat. They chased her about for a bit then all came in for dinner. Stupid will be OK too I will let her out this morning. Aunty Anna can wait.

I will reassess this morning. They will be familiar with each other by late this afternoon I think and I will let Stupid out then. It usually does not take long. Animals are very defensive about new animals coming into their territories and they don’t remember each other. It is just the nature of the beast.  We should not think OF them using human terms. You have to think like the animal. Think like a cow but without any of our human cognitive capabilities. It is hard to think like a cow as an evolved human. Animals will react to a threat by freezing (maybe watching) then either flight or fight. Fast. Getting the hell out or extreme violence. And pretty much anything they do not know is a threat.  And it is always the biggest and meanest who does the fighting. And the biggest of this herd has the horns too which is a complication.

He needs to go to the freezer. But not for another couple of months so we will make it work.


Wai is like me – he growls and runs away.

I hope you have a lovely day. It looks like we have a sunny morning and then some snow coming in.  This morning as well as making bread I am going to re-locate Molly and Sheila back to the rathouse paddock with the root cellar to sleep in. Molly is tearing into the chookhouse and destroying the old wooden door to get at the chicken food –  she is a big pig! In three weeks she can go to the other side and join Poppy and Manu (after a week in the side pen there to avoid fights). But in the meantime,  they have to go back to the more stable pig area.  Sheila by herself would never have done such a thing but Molly is a very different character.  I have had pigs in there for years and this has not happened. Bad Molly. She is such a nutter.

I can’t wait for her to go to the other side so Sheila and I can go on our walks again.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: Snow and Wind. Maybe it will blow straight past.

Sunday 01/14 40% / < 1 in
Sunny skies this morning will give way to occasional snow showers during the afternoon. High 24F. Winds S at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 40%.

Sunday Night 01/14 70% / 1-3 in
Cloudy with snow showers this evening and steady snow likely after midnight. Low 18F. Winds SSE at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 70%. Snow accumulating 1 to 3 inches.

7:15 am 4:48 pm

Waning Crescent, 6% visible 5:11 am 3:05 pm

40 Comments on “FROSTBITE

  1. How funny that molly makes an excellent mother, but causes mischief when she’s free to do as she pleases.
    Wai is looking fantastic!

  2. You are so right about how animals think! My John says that I am always projecting my thoughts and feelings on our animals as though my thoughts and feelings are theirs as well. And I’m sure he is right! 🙂 But sometimes I just can’t help it! It will be exciting to hear about the plans for the year!

  3. Wai is looking very well. Love the pictures of Tima and Tane all snuggled up together. Do the hens combs grow back or do they remain stunted from the frostbite? Enjoy your Sunday, keep warm. Laura

    • Do you remember the winter of 2014? They got frostbite then too and they did not grow back – at the very least once they are black like that there is no pain anymore as the tissue is dead. Soon it will slough off. Nasty.

  4. Wai is looking so good. It’s a smile inducing thing to remember what a mess he was and compare it to his now photos. I remember worrying hard that he would not survive. He seemed to be so wounded that good health was a thing only dreamed of not achieved. But you did it!

    • I remember one moment when so much of him had come away that I could not imagine being able to put him back together again – and here he is doing better than ever – and coping with the cold like a trooper..

      • We all need to remember the touch and go days…that pig was “in the pits with the hood up” ….’twas a miracle ! So happy for the outcome !

  5. Beautiful bread, funny burrowing pigs, and naughty Molly. Always something going on at the Farmy. Try not to take on too much at your meeting. You know how you are! Stay warm.

  6. One really must try to put human feelings and thoughts aside when dealing with animals. It’s truly about survival for them, with food, territory and protection of young as instinct. Over the years I learned from the deer that recognition comes from familiar scent or taste and not so much from sight. It’s fascinating to observe both wild and domestic animals. They can teach us a lot about living and relying on instinct and intuition.

  7. Cow fights, or disagreements, are no joke, they’re big animals. Odd they don’t remember each other, horses do and I know dogs do, guess it’s the way of the bovine. Tima and Tane look so comfy cuddled together with their new straw blanket and Wai is looking very good. The bread and soup have me thinking about breakfast.

  8. For a moment when you said ” he needs to go in the freezer” I saw the picture of Wai and I almost burst into tears! Had a heart attack there! Looking forward to pictures of Ms. Shelia as well.

    • Same shocked reaction here, though disbelief instead of tears. I was sure that C. had finally lost it –from overwork and too much winter–, or maybe this was another of her unique expressions, like if Wai was being too grumpy and needed some time out.

      (Your way of talking, Celi, is so refreshing; like your photographs, it helps me see and think differently, better. And yes, the photographs today are so nice. Lots of feeling there as well as attentive looking.)

  9. Any chance of you posting your recipe for Foccacia???
    Just thought of something, taking care of animals is a bit like being a teacher in a classroom… you have to always have an eye out for who gets along with whom… and who the bullies are. And, if necessary, they ‘sometimes have to change seats’.
    ; o )

  10. WOW!! WAI looks like he might make it!!! And thanks to you Celi for your devoted care – “Caretaker of the Year” award!! Tima and Tane dreaming away!! Best farm in the world to live!! Crazy Molly always giving you “pentertainment”!!! Stinker! Better put some of Wai’s creme on Chick’s crown!! Have fun business chats over at Jake’s!!!

  11. So good to see Wai’s almost totally healed up (and gorgeous Roo!: )
    What a wild bunch of Characters you have there. (Sucks about the frost bitten comb(s?) It’s been SO nasty, this winter so far… Lovely focaccia: ) Stay warm, C!

  12. NOTE TO CECI – still haven’t been able to find your solar eclipse apron or tote. I’ve looked every place I can think of, but I’m not very computer wise. It was the silhouette of the cat, cow’s udder, and a tree, . Delightful! Can you or anyone else find it so I can buy them? I saw them once in the NEWSLETTER that you send out, but I’ve only seen the Newsletter once, too. I checked and I am subscribed, but it doesn’t go any further than that. HELP!

    • I don’t think I have made them yet – though i thought I did. The newsletter is not online it is an email. I have not started it again this year – soon though. As soon as I get back into Zazzle i will make your products and send yu the links – so sorry but things have been a bit busy since I went away.. soon though

  13. The great game of musical chairs that is resource and stock management at the Farmy… Sheila is a Lady, but Molly is still just a Wild Girl. Wai looks great, good skin, healthy and out and about and managing without fear. A good job there, Miss C.

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