lemon verbena honey with mama’s pikelets

Yesterday, much to the bemusement of the bees,  I swapped their last little honey super (box) for a bigger brood super to expand into for the winter. The theory is that if they come out of winter into spring with a bigger house they will not swarm.  Then I scarpered back to the kitchen with the last frames of honey for ME!

It is a very sticky business.

Last night I  discovered a fantastic use for honey. I opened a new bottle of pinot grigio, from a vineyard I had not sampled before. And it was quite dreadful. (Katherine I almost spat!) I KNEW I should not have broken my rule about never buying wine with an animal on the label. So as I was decanting honey at the time, I simply poured a gooey drop of fresh honey straight from the jug into my glass, stirred and VOILA, it was drinkable. And healthy!  A fantastic discovery! Naturally the honey bottling went much better after that.

Another fantastic recipe for honey – Lemon Verbena Honey.  From the wonderful Food In Jars.  This will be lovely to have with our sourdough pikelets.  I do not have any lemon verbena so I have substituted lemon balm and we will see what happens. Lemon balm makes a great tea and grows like a weed out here. 

Sourdough Pikelets

  • Beat 1 egg and 3/4 cup of sugar until  smooth
  • Add 2 cups warm activated starter (Proof your starter, then feed again and sit for at least an  hour so you get maximum volume in your pikelets).
  • As you stir keep adding sifted flour (about 3/4 cup) until you reach a  thick  mixture.

Cook biscuit sized dollops in a very lightly greased pan on low heat. Flip when the bubbles begin to pop.  Now, here is a tip, if these come out rubbery and chewy, this is because your starter was not active enough. So call them prospectors pancakes.  Next time you can stir in a teaspoon baking soda to the mixture just before you cook.

For those of you who do not have a sourdough starter here is the regular pikelet recipe.

Mama’s Pikelets

  • 1 egg and 3/4 cup sugar BEAT together, add 3/4 cup milk and beat again.
  • In another bowl add 1 cup flour, pinch of salt and 1 teaspoon of baking powder.

Make a well in the flour and pour in most of the milky mix, stir the well until the flour is incorporated, add the last of the milk if you need to.  You do not want these to spread like flapjacks,  so err on the side of thick. If that makes any sense. (If you do want flapjacks, add a little more milk. )

Pour or spoon mixture onto a hot lightly greased griddle turned low.  When bubbles appear flip over.  Pile inside a folded tea towel as you finish and serve warm with butter and jam or whipped cream and jam or HONEY!

Many people have been asking where I bought my starter from. Here is the site.

Have fun


61 Comments on “lemon verbena honey with mama’s pikelets

    • Thank you yes greg, and i am talking to your darling katherine, we had a wee dialogue about spitting one time.. so I know she will understand how truly nasty that wine was! c

      • Ha, ha Darling Katherine here. Pinot Grigo seems so innocuous but boy get a bad bottle and blech. If you have to spit again just remember that’s what the pros do.

    • evidently some honey from the stores is not even honey, as I understand it there is only limited legislation that enforces correct labelling of honey.. so avoid anything that say Bottled in the US..what struck me when I started gathering my own was that it was so much sweeter! c

      • Yes, hive honey is so much better. In the stores these days you have basically three choices: None of which are as good as fresh…1.there’s the Cheap stuff, which they call a “Blend,” though unless you read carefully you will think it says;Blends of different honey, but sadly, it is mostly “Corn Syrup” 2. is “Clover Farm Honey” and 3. is Labeled Natural…how natural it actually is remains to be known by me.
        God Bless

        • Yes, Natural seems to have become a generic term for just about anything. So is Farm. Both very tricky words on a label. I cannot believe they label corn syrup as honey that is appalling! c

  1. Quite ingenious dear C – a little bit of honey to sweeten your wine – fantastic. Personally I can’t seem to always get raw honey in – my mom reckons I may be allergic to it but I do cook with it lots! Pete on the other hand can consume it by the bucket load!
    Have a happy Monday.
    🙂 Mandy

    • Oh Mandy you poor thing not being able to eat honey straight from the hive, I wonder what changes in it when you add heat, thankfully you can cook with it though.. c

  2. Back in Michigan, the “honey man” sells his honey this weekend and next. I never get honey from anywhere else. I got my starters from the same web site, too. Great site and I’ve enjoyed the bread. I split one of ’em in half and fed it a little whole wheat flour every now and again. I liked the difference.

    • Hi John, isn’t great to buy straight from the source, it just makes so much sense, the wholemeal flour is a good idea, i have two going as well so i will do that.. see what happens thank you.. c

  3. My mouth is watering at the sight of that glorious honey! My darling hubby won’t touch the stuff – ‘bee spit’ he calls it – but I adore it! I covet your hives….have often toyed with the idea of keeping bees – african honey bees 🙂

  4. Most certainly a delicious feast, and your recipe
    for Mama’s Pikelets has made me rather hungry 🙂

    Have a very nice rest of day now…


  5. I just adore sourdough bread but I’ve never heard of Sourdough Pikelets before. They sound delicious. Even the regular Pikelets look amazing and I’m not a bread person lol. Love this

    • What an excellent idea,T andy, I put nasturtium leaves and flowers in my salads.. Those flowers in honey ,must look gorgeous (for the first day) c

  6. My father would make the most delicious Kiawe (mesquite) honey back home, and since then I’ve been enamored with all things bee, hive and honey 😉 I am also quite partial to Lemon Verbena (and Lemon Balm), so I’m sure this one is going to be a winner in my household!

    • I just look up Kiawe honey Hera, I don’t know much about it.. The bees are certainly one of my better choices for the property.. c

  7. Those look wonderful… I made some last week with my surplus starter, but they didn’t brown nearly as pretty as those…Nor did I have FRESH HONEY to put on them…Nice
    God Bless You

  8. Your photos are fabulous! I love Mama’s Pikelets stacked with the towel! I’ve never heard of that before and have to give it a try!! I’m so impressed you make your own honey!!

  9. You keep bees?? Wow… I think that’s great! This summer’s drought has been very hard on our bee population (not much flowering stuff for them) and now my poor confused citrus trees are blooming out of season and not a bee in sight.

    Love this honey idea… maybe next year I’ll have enough lemon verbena to try it! Mmmm…

    • Poor bees. They need lots of water too. You will have to pollinate your citrus with a paint brush (while buzzing) !! Don’t laugh Rachel, I have done it!! c

  10. Vicks 44 cough medicine got it’s start from the old time remedy, ( which lots of people still use in my area ) Moonshine Lemon and Honey.

  11. This sounds wonderful – both the lemon verbena honey and the pikelets! I love the idea of having a rule about not buying wine with an animal on the label – sound advice, I think!

    • And when I break the rule I am punished! Every time. I am sure there are some lovely wines out there with animals on their labels and i do apologise to these wine makers.. (just so i don’t get into any more trouble today).. c

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  13. We get some gorgeous honey here but sometimes some pretty horrible wine – love the wine and honey combo…kind of a modern version of mead! Have never made pikelets but I adore then (and crumpets) but understand they are much easier to make than crumpets so should really give them a go…thanks for sharing!

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