Off we go for our walkabout on The Kitchen’s Garden Farmy

Walkabouts are my favourite posts. Today we will wander through the cast of the Kitchens Garden Farm. I could not fit everyone on the one page but you will get the idea.

This is The Duke of Kupa.  He has two wives  and spends an enormous amount of time trying to attract their attention.  But only dogs and chickens seem to notice.  He has been on the farmy for almost two months now and is well on the way to ruling the roost. 

Here is Queenie Wineti. She plays a supporting role really.  She is a Hereford and almost a year old. She has the longest eyelashes of any cow I have ever known. We hope she will get pregnant next year. 

Mama is the mother of the three lambs. She also has a lead role. Sometimes we call her The Policeman as she has a stern uncompromising look. Her eldest lamb is Mia. Minty and Meadow are her spring ewe lambs.  All male lambs are called The Murphys.  She had two Murphys but one died at birth. You can see TonTon in the background, he is always somewhere about.  

This is Hairy MacLairy. The sweetest ram ever. He is in the field with Queenie Wineti. He will not be working again until the fall so he spends most of the year loafing about with Queenie. One would imagine, by the look of him, that he is the most depressed sheep in the western world but really I think he is just pretending because he likes his ears to be scratched.

We have two active bee hives. My father (in NZ) reminded me, the other day, that I need to look in the hives for insurgent Queen cells.  If they make another Queen they will swarm.  Extra room is not enough. So today if it stays calm I need to take them apart and look under the supers for these pointy little cells.  

This is the Son of Neanderthol Man. He is the Master of the barn chickens.  He is a tough old bird this one. 

And Daisy.  Daisy is moving into the Starring role. The Female Lead. She is due to have her calf in the next few weeks, then I will be milking, (God help us)  and we will swing into cheese making and all those other divine dairy delights!  The kitchen will seriously get into gear once I start the milking.  Last night Daisy was laid down in the field and I leaned on her feeling the calf move inside. Not kicking just sliding about in there like a huge fish just under the water. Her belly would slowly move out one side then just as softly move back in. Whatever is in there is BIG!

She soon got tired of me lying all over her and stood up with such a big groan. I told her that you only look old when you start making old people’s noises when you stand up. Sophia Loren said that. So she better quit all the moaning and groaning like an old person.  She just stretched and flicked her tail.

Did I miss anyone out? I think everyone got a mention.

Good Morning. Plenty to do today. Daisy was visited by a Dairy farmer yesterday and was given an A+. She is in very good health he said and her udder is developing nicely. So far so good. He was a little surprised at how tall she is. To brush her back I stand on a bucket. But she is very gentle with me and after watching us work together he said he did not think she would kick me.  Well that is heartening!

I called the swine herd and he is going away and will call me back on Tuesday.  He apologised for giving me the run around.  So we have to wait another week. Sigh. I know it is polite to apologise, but sometimes I think apologies are just  a little Too Late. He knew I was going to call. I don’t want an apology I want my baby Hereford piggie.

The big pigs had a delivery of three boxes of old tomatoes and six pounds of past their used by date black beans from the food pantry, so they will be eating well for a few days.

I gave in and made a tiny batch of strawberry jam. Then discovered that I have run out  of preserving lids.  So this strawberry jam will go into the fridge.

Now off to work! Watering day today! This is my muscle building day as I only have one tap (faucet) on the whole property.  Seven acres. We have well water. So I drag hoses around all the gardens and all the fields all day long to get every bucket and barrel cleaned and refilled and every  garden watered. Maybe tomorrow we will do a tour of the vegetable gardens. They are all shapes and sizes and one will suit you for sure!

Good Morning. Have a great day!


79 Comments on “Off we go for our walkabout on The Kitchen’s Garden Farmy

  1. Delightful cast of characters you have there, dear. Daisy’s looking quite fine these days!
    Have a good Watering Day – the Sky is doing mine. Again.

  2. Lovely to see the cast list in all their shining glory. Whatever is inside Daisy must be huge, as she is rather erm…. huge! And now I’m trying to work out what it must be like to water such a large area, I know you don’t actually water it all, but just to get around it. Phew, I’m off to lie down, it’s warmed up here – AT LAST, sorry that was shouting…..but it’s a relief to feel the sun again

  3. Thank you for the tour, which pleased me so as did these words, “divine dairy delights,” rolling off your fingers.

    And the color of that strawberry jam is an absolute visual delight. As always, soul-pleasing, beautiful photos.

  4. i really enjoyed the tour…and i would love a tour of the veggie gardens! you have some very handsome and beautiful animals!

    your friend,

    • Wise minds think alike!! So they say! In the absence of marmite that is exactly what I have in mind for breakfast! c

    • Morning Bill.. I learn something every time I go to your pages too, so the feeling is quite mutual! c

  5. Thank you for the lovely refresher tour. That TonTon: how he loves the limelight. The sun is shining here, too. A nice surprise after so much rain.

    • ViV i am thrilled that you are getting some sun. There is nothing like sun to lift the spirits! I hope you have time to take a cup of tea outside and sit on the step in the warm! c

  6. Watering is hard work even on a small plot so I don’t envy your job. You missed the piggies! Thanks for sharing, enjoy your day. 🙂

  7. Ah, that was lovely. I hope Daisy is ready for her Big Role! And as for your jam, it looks perfect, which reminds me I too have some strawberries which need to be magicked into jam.

    • magicked!! awesome. It makes the house smell glorious and I kind of like making little batches, it is less pressured..have fun magicking your jam! c

  8. So pleased to see Hairy MacLairy again…. I’m curious why he doesn’t hang out with Mama and their babies? I didn’t realise Queenie Wineti was still a baby, I thought she was all grown up like Daisy. Nice pics all. Thanks Celi. Laura

    • The reason I keep Hairy out is in case Mama or Mia cycle back in. There is a lot of grass about and I cannot guarantee that no-one will go on heat. Particularly Mia. It is highly unlikely but we do not want more lambs at the wrong time as I am going to NZ in November. Everyone is settled at the moment. So in September Mama and Hairy will be reunited in a field of their own. c

  9. Queenie is adorable! I had never noticed her eyelashes until you mentioned it…she’s quite beautiful! And Daisy, what a sweet mommy she will be and how patient she was with you laying on her. I would have loved to see a picture of that!

    Who am I kidding? I love all the animals on the farmy (except the eating ones because I know better)!

    Too bad I can’t send some of our weather to you today and save you from dragging hoses all day. I swear it rained 3 inches in five minutes yesterday. ~ Have a wonderful day! ~ April

  10. Strawberry jam turns any window into stained glass. And a lovely mock orange peeping in–I love the smell of their blossoms.

    • Clever you picking the mock orange, the verandah has two so that we all smell sweet at this time of year!! Morning Alice.. c

    • you are right.. we will have to have two or three posts to get everyone in, i shall stalk cats today!! c

  11. I read that in N.Z. A new born calf is called a Bobbie. I am anxious to see Daisy’s Bobbie when it arrives. : )

    • Yes a new born boy calf is a Bobbie. That is why all our boy calves are called The Bobby… morning patricia! c

  12. Such a nice morning for a walkabout! Thanks for taking us along. No matter how many times I see him do it, the sight of TonTon lurking in the background of your photos always brings a smile. Today’s examples were no different. 🙂 Have a great day, Celi!

  13. I love the way you speak of your animals. There is so much love in your voice:) And beautiful animals they are! I’ll be very curious to read about your dairy delights, especially cheese making procedures. Thanks, Georgina @ Caramelize Life

  14. That helps sort things out animal-wise, except for the the cats. What about The Matriarch? The Old Codger? The John?
    Also, did you get my postcard, yet?

    • Ah, Miss Anonymous now I know who you are.. so did you bring a tiger home for me in your pocket?! c

  15. Oh how I love to see pictures of your farm and sweet animals! I’m in love with the cow! And the white face sheep too. And the rooster is mighty handsome! Thank you for the tour. 🙂

  16. I love walkabouts and seeing everyone. Kupa gets more handsome every day, if that’s even possible. The rooster is quite nice, too.

  17. There is something whimsically soothing to your blog posts, and this one certainly fits. I found a new prompt to use with my writing student, “I called the swine herd.” Adore that phrase. Becaue I can’t smell your surroundings, as an urban lady, squirrels, butterflies, bees, dogs, cats, wild parrots, hummingbirds, and some crawlies, i’d rather not mention, are part of my nature landscape. Much love and appreciation.

    • It all smells lovely too, unless you wander off down by the compost heaps!! but they eventually smell quite nice! c

  18. What a great roundup! I love the image of you leaning against Daisy’s bulging side, feeling the calf. And that jam looks tasty. I’ve got my toast buttered and ready…

    • oh that is right you are growing wild strawberries aren’t you.. better try and beat your son to a few.. !

  19. What fun to see everyone out and about today, and my, Queenie does have the lashes doesn’t she? Looks like wool is growing back rapidly around there.

    I thought “The Murphy” was his name and didn’t know that all male lambs were called The Murphy. Does he get his own name one day like Hairy McLairy? I’m so uneducated about these things. 🙂

    • Jerseys are so sweet and so small, i bet you could sneak one in! I could get one or even two in a moment, but they are in missouri, even further away and once again we are beaten by geography! c

  20. Your walkabouts are fantastic – I love the story you give to each animal 😀
    Duke of Kupa and unrequited love – his queens will come over soon enough 😉

    Choc Chip Uru

  21. Walks on the farm are some of my favorite posts too. I love glimpses of the whole cast. (especially Kupa) 🙂

  22. I really enjoyed Hairy McLairy today, for some strange reason.. maybe his sardonic look? And “not looking” again, how exciting!! I love that you’ve gone through all of your babies, even though I’ve followed for sometime, I can get them mixed up.. who belongs to whom (is that spelled correctly), well, you know what I mean! You will have some awesome biceps in no time, c! xoxo Smidge

    • Yup i am the pale muscly one! I should write a cast list in the set up somewhere! Family trees! c

  23. What a nice tour. I think you can put a layer of wax on top of the jam, and then a circle of cellophane with a rubber band to keep it in place (at least that’s what my friends do – I am not a jam-maker myself). I love the frog house concept – never heard of it before. I’ve been off the blog for a few days, and so much happens when I’m not here!

    • I forgot about that. That is exactly how my mum did hers too. I have some cheese wax here, I wonder if that would do it! Thank you juliet! c

  24. Lovely to see you all looking full of happiness and glossy coats and bushy eyes, or should that be bushy tailed, oh well you know what I mean. xx Jo

  25. Hi Celi,
    Another day you’ll have to introduce the new folks to some more of the minor characters on the farmy, like Big Dog who takes care of the barn. I like him! And the cats, of course! xo

    • Yes, you are right. I will get onto that one. The cats and dogs just lie about waiting for their photo to be took anyway!! c

      • Hi Celi, I can’t figure out why the blog has changed me from dianeandjack to anonymous!!! A big blow to my self esteem!!! I was looking for my response from you on a couple of posts I just knew I had responded to, and couldn’t find them. Finally I saw that what “Anonymous” had to say sounded very much like what I’d written… fact exactly like what I’d written!!! So, I need to figure out what’s up with that!!! xo

  26. Such lovely portraiture today! Love all of the photos, but most of all I am sorely tempted to make a portrait of Son of Neanderthol Man from such a spectacular photo! He is a handsome devil, isn’t he.

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