Celi Diet – Colourful food: Eat Pretty

I have wandered about some of the dieting sites a little more and oh dear some of them are grim. Dieters trying to yank and beat their bodies into weird shapes.  And getting angry and miserable about it.  All those beautiful bodies.  Remember there is no failure in the Celi Diet.  Because you are designing your own Food Program. There are a few more of you who have joined me on the Celi Diet which is great because  the Celi Diet is all about Loving the Body remember. Watching the Body not the weight.  Cutting out processed foods. Allowing your body to achieve its natural weight. And eating well. 

AS you know there are a few rules for the first few weeks. No processed foods. Eat fresh.

  • No flour
  • No sugar
  • No rice
  • No roots
  • No cheating
This will quickly knock off some of that excess fat that has gathered around your internal organs. As this drops off you will start to feel more energetic and more excited about eating good food.  I start every day with a lot of water.  A lot of room temperature water.  Before I even brush my teeth, I drink glasses of it.  It gives my body a shower on the inside. 
Eat Colourful food. In our first few weeks make yourself lovely food. In fact ALWAYS make your self lovely food. Food is wonderful.  Food is not your enemy.  Set the table, even when you are eating alone. And eat whilst thinking, chatting, reading, listening to music or writing. Mindless stuffing of food into your mouth while sitting on the couch watching the Giggle Box is banned.  Banned.  BANNED.  I say!! CHEW your food  and eat slowly at the table or in your favourite chair or at the breakfast bar or under a tree or IN the tree for that matter. 
Here are a few perfect meals I found for you to help you cook simple healthy food that matches
the Celi Diet.
This is a great example of a  Celi Diet meal,  a lovely ancient recipe for chicken by Ang Sarap. 
This is another lovely simple yet gorgeous meal by Cookinginsens. In fact quite a few of the recipes on her beautiful site are perfect for us. 
Here is a delicious omelette  breakfast from Gluten Free Zen. 
How about a gorgeous  salad from  Couscous and Consciousness!.
And an exotic  Japanese savory egg custard that I just adore from The Chef and The Steward.
Plus this divine   salmon meal from Midnite Chef.  
AND just when you thought it was safe, how about a wee drinky while you are thinking about what to cook for the Body Beautiful tonight. The honey version of course!! This is from Cook Eat Live Vegetarian. 
And that was my lunch you watched go by. It is ideal for the working person to take to work. I put it in a plastic tub with a lid and take a fork and eat it all day.  I bring it up to the loft and have a munch as I write. (Right now actually,  can you hear me? chomp, chomp, chomp!) You will make your own variation of it as you design your own lifetime diet. 
The optional dressing is 1/4 cup cider vinegar, 3/4 cup olive oil, a little garlic, 1/2 tsp whole grain mustard, dash of lemon, pepper and salt, and whatever green or dried herbs you have at hand.  I put that all in a little mason jar and shake it up. 
Eat well, have fun
ps. This post is my thank you to the lovely award givers. Thank you. I am not good at awards but I LOVE to introduce people!

70 Comments on “Celi Diet – Colourful food: Eat Pretty

  1. I love colorful meals. They are just so pretty. 🙂 And it’s an added bonus that this one is healthy.

  2. Awesome salad C! It is amazing that by just cutting out the preserved stuff how much healthier we eat. Right, I am off to re-think dinner…
    Have a great healthy day.
    😉 Mandy

    • yes no root vegetables, just for the meantime. They will come back in soon. Potatoes though one of my favourite foods , are not actually a vegetable.. Leeks and fennel and beetroot are ok though.. maybe i should amend that to -no sweet tubers!! c

  3. You certainly fulfilled your credo of making this meal look lovely. I love the mix of ingredients, so much so, that I almost forgot about pasta. Almost … 🙂

  4. Oh my dear, this is a great feast! Exactly this is for me. I loved it. My diet is similar, fresh and no sugar, no rice, etc. How beautifully you captured them all… I want to eat them all. Thank you dear Cecilia, with my love, nia

  5. I did a kind of detox earlier this year and it does make you feel so much more alive. I have carried on with some of the principles like the warm water and lemon in the morning and, no processed food and the body brushing, which is great for those ugly bits. I have reintroduced cheese into my diet as a treat but only goat’s or sheep if I can help it. I avoid cow’s milk products as much as possible. And having always been skeptical about vegan food I have definitely changed my mind about that, it’s just about knowing what works and what doesn’t. Happy eating!!

    • I completely agree. We design our own diets. A little bit of that and little bit of this. This is why I call mine the Celi Diet. We should all be free to make these decisions. And free to think about what we eat! What is body brushing by the way?.. c

      • I’ve got a scratchy mit that I use to brush my skin every day towards the heart, it gets circulation going, smooths skin and improves celulite. I start at my feet brushing up my legs, especially at the top, then do my arms brushing from my hands to my shoulders. You can feel the difference in a few days.

        • Ah, of course. I shall get one of those mitty thingys , this sounds like a great thing to do to get those old grey skin cells off and the skin nice and healthy.. Especially in the winter.. Thank you! c

  6. oh i LOVE this! it DOES go perfect with my post. my mom always raised me to have “color” on my plate. we’re big into veggies!

  7. As a plumber I am hoping you have it right, in that you are drinking cold water warmed to room temperature. Everyone seems to think water is water. It is not! Do not use water from the hot side of your faucet for drinking or food preparation. Bad, BAd, BAD!!! ONLY the cold water is for consumption and food preparation. Your PSA for today! 🙂
    Your meals look great!

    • My Dad never let us drink water from the hot tap either. He had a thing about the copper pipes in those days! We have well water and I would not drink it unless it had been filtered ever. In fact our food prep water and drinking water is twice filtered. I leave my morning water out in a covered jar by my bed! So it really is room temperature.. But thank you for caring Harold. You are our resident blog handy man!! c

  8. Eating colorful definitely allows me to try out new foods. And you’re right, drinking a lot of water gives your body a much needed shower on the inside. And after the inside shower, my face looks beautiful. Great post

  9. I’m totally on board with all you say! I cringe when my friends “diet” with low calorie – fake food and they wonder why they go “off” their “diet”! There body is starving!! Each and every day of my life is living for pleasure, in the things I do and the things I eat. Great links to some delicious food!!

  10. Beautiful photos!
    I have to ask – is your poor sourdough starter languishing while you’re ‘off’ bread? Or are you still baking for your other half?

    • Languishing. but will be revved back up next monday. Poor Other Half is on the no bread for the two weeks as well. But he does eat potatoes. I am thinking of growing red potatoes next year. have you even heard of them?.. c

      • Red as in red skinned, or red fleshed?
        I know the red skinned type – they’re little waxy potatoes that make great mash or oven-roasted ‘homefries’… I’ve not seen a type with red flesh, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they exist…

        • Sorry i was not clear, yes the red fleshed ones. They do exist. Evidently they are really good for you! I will look out for them on the internet, for next year.. they sound kind of weird though, imagine red mashed spud.. hmm.. c

  11. Fantastic photos. So clear, fresh – edible! It is so true that there’s nothing like fresh food. We so need it like nothing else, these days. A great post.

    • Thank you and thank you for dropping by! And yes i agree there is nothing like fresh food, our bodies crave it! c

  12. Celi, do you ever make rhubarb pies? My mother made them when I was a kid and they were so good. I love fruit pies. For my birthday I never wanted a cake. I always wanted pie. My mother made the best cherry pies, too. I guess all pies need a lot of sugar, though. Anyway, do you make any fruit pies and can a pie with low sugar taste as good as ones with the right amount?

  13. Cecilia, does this mean I must throw away the wonderful cocotte stew I made with jarret de boeuf (shin of beef), onions, carrots, parsnips from the garden and big jacket potatoes, also from the garden? Too late: we’ve eaten most of it, leaving seconds for tomorrow. And we’ve also finished off the apple cake I made on Sunday! But I can still fit into my clothes, so it can’t be too bad.

  14. Thank you, C, for reminding people to eat around all of the color palette – so important! I like to have something green, yellow, and red on my plate at all times!

  15. okay, so wait…
    tomatoes (right?)
    avocados (okay…)
    olives (huh?)
    pickles? (are those actually pickles?)
    other sweet dried fruit?
    and whatever the heck else was in there??? dried peas and some white stuff…???

    Okay, now how can I be the only one who’s eyebrows lifted at this combo? What am I not getting here? Could it be that the processed foods that I eat (sometimes….I mean not ALL the time, but I suspect that you wouldn’t approve of all my food choices haha) have weakened my eyesight?

    Please explain what all is in there…and how on earth it tastes all in the same bowl…hahaha

    • Nope melissa your eyesight is just fine! You were right down as far as other dried fruit, there are nuts, then sprouts then (wait for it) frozen blueberries! It all taste divine and worse I eat it with a spoon, scooping out the individual tastes that I want to combine into a mouthful! And now you design your own, with all your favourites in a bowl! c

  16. What this combo illustrates for me is one of my great loves: sweet-and-savory combinations. I had a yummy salad last weekend at The Mansion at Turtle Creek (my first visit there, but not my last, I hope) that was a soft but not limp sweet lettuce (Bibb, perhaps?) tossed with a delicious creamy lemon vinaigrette, shredded Manchego, and slivered Medjool dates. Simple, light and HEAVENLY.

  17. Your lunch looks so colourful. I think it is such a shame that so much emphasis is place by the dieting industry on low fat foods. I feel it would be so much better if there was a focus on good rather than bad fats.

    • Oh how is your homemade wine? What fun. We just racked or is it wracked, it again last night and it is .. well.. still in the developmental stage! c

  18. Well, I have already lost the required 10 pounds, so now I will work on maintaining that, so on monday (14 days) i will be revving up the sourdough and baking bread again, and potatoes can come back in on the days I do not eat bread. I am always going to try not to eat processed foods or any foods with a Genetically Modified component. Plus the big doses of water first thing in the morning will stay. This keeps me honest. Easy really. c

  19. I love the idea of this. I might have to give it a try but I have to finish this menu plan first so I don’t lose all of this food I just bought.

  20. We do eat with all our senses, so beautiful food makes sense! Even when I am drinking water, juices, herbal teas I try to put them into my nicest glass, mug, whatever….just to enhance the experience!

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