Tia is much too big for standing in the boot of a car. But there she is!

“I’m fine Miss C. They made cars extra strong for cows in the 60’s. Anyway pregnant cows get a pass on naughty behavior – isn’t that right?”

Tia has become the cow who visits with the guests when they come to the barn. She arrives at the gate very quietly so as not to scare them and then solemnly offers them her head for scratching. I do hope all goes well for her – she is the sweetest cow.

Little steer is deeply unimpressed.

The cows at home have a new bale of hay and not a minute too soon they believe.

WaiWai often lies close to the fence on the off chance that one of the calves might lick his back.

He still gets zinc cream on his back to keep the sun off his thin damaged skin. I think the cows think he is a mineral block.

He is such a fattie but it is all loose and wobbly- he does not look like a mineral block to me – more of a melting licorice icecream.

There was a little rain in the night. It is so still and so cool that the hay is not drying very fast either.

We will see what today brings.

More barn work for me today.

I hope you have a lovely day.


Another dicey day for drying.

22 Comments on “TIA THE NAUGHTY

  1. A peaceful Sunday? I need to come up and talk to you about your new venture. I’m excited for you!

  2. You had me ROFL twice! Tia looking huge in the car boot and Wai hoping that the cows lick him. Wai has become quite brave, no doubt down to all your TLC.

  3. Every living being knows how to get what it needs. A scratch or a lick, and investigating that crumb in the corner of the trunk… it all matters! Ha ha! Happy Sunday, C. I hope you get what you need today. 🙂

  4. Its a long time since we have seen Wai…but he is still a big boy..and lovely with it.Maybe cows are like dogs and have anticeptic tongues! That is a wonderful photo of Tia in the boot..what a girlie she is..she likes adventure. I am glad all is well..take cate Miss C

  5. 😁 poor Wai “a melting liquorice ice cream” . Tia is looking good. I am tempted to plant a sq foot of alfalfa in my garden and see if attracts rain here like it does there, hope yours dries soon. Laura

  6. Wai Wai is a soft and squidgy marshmallow… I like your first photo, Miss C: that duck on the right is telling the chook to get lost, this club is for ducks only!

  7. BTW, what is that fluffy orange thing in with the ducks? Someone wrote ‘chook’, but I just can’t see it as that. Help!

  8. It makes me so happy to see Wai Wai lying fat and cozy on his side, waiting for attention. Not so long ago he was a completely destroyed animal and we weren’t even sure he would make it.

  9. OH! I should have known better than to stop by here to see that sad New Yorker taking such abuse from a cow! Is it a 1966 New Yorker? I do not remember.

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