I am cutting the hay today. Interesting that when I decide to cut hay EVERYONE says ok whatever you say. No-one else wants the responsibility. But I have four dry days in the forecast and some beautiful leaf in the fields and no hay at all in the barns. So I am calling it. We are cutting the hay.

I bought the ducklings a present yesterday …They have been so traumatized by that ‘possum.

DSC_0029 (1)

I thought this would help them with their nerves.


They could not believe their eyes when I let them back in. Out of water the little ducks are so ungainly but floating and playing and diving down and back up, shaking and grooming themselves, flapping their baby wings, they look perfect. Domestic ducks may not need a body of water but OH they love it!


All happy and did not want to go to bed at bedtime.

Good morning! Of course, the pool is a bonkers idea. It is going to take quite some cleaning out – often, and no-ne else can fit through the little door into their run to help me empty it but there you are – they are happy which makes me happy.

Now, back to worrying about the weather!

Have a lovely day.


WEATHER: Sun and clouds. Maybe more sun than clouds – fingers crossed.

Wednesday 05/16 0% / 0 in
Sunny to partly cloudy. High 82F. Winds NE at 10 to 15 mph.

Wednesday Night 05/16 0% / 0 in
A clear sky. Low 54F. Winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph.

5:34 AM 8:04 PM


New Moon, 1% visible 6:46 AM 9:32 PM


34 Comments on “HERE WE GO AGAIN

  1. Such happy ducks! I hope that you have a lovely sunny day for your haymaking.

  2. Very happy indeed!
    My father set a bath into the ground for the ducks, with a drain pipe so the water would run out. I think it was probably a bit too deep, but perhaps there’s something similar, for a wider plastic pool. The only trouble with more permanent fixtures is that the ground is constantly waterlogged, so moving ducks is like rotating pigs.

  3. Lucky Ducks 😊 holding thumbs the weather holds till the hay is in. Laura

  4. All of them in there is quite a sight. They are obviously very pleased with your gift! Maybe you could use a piece of hose to partially drain it. It would help with the weight. Duck poop might be good for the grass!

  5. I notice you said WE are going to cut hay..who is the WE? You. Yourself and l….. I saw the ducks on Facebook..dont they look happy…swimming and flapping but no diving…ha! Well l Really hope that you get your hay cut before the weather breaks…if l was nearer than 6000 + miles away l would come to help… Have a great day..not just a good one

  6. Great to see the darling Duckies happy happy happy!!! They definitely need some therapy after being so terrified. I’m wishing that I could be your neighbor so I could be enjoying the wonderful aroma of fresh cut hay!!!
    Have a great day!!

  7. Too cute! I have a 12 yr old goose…she can’t swim in hers any longer but appreciates just being able to sit in the water and bathe. It also cools her off.

  8. Celi, you are such a good duck mom. Those little quackers couldn’t be happier if they were in a giant lake. It’s their own little heaven. And their happiness gave me a smile this morning so thank you from both of us!

  9. Those water babies are growing up so fast. There’s hard feather emerging from all that cute duckling fluff. And the hay? I’d trust your instinct over someone else’s. If Celi says we’re good to go, then we’re good to go.

  10. I ran rain gutter downspout from duckhouse into duck pool like yours, that flushes it out when it rains

  11. I had to keep my ancient, founder-prone geldings off their 3 acre pasture this winter and spring. The grass had reached 3 feet tall and it was gorgeous. I had never baled it before, but you inspired me to try. Called a neighbor, we had to cut the fence to get his equipment into the field. He made a couple of passes around the field and came to the door with grass in his hand. “You can’t see this from outside the fence,” he said “but there’s too much foxtail out there.” He finished cutting the field and just left the grass in rows to rot. Of course the weather was perfect for hay, a dry north wind, lots of sun. But there it sits. Meanwhile today it’s raining on other people’s nice hay that was just cut 2 days ago. As I drive around I notice that no one else has foxtail. Somehow it all ended up in my pasture. It won’t bother my geldings, they live on pellets anyway. But I think I’ll return to just being a retired typographer and forget about my foray into “farming.” A note: the hay guy also has a 30 year old horse, but I was surprised to hear he had an 18 year old cow. He says she raised more than 75 calves for him over the years, so he’ll just keep her until she dies. She’s a Holstein, her teeth are bad and she has arthritis. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone keeping a cow that long.

  12. AWWWW! and then some! Thank you for the happiness photos! Odd…I have a plastic duck in my big pool; you have real duckies in a plastic pool!

  13. You can see happiness all over those ducks. And, I have to say, it cheered me up quite a bit to see that. Which I needed.

  14. Wishing you the very best of LUCK with making hay while the sun shines, C!
    Poor babies; what a great present to take their minds off the bloody possum: )

  15. I like your “No Diving” sign … ducks are hilarious

  16. I love the pictures of the ducklings perched on the cement bricks getting ready to get in. They’re like kids at a kiddy pool. You’re a wonderful person giving them this treat after the loss of 2 of their number. Fingers crossed that you get 4 warm and dry days for drying out the hay.

  17. Getting a pool for the ducks is an act of compassion 💕If I was closer I would help you clean it out. x

  18. I have a pool like that for my ducks. I cut a hole in the lower part of one side and with a conglomeration of pvc pipe pieces and rubber gaskets I have a drain with a cap and it doesn’t leak. I can unscrew the cap and run most of the water out then tip it to empty the rest and hose it out. Works like a charm and I only had to spend a half hour or so cruising the plumbing parts and pieces at the hardware store!

  19. Plant some veg or watermelon on the other side of that fence and dump the poopy duck water on it.

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