The other day I opened Poppy’s electric fence gate so she could come out and visit with Sheila but she refuses to cross where the electric fence WAS. I bring her food over and she paces back and forth in front of the memory of the white electric line never crossing, never taking one step over. It has been two days now – it will be interesting to see how long it will take her to let herself out of her imaginary enclosure.

DSC_0092 (2)

The cows across the way were released into the hay field to do the clean up.  There is not much feed but they must have felt like they were out on The Range.


I have not divided it in half yet so it is HUGE.

DSC_0045 (1)

You can see the line between the old well fertilized/manured field and the hay field which has never been grazed.  We were blessed with a shower of rain last night so all the fields will put in a little growth today.





The last of my guests come in today. The Retreat is not open for booking next week or for the week I am away in Greece. But I have quite a few bookings after I get back. The airbnb is my best little money earner so far.

And it looked lovely last night – waiting for the weekend guests.

DSC_0106 (1)

We must get imaginative with marketing. I would love to have it full of farm visitors all summer!

Isn’t it great when a plan works!

DSC_0104 (1)

Meet Leia (pronounced Lay-ah as in Star Wars) and Luna. Still all in one piece. Twice. I hope they do not calve on one of the hot, hot days that are coming. But I would be grateful if they calve this coming week.

Have a lovely day.


WEATHER:  The heat is coming. High of 96F/37C tomorrow and Monday.

Saturday 20% Precip. / 0 in
Partly cloudy. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High near 90F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph.
Saturday Night 10% Precip. / 0 in
Generally clear skies. Low 68F. Winds light and variable.


16 Comments on “THE WHITE LINE

  1. Poppy must have really been zapped one time (or twice). Her memory of it is elephantine! Your airbnb is very charming & welcoming. It would be wonderful to visit sometime.

  2. Pigs are very smart. Years ago a neighbour who raised pigs told me he had to sound proof the controller for his electric fences. The old style use to make a noticeable click as it turned off and on. His pigs figured out the sequence, when the fence was off they hopped over.

  3. I love the names for your new cows! And the Airbnb pic is beautiful. The ducklings looks so big, almost ducks now! We are in Kansas this weekend, not so far from you as we are when in LA. It feels much closer, large fields, huge open sky, extreme weather.

  4. I love all of those sweet pictures but a little sad at seeing Poppy wanting to cross that magic invisible line. The airbnb looks just lovely. So peaceful. Here’s to perfect timing. 😉

  5. Looks like the ducklings are trying to elect a leader. The pictured looks like they’re asking “Who’s in charge, here? Who’s in charge? Natural instincts will kick in, I’m sure! Your B N B emanates such a “I’m home!” cozy feeling!

  6. I feel for Sheila! Our donkey used to have a terrible time going from one pasture square to the next when I would move the electric fence. She never quite believed that it would be ok!

  7. I love your sun photo. I see the sky here – just not as much as you see – and I miss it. Some of my family members will be staying in your AirB&B in a couple of months and I am looking forward to seeing you then.

  8. So glad the air bnb is proving such a success. Animals can be so well behaved. In England our pups are allowed in the kitchen as they have to go through it to reach the garden. In Spain it’s at the back of the house with no exit but it’s open plan with the sitting area and dining area, but they won’t cross a certain line of grouting on the floor tiles as that’s “kitchen area” and they know they’re not allowed!

  9. Poppy’s imaginary line is a metaphor for how we all have imaginary limits we put on ourselves… I’m so glad the airbnb is working well for you! x

  10. Your guest quarters look wonderfully welcoming and peaceful… Love the names you’ve chosen for your mature mamas, and those udders are filling and tightening a fair bit, aren’t they? You never know… There may be a couple of calves before you go after all!

  11. In my entire life, I have stayed in hotels only a few times. Now they are passe and too expensive. Most of us dislike them and only stay there out of necessity. I think that they are often an experience in themselves . . . if you just give them a chance. Air B&B just seems too new to me.

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