Proud of You I am

All up we raised $3,000 for our neighbours in New Zealand.

My family thanks you for joining us in this endeavour. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Because we are all neighbours.

Golden cow and Black cow standing in late winter field.

So I wrote us a poem. It has nothing to do with floods and everything to do with us.

Think like a COW.

☉ Nose breathe.

☉ Never look back

☉ Look where you are going.

☉Focus on one thing at a time.

🦋 Make a lot of noise if you want attention.

☉ Blink very slowly, it confuses the other cows.

🦋 If the fence falls down walk over it and look for fun.

☉ Chew your food five hundred times with your mouth open.

☉ Do not proceed any further if you cannot see where you are going.

☉ Stand up when someone comes in the room in case they have food.

☉ Drink a LOT of water. Put your face right in the water and let it dribble right down your front.

☉ Say – “That’ll Do Boo”. To confuse the dogs. (Dogs are always confused when cows talk).

🦋 Say – “I haven’t had a drink since the last one and MOO with delight”!

☉ Keep nudging at the gate until the lock breaks.

☉ Do not waste time worrying about tomorrow.

🌏 Live lightly and gently today.

Huge Hereford hog sitting behind a fence. Content.

‘Think like a Cow’ is one of my favourite sayings.

And you know why!

Tima has been sent out to live in the East field so we can leave the kitchen door open – it is so warm today! And if the door is open she will be in the pantry eating the potatoes before you know it.

Tomorrow we take the front off the chook house so I can get John and his tractor in to clean it out for summer. (John likes sitting down jobs). That is going to be quite the performance. Chickens and roosters everywhere I imagine!

Farmyard rooster in old barn doorway.

Thank you again for your donations to help the flooded peoples. So Proud of You I am – the Fellowship of the Farmy.

Thank you again!

Happy Monday! Are you having a good Monday?


12 Comments on “Proud of You I am

  1. I’m proud of you for the rallying call and everyone who is donating to everything all the while the cost of living is rising. Absolutely, I need to give my brain a rest from the News and think like a cow more. All too often I’m thinking of the people impacted by recent New Zealand and Australian floods, the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, people in the Northern Rivers not too far from us who continue to try to recover from flooding last year and the year before, people who can’t afford housing, electricity and food, and… The only way -besides taking a break and thinking like a cow- my brain can cope is to look for positive actions that will promote resilience, which is what you’ve accomplished. Well done.

    • I need to give my brain a rest too – I was literally doom scrolling during the flooding and I have never been like that before – I guess it was because it was my home – but every single on of the disasters we see is someones home.

      We can both think like a cow and take a little break. Not long though!!

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