Calendar on Sale

I have finished the calendar this second. And I have just discovered a CYBER sale on the site that prints it. Otherwise it is just getting too expensive. The SALE is for today and tomorrow and is significant. 55% off. 

If you want to take advantage of this – Send me an email with your email address in the body of the mail so I can quickly copy and paste and add you as a contributor.  And then give you the password by return mail. The site is Mixbook.

This might take you to my page.  So you can have a look. I think.

My email address is

Then within the next 24 hours pop in and order your calendar. I will go back to working on the little book – almost finished and hopefully you can take advantage of the same sale for that!

Use the code CYBER15 in the coupon portion on the cart page to get your discount.

Now, if you miss out on this sale watch Mixbook – they are always having sales.

OK, I am publishing this fast so you can choose whether to take this opportunity – no worries if not. I make these calendars for my family anyway and you are welcome to one if you want one. I make no money from the sale.


Oh and please just order, don’t adjust anything.








12 Comments on “Calendar on Sale

  1. I’ll order and pay online, but will you still bring it by hand instead of mailing it, please, please? That way I can get it autographed.

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