I did not get back from Chicago until early in the evening yesterday so by the time I had finished feeding everyone and come back in for Camera House the day’s light had begun to fail.

This has given us a certain muted calmness to the images of the day.


Life is busy, these last few weeks but in a summery way.


Today I will work on electric fences. Setting up the cow field down by the creek again and dividing two fields. The day before yesterday I mowed the thistles in two big fields – which only seems to spread them really but has to be done to prevent flowering. The cows have finished cleaning up after me and today I shut them off these fields so the grass can grow again.



This cat refused to look elegant for his photo in the beautiful low light.


The moon helped me on with the last of the chores.


I can hear the ducks from my desk. They are so noisy! But not nearly as messy in their night house as I had thought they would be.  I found some sand bags to help me raise the sides of the duck pond and now they think there are a new set of monsters in their field – orange ones. Ducks are easy to confuse.

Well, I had better get all my fencing things together and get moving.  Ii have to water all the gardens and haul water out to the new trees in the fields too. Busy.

I hope you have a lovely day.


WEATHER: Looks like the settled July Dry has arrived for the last week or so of July.

Wednesday 0% Precip. / 0 in
Sunny. High 84F. Winds NNW at 5 to 10 mph.

Wednesday Night 20% Precip. / 0 in
Partly cloudy this evening with more clouds for overnight. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. Low 66F. Winds light and variable.



26 Comments on “EVENING CALM

  1. It seems so odd that the ducks are so nervous. I guess the only dealings I have had with ducks is at the parks in our area that have duck ponds and those give no heed to anything. You have to walk around them on the paths as they know it is their pond.

  2. I love the gray and the feeling of calm, as you say, that it brings. Glad all is well. I miss the updates on the days you don’t post. Those ducks! They are most surprising-I’ve learned so much about them from your experiences.
    I hope YOU have a lovely day!

    • Yes. Some days I get my pictures going then fall asleep at my computer- and in the next morning I never get back that lost hour- so I have nothing to post. Sad.

  3. I break into song….

    Just flew in from the windy city The windy city is mighty pretty But the ain,t got what we got I,m telling you guys

    That you have got beautiful skies …lovely animals… and a fantastic hard life

    Virus-free. http://www.avast.com

  4. We are due for a Blood Moon Lunar eclipse on Friday night,not sure if it reaches you? Laura

  5. I love the orange sack monsters by the ducks’ pond. Perhaps they’re pterosacktyls…? Ancient and terrifying ancestors the ducks were warned about to make them good little ducklings? No? You’re probably right, it’s just the ducks being easily alarmed.

  6. Hee hee, Katechiconi absolutely loved your play on words! “pterosacktyls” had me wondering what they were at first – looked like a scrambled image of chickens – Nueve-art style.. Ceci, some time ago, you were going to tell us about the gorgeous gate with the rings in it. Still have it?

  7. You need a water tank on a trailer to haul water. Something not to big that your quad can pull. Would sure make life easier.

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