24 seconds from my Front Door.

At the kitchens garden we are watching the seasons go past 24 seconds at a time every Sunday morning. Ordinary – unfiltered – unstaged – virtual travel. Just one take. All that good stuff. Once a week. On a Sunday. And you are invited!!

You are welcome to show us your 24 seconds too! Don’t forget to link your 24 seconds to my post and let us know in the comments so we can all pop over!

If you don’t have a blog you can use Instagram or your Facebook page. If you cannot load video just pop in a photo! We will still come and visit! Or you can sit back and watch the seasons – ( which sounds perfect) no pressure!!

The Fellowship of the Farmy strikes again!!!

Love Cecilia, on a Sunday morning.

I love this! #24seconds

21 Comments on “24 seconds from my Front Door.

    • Wow! Thank you so much Pete! That is fantastic- it is so quiet in there – I have never really been into such dense woods so that was a trip for me. I bet we see some dramatic seasonal changes in there – esp with a building going up too!! You are living my dream!

    • Exciting to see that a new wool mill going into place. Where can I learn more about this endeavor?

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  2. How much fun is this! The Fellowship of the Farmy, and wider social media community is the best… has been my covid sanity saver… and in truth even before that. I love that wherever we go there we all are ♡

  3. C. I don’t have any social media stuff going on..can you post my out my front door photo here from the e-mail photo I sent you? 🤪

  4. Hi Cecilia
    I just came from Kathe’s Its a Snap…just had to drop by to say hi to another Cecilia…and we both spell our name the correct way.
    How many times to you have folks using 2-e’s instead of 2-i’s? The view out your front door is beautiful
    Cecilia in North Carolina

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