Grazing pigs

The grass is fantastic for this time of year. In fact we are going to be thinking about cutting hay as soon as the weather settles. And the pigs love it when the grass is long and tasty. grazing pigs

Sheila and TonTon.


grazing pigs, sheila

Sheila my darling pig. I must ask Federico to take a picture of me with her. For posterity though not posteriors. And also then you can see how tall she is.

grazing pig

If you want to get rid of the dogs tell them to go find Boo’s red ball.  Boo looks for it but Ton always finds it. Even if it takes half an hour – long after Boo has given up and is asleep under a tree -Ton will appear with the correct toy.  Then Boo will carry it about for another couple of days before losing it again.

dog and kong

Last night as I was finishing up the milking I heard the tinkle of little bells with a descant of deep grunting and within a couple of seconds two goat noses and one Tane pig nose were pushing under the milking shed gate. Nosing about – literally. Somehow the goats  had convinced Tane to use his considerable bulk and push their gate open.  I need to rethink that pathetic string arrangement .

Hazel. Posing as usual.

pregnant kunekune

Yesterday Tima was having a Not Looking Pregnant day. Until she sits down, then her belly spreads like the blubber of fat lazy old sea lion on a beach.  Don’t tell her I said that.

It was an ordinary and lovely day yesterday.

I hope you have a lovely ordinary day.

Your friend on the farm


PS I was strolling through the archives last night  – here are a few old posts from this day. May 16. An ordinary day.





26 Comments on “Grazing pigs

  1. Do ask Federico to take the picture – it’s hard to tell how tall Sheila is next to TonTon lying in the grass 😉

  2. The best ice cream I’ve ever had is rhubarb and ginger – organic, of course. Have you tried that combo, Miss C?

  3. What a crying shame you didn’t have Camera House with you to capture the noses whiffling under the gate. It’s such a funny image to imagine! Poor huge Tima and her baby belly. Not surprised she’s getting the weight off her trotters as often as possible.

  4. Dogs love those Kong toys, great for hiding treats or pills in treats in them too. Great to see Sheila grazing in the sunshine again. Laura

  5. A photo of you and Sheila would be lovely to see. Everyone looks so happy on your farm. Don’t you just laugh when people tell you dogs don’t know what you are saying. When you talk to the animals long enough, I thing they all understand more than we give them credit for.

      • It would/will be such good fun for both of you. You could, for example, gather in one pile some/all of the toys of which Ton knows the name, plus one new toy Ton has not seen before. Then you send Ton to bring the new toy from the pile, saying the name Ton has never heard before. He will bring it to you, thanks to his B.C. powers of deduction… 🙂

  6. I love ordinary days and today is one of them. Enjoy your day and yes I would like to see a photo of you and Sheila.

  7. Pins and needles with Tima. Are you going to come out the barn one morning and find a litter of piglets? What a joyous surprise that will be!

  8. Enjoyed the archives. Miss the sheep. Can’t help it. Tilly who said I’m a girl, Miss C!

  9. Oh do have that photo taken!! A treasured photo that FD took of Daisy watching over me is probably the photo I treasure most in my life. Both of us laying in the grass in the deer pen – I fell asleep on an old chair cushion about 3 feet from fawn Daisy deer, and she lay awake watching over her mother. Daisy has always been an angel of the woodlands. I feel this same connection with you and Sheila… you understand each other – the deepest sort of friendship.

  10. Thank you for the nudge towards the archibes: I’d no idea I’d been around here so long!

    That Tonton is a wonder, and you are a Doctor Doolitle.

    Ordinary days are good and often turn out to be the best.

  11. Sheila is such a big girl and I don’t mean fat. What breed is she? We use to raise Durocks…a big red pig from Oklahoma. They were really big and so gentle, our boar got up to 650 lbs. & our sows were around 450 lbs. But not fat at all, my parents were very adamant about that not happening. Anyway, so lush and green there, just gorgeous. Have a lovely one.

  12. Bonus post for me today! I missed May 16, 2014 probably as it was my youngest sister’s wedding day 🙂 Which was quite lovely, but I do love Ordinary days. Where the right things get done. At the right pace. In the right amount of time.

  13. Sheila looks very happy and smiling to be outside again. It looks like she has a few bald patches – is this normal after inter or is it just part of piggy middle-agedness?

  14. Oh, dear. You’ll have to keep the computer away from Miss Tima, for surely she will try to read the blog. Ton will be well-hidden soon in the tall grass.

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