Meet me here for a Champagne Sunrise on Christmas day and Crackers with cheese!

I will be here at Dawn on Christmas morning to wish you Merry Christmas.  You will know I am home because there will be a candle burning in the big East window.  The candle is an old family tradition of indeterminate origin so just go with it.  This is the sunrise from the East window.  Well you know that now because it is  one of my favourite shots.  

We will have dinner with The Matriarch on  Christmas Eve so I may be slightly blurry.  But I will be up to watch the sunrise with you guys.

Now the bad news is that  I forgot to buy the crackers to nibble with my  Christmas Sunrise Champagne.  And it is not shopping day. So we will have to make them.

The Dirty Rooster has been in the fields and is confused by how much mud he has on his feet!

Parmesan Crackers with Rosemary for all Good Boys and Girls. Actually I don’t mind if you share with the bad girls. Oh dear, THAT did NOT come out right! (delete, delete, delete.)

In Food Processor:

  • Scant cup of unbleached flour
  • 1/2 tsp good salt-don’t use that powdery stuff. (salt is optional)
  • 1/2 tsp freshly ground pepper
  • 3 tsp chopped rosemary. (I have brought my precious rosemary plant inside, so the winter does not kill it.  I picked at the tips apologising the whole time .. sorry little plant, sorry, I am really sorry but you are so tasty!)


  • 1 cup finely grated Mama’s home-made Parmesan cheese.
  • 3 tablespoons chilled unsalted butter cut into cubes.

PULSE a bit more

  • add 4 tablespoons sour cream one spoon at a time.

PULSE until the mix looks like big heavy wet breadcrumbs.

Working fast so your butter does not warm. Roll into log shape, wrap in clingfilm/gladwrap and rest in the fridge for at least a couple of  hours.  It can even sit overnight.

Slice to 1/4 inch thick.

Check to make sure you do not have an entire leg of organic, grass fed lamb roast, still in its paper wrapping,  defrosting in the oven where the cats can’t get it, before you turn the oven on (sigh).  Then bake at 325 until golden brown. 25 – 35 mins.

Turn the crackers over half way through to brown both sides.  Store in an airtight container and hide until Sunrise, Christmas Morning.

Poor Mama is still waiting to get better. Everyone else is out in the sun and she is still locked up in the hospital wing. She is now officially not an organic sheep as she is on antibiotics.  The vet said.  I think that today she is brighter. Her dour temperament has certainly returned.

This recipe originally came from Martha Stewart and her team, however it was passed to me through a very muddled process, so it may be a little different by now!

Maybe we should invent a drink called Champagne Sunrise! Of course, that will call for a lot of experimentation with Champagne. I think we are up for it? Yeah?


81 Comments on “Meet me here for a Champagne Sunrise on Christmas day and Crackers with cheese!

  1. See you then, although dawn here is an hour (or so) latter! The crackers look wonderful. We have started making our own rye crackers, wonderful with homemade soup.

    • Oo, I might want the recipe for those rye crackers, mine are quite addictive and I love variation, sunrise works everywhere! The time does not matter! c

  2. I can say I have never thought of making crackers, so good for you on that one. I love the pic of the rooster – like he is doing a jig or something. Here’s to Mama and a speedy recovery and back outside to enjoy the sun. Have a Great Holiday!

  3. By the time your dawn arrives, we will have had our Christmas dinner, the festivities will be over and I’ll probably be counting sheep! But I will be thinking of you looking at that beautiful sunrise.
    Thanks for that recipe for the crackers, I’m going to try it, they look so good!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours from Down Under!

  4. Since I can’t share the champagne sunrise with you I would like to give you something else. It is a nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award. I have enjoyed your posts for some time and think even more of the world should know about you!

    The only problem is that I do not know how to download it onto my blog (I was nominated today) so I can’t be of too much help until it’s on my blog and you can see it….

    Any ideas? Thanks.


    • Oh Ronnie thank you so much, I am terribly useless at that techy stuff, I can never get them onto my page.. you have a great christmas and thank you so much for the award! c

    • That rooster was so funny, lifting his muddy foot then putting his head on the side to inspect it as though he had a splinter or something.. so funny.. c

  5. Will watch sunrise over the Rockies with some bubbly and your delicious crackers– merry, merry to you!

  6. Whike you are watching the sun rise we will be prodding our suckling pig in the oven and drinking a champagne toast to you too. We will probably see the sunrise too before little piggy goes into the nice warm oven as we are on the way back from my lovely mother in law´s house from a loud a boisterous Christmas Eve dinner. I will be saying thank you to Santa for sending me so many lovely new friends this year. Cheers C!

    • A suckling pig, hmmm.. I was thinking about your christmas eve last night after discovering that Big Man is one of TEN!!! cheers darling.. c

  7. This reminds me of those childhood days when we would run out of bread. Bless me Mither’s non-domestic heart…she would quickly whip up soda biscuits. Actually, we loved them.

    I just sent Therapeutic Touch to Mama. Why didn’t I do that sooner??!! It’s often highly effective on animals – especially horses and dogs. Sheep may be just as willing to receive the good energy. Even dour Mama.

    I cannot resist, Celi…here’s a card that I’m positive you will enjoy:

  8. Poor Mama. How ever will she keep time with the ox and lambs when the drummer boy shows up? If I’m up — and Max is in some big trouble so he had better let me sleep in for the next few days — I’ll tip a toast your way at sun up. Whether I’m up for a toast, here’s wishing you, Your John, and all of the Gang a most memorable Christmas, Celi.

    • Has max been playing with the toilet paper again? poor Maxy, he wants to come on down to the Farmy and have a good old run about! c

    • Good you are on, all our dogs can how; at the sunrise together.. yes, yes I know it is meant to be the moon but it IS christmas!! c

  9. Excellent crackers – I’ll look forward to your Christmas Day, dawn post, though I’ll be doing my best to sleep at that time 😉

  10. I’m all for helping with the research on the Champagne Sunrise. My favorite drink…Champagne. I will wait until I know the sun is rising where you are and then toast you, your John, the Matriarch and your whole family the most wonderful of days sharing your good food together on this coming Christmas. Blessings to you and the family.

    • Hmm. good point karen, maybe I shall toast you on YOUR sunrise too! Excellent idea!! Time and the sunrises are the most curious study.. c

  11. We were planning champagne for Christmas morning as well. 🙂 We were planning to mix it with some OJ. Maybe I’ll throw a splash of cranberry in there as well and call it Champagne Sunrise. 🙂 Merry Christmas Cecilia! I’ll be sure to tip the glass to you in the morning; although likely not at sunrise. 😉

    • YES! You have it, if we lay the cranberry at the bottom, then pour the orange and champagne in very slowly so it layers.. We will have a champagne sunrise! You are a star. I will try it at sunrise, I had better make a list!! c

  12. Happy holidays to you and yours! Also, please say “hi” to The Matriarch for me.
    I tried to talk my Patriarch into stopping by, but I doubt I succeeded. He’s like that sometimes.

  13. I’m glad to hear mama is doing better. I’m sure she’ll be upset she’s not organic anymore but she’ll get over that once she’s a healthy, happy sheepy 🙂

    Love the gorgeous picture of the sunset!

    • Thank you Parsley. She does seem more chipper this afternoon.. I HATE it when one of my animals is sick! i hope you are having a great christmas break! c

  14. Here’s hoping Mama has healing superpowers now that she’s been doctored up.

    And as for you, my pretty, I wish you a beautiful holiday right through: delicious and cozy Christmas Eve with The Matriarch, a beautiful sunrise accompanied by champers and homemade yummy-looking crackers, and blissful quiet to follow. And knowing that you are held in the hearts of so many friends out here that you could light up the whole neighborhood like a Christmas tree on the strength of it. Great joy to you, my dear!

  15. Though the champange will have to wait until later in the day, The Wee One and I can light a candle and join you at sunrise…Merry Christmas, Dear One…
    Homemade crackers were on ‘the list’ this year, before the – well, you know. Your recipe is much easier than what I had in mind. Wish I’d had it sooner…

    • I especially loved the early mornings with the babies, just you and the toddler in the still morning. This recipe is easy using the Food Processor and if you omit the salt baby could have one too! Good luck this christmas!! c

  16. Merry Christmas Ce….We are in Ruakaka with Mikes Dad…the sun is shining the boys are fishing…kids looking forward to opening pressies…i’m looking forward to a walk on the beach and a bubbly…love always Deb

  17. This recipe may have started out being Martha Stewart’s and I just love her stuff. But I believe you’ve perfected it amazingly :). I would just like to wish you and your family a happy and amazing Christmas and New Year 🙂

  18. I know all about being crackers, but I’ve never made them before. When I’ve come to turns with this oven I’ll give them a go!
    I’ll toast you and the farmy somewhere on the slopes 🙂

  19. Your crackers look wonderful – Martha would be proud to have her name attached to them!

    Look forward to reading about your Champagne Sunrise too. It’s rather distasteful but I think we are going to have a wine and cake sunrise in a couple of hours!

  20. You are one of the beautiful blogger friends that I have me this year… You always carried us the beauties and stories, and your lovely farm… This was one of the most beautiful sharing and visiting for me. I feel myself as a neighbour living next to you in there… Distance how disappears when hearts meet.. I love you all there… Thank you so much dearest Cecilia, Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to you all…. Greetings and Love from Istanbul, nia

  21. Oh, I really hope I don’t oversleep – it would be such a shame to miss a magnificent sunrise with you Celi especially seeing that we are celebrating with bubbly :-D.
    Lots of love for a Merry Christmas!
    🙂 Mandy

  22. And for you Mandy darling girl. We will be having your mint sauce with the lamb today so you will even be at our table in a way!! love celi

  23. How yummy! I’m already planning what fun meal I want to make for myself tomorrow. I have to get ingredients today before places close! Happy holidays!

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