Pumpkin Soup for Lunch

It was so cold yesterday morning. I have to admit that I went into shock which quickly flared into full blown denial. I refuse to light a fire, even though we have begun to stack the firewood in the Wendy house. It is not really cold because summer is NOT OVER!It is only SEPTEMBER! I am not going to bow to the forces of nature quite yet. So it looks like I will have to sit in my summer study (designed for coolness) and just shiver. Quietly.

Then I thought, why not go out into the wilderness garden and see if there is a pumpkin ready and make pumpkin soup for lunch. Pumpkin soup is not TOO wintry though it is warming to the insides. So that is what I did. There was only a butternut ripe, the pumpkins still have solid green stems (no sign of drying in the stem).  But a butternut will do nicely.

Pumpkin soup is quite divine.

Into a saucepan

  • 1 washed, unpeeled and roughly cut butternut, or squash, or pumpkin. My own  preference is actually buttercup.
  • 1 big chopped onion
  • 1 small chilli (do not cut up we are going to take it out again later as we only want a hint of hotness)
  • 1 small,  peeled and chopped tart apple
  • 2 cloves of garlic, crushed
  • 1 pint or more of chicken stock or vegetable stock

Season with Peppercorns or fresh ground pepper and a little sea salt.

Boil in a good organic stock until all vegetables are soft.

Drain. Retain all the stock. When the pumpkin is a little cooler, pick out the chilli  and discard.  Scoop the flesh out of the butternut chunks with a spoon into a blender, discarding the peppercorns as you go.

Blend pumpkin flesh and apple and onions and chicken stock in batches.  Return to saucepan for reheating.

Adjust seasoning. This soup is very thick and often a gorgeous delicious bright orange.  Add up to a half cup of full cream as you reheat to achieve the consistency you want.   Do not allow to boil after adding the cream. 

Serve with creme freche or sour cream and chopped chives or green onions or whatever takes your fancy. And  a warm crusty bread.


60 Comments on “Pumpkin Soup for Lunch

  1. Right there with you about denial. Too cold too soon and I don’t want to let go of summer. Nice soup, but I’m a pumpkin pie person – or pumpkin pie ice cream 😉 t

  2. Great looking soup! Whenever I see pumpkin soup, I think of an infamous, Haitian colonel who died from eating poisoned pumpkin soup. There after he was known as “Colonel Soup”.

  3. That sounds delicious, I am never that keen on the big round pumpkins but I do like butternut squash so I will try this one as they become more plentiful in our shops 🙂

    • Butternut makes a lovely soup and also buttercup.. her they make the big round ones into pumpkin pie! which i have a recipe for too that my children want out of my head and into the post!

  4. i’ve lived in my house for a little bit over three years now, and in that time i haven’t once used the fireplace. it’s kind-of my secret goal to not use it at all, so when we go to sell the house, we can say that. *grin*
    (i think part of the reason is is that i don’t truly feel like it is “home”, the place where i will end up in the long run).

    • I hope you find a lovely place to call home soon.. We heat with the fire all winter and sitting by the fire with a book is glorious! c

    • Are you a hot chick cindy? The chilli I put in may have looked small but had a bit of punch. if i had put it through the blender it would have been cindy level of burn i guess!!

    • I agree completely, nuvofelt, the sour cream is a perfect complement.. i certainly do not hold back with the big dollop! c

  5. Loved the recipe and pics C! I was just telling Christina at Sweet Pea’s Kitchen that I have half pumpkin at the fridge (she also made a pumpkin soup, great minds…) Now I will have to come with something new for my blog…can’t see how to surpass this soup, humm 😉

  6. The color of the soup is perfect! I’m loving all of these pumpkin recipes going around right now. Gets me so excited for fall. Hope you have a lovely weekend. xx

    • I will have a good weekend, thank you caroline, you too, we will be chopping wood for the winter, this is our cooler weather job (I am not saying fall!!)! c

    • Oh I hate air conditioning but it only gets onto the high 90’s here, only occassionally in the hundreds so i am fine without it.. i just feel like it cuts you off and encourages you to stay inside. They are missing out on the seasons, poor people.. c

  7. Aah, a woman after my own heart – I refuse to accept it when the weather gets cold – I really a summer baby so living in Mauritius spoilt me rotten by not experiencing winter for close to 3 years – THEN we came home in winter 😦 Talk about a shock to the system but I digress…
    Your soup looks and sounds fan-tab-u-lous!
    Have a fantastic Saturday.
    🙂 Mandy

    • Thank you mandy, mauritius would spoil anyone, not having winter for three years would about ruin me!! but i know you are happy to be back in your own kitchen! c

  8. Your soup sounds wonderful and I love a good squash/pumpkin soup in the Fall. And we are so alike with regards to hanging onto Summer. Much to the amazement of my friends, I’ll insist on wearing shorts and sandals well into November. I will not go gentle into that good night!

  9. Ah the Dylan Thomas/Thomas Dylan challenge.. I am so with you..I wear my summer gear and just add tights and a cardi, then a coat, then a hattie!! ha ha .. we will recognise each other if we ever meet on the street! We will be those summer people who will not grow up and dress for the cold! c

  10. I totally would have caved to the cold and lit up the firewood…but only because I love having a roaring firing going. Perhaps that’s why I like grilling some much. 🙂

    Delicious looking recipe as well!

    • True the old fire is SO good.. but we heat the house with the fire all winter long and so i am MEAN about burning wood when it is only a bit chilly! c

  11. We are getting pumpkins in Italy!! Isn’t it weird?? I think your pumpkin soup recipe could not be better. A good soup starts with a good stock, and yours is excellent! The idea of adding creme fraiche is delicious – and those chives are the perfect touch!! Have I gone to soup heaven??…

  12. I like the idea of apple in the soup – never tried that before! Sorry the cold has already reached you – come to Africa for the summer, we are finally warming up here 🙂

    • Ah werll, Tandy, there are plenty of other great veges, I have a friend whose husband hates vegetables! I don’t know why he has not got scurvy! c

  13. The weather is on the turn too here in Andalucia and, like you, I am in denial! This soup looks gorgeous – lovely autumnal colours and tastes. Now we need to start stacking some wood….:)

  14. Wish I had this recipe last year, I might have tried it. We had lots of pumpkins! Only sold one. kids claimed a couple for their own and the rest sat on the front porch.

  15. I absolutely love the fall, and this recipe is calling my name! Thank you so much for sharing. Great for a chilly fall day. Loving your blog by the way 🙂 I’m from the midwest too.

    • Hi, Murphy, it is a great recipe and very easy, when fall comes I am sure I will soften to it. But I hate the thought of losing summer quite yet..

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