In the night it snowed and blowed but that is not the worst of it. 48-038

You know how in a partnership some jobs are just assumed by one partner and the other person does not think about them too much. Well, I never think about checking the gas mainly because John always does and I never do and because in a normal winter we never use very much – we heat with the fire and cook dinner and heat water for tea on the woodstove – plus I was away in New Zealand during the really bad cold so did not see the extra use of gas for additional heating.  This does not mean I should not have checked it though. It is not technically anyones job and you know what they say about assumptions.

I just never thought of it and John was still only thinking about it.

And we have run out of gas. This morning the central heating was trying to click on and there is no hot water. No gas. The big gas tank in the garden is empty. The house is very cold.


Though we are at a high this morning of 24F/-4C the temperatures will steadily fall from here to near 3F /-16C.


And I have a feeling that today is a public holiday.   Yes.  I checked. It is Martin Luther King day. I think we will be out of hot water for a good 24 hours yet.


Thank goodness we have the woodstove. Though it is getting on in age and is not as efficient as it once was we will be warm if we are in the main room and can still cook our food.  A Soup I think.

There is always a chance that the gas company is open and a truck will have time to come out and fill the tank. That would be a bonus.

Or we will be unwashed pioneers for a few days. A little hardship will be ok. I bet John goes out to his heated workshop for the day though!!

WEATHER: Cold and then colder with a nasty wind.

Monday 01/15 40% / < 1 in
Snow this morning will taper off and give way to cloudy skies this afternoon. Morning high of 24F/-4C with temps falling to near 10F. Winds W at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of snow 40%.

Monday Night 01/15 20% / 0 in
Mostly cloudy. A few flurries or snow showers possible. Low 3F/-16C. Winds W at 15 to 25 mph.

7:15 am 4:49 pm
Waning Crescent, 2% visible 6:01 am 3:52 pm


56 Comments on “DARK SNOW

  1. Oh dear. I do hope the gas man (or woman!) is working today. Not all companies recognize national holidays, and I would hope he is available for emergency situations. I hope you can stay warm until he gets there.

  2. I didn’t think gas, but electricity. Still, when I saw the phrase “dark snow,” I had my suspicions. Most companies here work today despite the holiday, so perhaps things will resolve themselves for you sooner rather than later.

  3. Yikes! And it is always when it is super cold that something like this happens! Sending warm thoughts your way!

  4. Gosh, don’t these things always happen on the coldest day or public holiday or as in your case – both. Sending positive and warm thoughts.

  5. Oops, still only twice in 7 years or so isn’t a bad batting average in the big scheme of things 😐 we are currently having a big thunder storm and decent rain, thankfully cracking our 32C heat. Hope the gas man comes soon. Laura

  6. I remember a day like that in Southern Ohio during the infamous blizzard of ’78 when we had 4 fireplaces in the ancient house, no gas or electricity and a newborn 5th child. So today will be think-like-a-pioneer day and tomorrow and forever after will be great for reminiscing!

    • and as it would happen I was IN the midwest for that blizzard – also in an ancient house and also with a baby though it was Sandys 4th and he was not quite newborn – weird!

  7. Bad stuff like this always happens either just before the weekend or just before a holiday. We ran out of gas on Christmas morning, an hour before the Tribe arrived to be fed. We got the gas bottle from the caravan and hooked that up. There was enough to do the meal. Luckily a lot of our power is solar, including the hot water… There’s one upside to the cold: you won’t get too hot and sweaty. And at least you’ll be unwashed together… I hope you stay safe and don’t get too cold.

    • You would not be getting much solar energy here – we have been under dark clouds every day but one since I got home. I would not mind a little old fashioned windmill though – that would do the trick. c

      • Yes, I think some supplementary wind power is perfect for the Farmy’s situation. And maybe a methane digester, considering your resources!

  8. OMG! Here’s your excuse to sleep in the barn, above the animals for warmth. I hope the gas company comes soon. I suppose you could get out the barbecue if you tire of soup.

  9. Just one of those things that happen often enough to remind you how important it is. Only government and banks close today for the most part. The rest of the world goes to work. I hope you get your gas quickly.

  10. Turn your faucets on to drip and open the cupboard doors beneath your sinks to help prevent your pipes from freezing. Hot water bottles under your covers a half hour or so before you crawl in to bed helps prevent cold sheets and the chill those can cause too. Good luck!

    • Yes! The dripping tap is what i had the old codger do – his pipes were always freezing up. The gas man has been by now though so we are all sorted until the power goes out next time.

      • OMG, talk about tempting fate (knock wood) don’t say that! Yesterday the last thing I wrote to you was “stay warm” so it gave a really weird feeling to read what you’d said today.

  11. I watch our propane meter like a hawk. I never let it go beneath 20%. The propane fella told us never to let it go dry – apparently they have to purge the line of air, and they need to take extra time to make sure everything operates safely in the home. I had no clue there was an “emergency” charge for delivery! I do know out here there is a minimum 100 gallon fill for most companies to deliver. Our propane guy told us a few years back when the oil and gas industry plummeted and lots of Oklahoman’s were out of jobs, they made exceptions for families who just couldn’t afford to fill their tanks. We purchase our propane from a family-owned business. They’re great people!

    • We have a little business too – they are a wee bit more expensive but I like to support the little people. I have to say it is not uncommon for me to run out and they never have to purge anything – just come through the house and make sure the pilot lights are all back on. c

  12. I’m glad your all sorted, I hate being without heat or hot water. I’m a softie! 😀

  13. Thank goodness for your wood-burner stove. You might not be able to wash, but at least you can make a cup of tea…

    • Imagine a world where we could dial up the perfect weather for a specific day. I would have sunchine every day but not so much the heat wave! I hope you are doing OK in that heat. c

  14. I’m relieved to read your heat is back up and I’m glad to know your man loves Boo and Boo loves him! As you said, That helps!

  15. Who is ‘the old codger’ with the dripping faucets you were speaking of? When I was a kid, the water would freeze in the pipes of our 4-storey house in Oregon during the winter. When it started to thaw and the water began to flow, the melody of air rattling pipes was something to behold! What a racket – 4 floors of it!!! Doesn’t seem to happen here in Central California, but we do keep a light on the well and pump house to prevent it from freezing up. Your ‘cold’ is much worse than ours, and I’m freezing. We only have one stove in the front room, space heaters in the rest of the house.

  16. Wow glad this post wasn’t what I first thought! I saw “dark snow” and immediately assumed you’d had predators come in the night…
    PHEW!: )

  17. The only positive thing I can think is…’At least you won’t be sweating’…. seeing as you won’t be able to take a shower for a day or two. Poor you !!

  18. Maybe you shoulda grabbed a bottle or two of wine, a big ole blanket and cuddled up with the Kitties and Boo and Ton!!! Nice of the gas man to come out and fill your tanks ~~ and play with Boo~~ 4″ of snow all around here and quite windy!! Hope all the animals are keeping warm!! And you n John stay warm!!


  19. Our air conditioning all but stopped cooling the week before Christmas with 40+ temps for over a week before we could finally get someone around on Jan 5th. I was a limp rag by then. Glad you got the situation resolved. I was also in Ohio in the ’78 blizzard. Very bad.

  20. Bugger. Murphys Law. Good to hear it’s sorted. We rent a big gas bottle for the kitchen stove, which has on occasion run out mid cook-bake. Fortunately we can swap out a bbq bottle until the delivery guy gets out here usually within a couple of days. Those Illinois winter temps make me shake my head and wonder. Our summer temps have flipped from storms & incredible humidity in the 40’s C to mid 20’s C with dry gusty winds taking the moisture back, and no rain in site. The weather does what it will!

  21. I survived two winters in Northern Illinois with only a couple space heaters to keep the pipes from freezing. No gas, no hot water, no central heat, it was COLD. I’d have given a lot for a wood stove, it would’ve given at least one room warm enough to be somewhat comfortable and a way to heat water. Trying to cook a full meal on a single burner hot plate is no fun day after day like that. I’d far rather have too much heat than not enough, and no hot water was miserable. Hopefully that won’t ever happen again.

  22. oh phooey….I hate it when we forget important things like that! Our gas guy comes by on a regular schedule and tops us off…thank goodness!
    Stay warm and cozy by the fire…

  23. Oh, dear . . . our furnace went on the fritz a few weeks ago, and that was remedied late in the day. I see from comments that everything is back in order. Here’s to a peaceful and warm evening.

  24. Hope you get it sorted quickly. We ran out of oil for our heating over the first (unseasonally cold) Easter weekend we were in this house (always had mains gas before so never thought to check). Took 4 days to come out because of the holiday, so I feel your pain!

  25. I like the photographs. Perfect for the story. A progression of darks, with shrinking lines of light. Art for the cold.

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