Pronounced Tahnay. Tane Mahuta is my small kunekune boar.  He has a Maori name – from my homeland New Zealand.  Like many ancient cultures the Maori culture had many gods, Tane is the God of the forests and birds. (Though in New Zealand we call the forests the BUSH). The word also means boy or man. Tane was the God who pushed sky and earth apart to let light into the world. His trees hold the sky UP.  We have few birds here on the praires and no forests close by – maybe this is why Tane has not thrived.

But Tane my little kunekune boar still has the twinkliest eyes. His spine and hips have let him down and he has devised an awkward but springy way of getting about. He will not put leg number four on the ground at all. And hops his body up with Leg Number Three. Sometimes balancing on his two front feet when he is eating.

The latest anti inflammatories have not changed much though it is still early days.  When  he sees me coming out with half a banana (containing his pills) he has quickly learnt to open his mouth wide, wide.  And he has a dramatic mouth when wide, like a sharks but with four tusks.

I am not sure how much of his walk is not habit though, it is hard to tell.



Then yesterday I saw him laying down with his head in the bowl finishing his dinner.  But he looked so sweet doing it that I could not feel bad for him.

But he is a worry.


He seems better when it is cooler.  I am looking for a few old duvets to put in their bed or maybe a really big dog bed – I might put a note on the grocery store board to find a second hand one. It will need to fit two little pigs. It will help him to have more softness to sleep on.  The straw seems to move out from under them as they root down at night.

Geraldine still follows me everywhere with her soft clucking. A very persistent pea hen.


The cows are still showing no signs of dropping their production so  I have begun training John to milk the cows.  He was reluctant at first as this is not his department at all and he still has memories of being kicked by Daisy when she was sick. But I am going to Canada for Christmas with my son and will be away five days so he will have to milk the cows while I am gone.  The good thing is that these cows have been managed by different farm students all through the summer so they have no problems being milked by beginners. They are there for the food!

By mid December he will be feeling more confident.

Today we say Goodbye to Gayle one of the Fellowship of the Farmy . She was always kind and chatty and flitted down through the comments with a kind word for many. I know nothing of her death nor should I and thank you to the readers who alerted us to her passing yesterday – she died on Friday.

When Viv died I was so shocked that I asked for no comments. I made a mistake, and I regret writing that – we must all have a chance to speak if we want to and say goodbye to Gayle who I did not know in the real world but was touched by her kindness here in the cyber world.

Thank you Gayle for being a part of our team and God Bless. I hope you bump into Viv up there in the World of Spirits.  We miss you both.

I hope you have a lovely day.



39 Comments on “Tane

  1. poor Tane. he manages but l still feel sorry for him. John to milk cows..l bet thats a laugh l do hope that none of your family were injured or suffered damage as a result of earthquake. love you all

  2. Animals are quite resilient. Often we do not see real decline until the pain or situation becomes unbearable. I hope you find just the right bedding for winter comfort.
    Good luck to John… taking on new challenges that are not one’s niche often have hidden meaning. I’ve grumbled about a few problem tasks in the past, only to find a gift in the accomplishment that I had not expected. I hope this is the case for John. 🙂

  3. Tane looks so cute laying down with his bowl. So sorry to hear about Gayle, my thoughts go out to her family and friends. I still miss seeing Viv’s comments, as will miss Gayle’s.

  4. Sorry to hear about Gayle. She always seemed so cheerful. Also sorry to hear that Tane’s new meds are not making any improvements. He looks like he is a sweet little bugger! There is always something to worry about on a farm.

  5. I think getting something soft & warm under Tane will certainly help hTane if he has pain. I wish the cute little guy the best health & longest life he can have. I wish John well with his holiday milking adventures. And hope with Patrecia that everyone you know was not in the earthquake’s destruction zone. And lastly I remember Gayle for the warmth of her comments. I thought perhaps she was a kinswoman of yours for she always signed withe Love from Your Gayle. I do know your blog brought her great pleasure. You & your Farmy & all that dwell therein send gifts out to the wide real world. Especially in this season of Thanksgiving, we are thankful for you.

  6. Tane is very sweet with his face in his bowl. Reminds me of my girls when they were little. They would eat with sleepy eyes, then flop over asleep in their dinner dishes.

  7. I worried when I saw Tane as the title for today’s post. He is such a sweet pig, and knowing that sentient beings, human or animal, are not well, and struggling, is so hard.
    And the news of Gayle’s passing is hard as well, as she always had kind, loving comments, and I felt her a friend, just as I do the rest of the farmy fellowship. I love the idea of The Daily Cure about the farmy fellowship having an afterlife! What a splendid, hopeful thought!!!
    And lastly, how wonderful that you will be spending Christmas with your son and family in Canada! No doubt John will miss you, but as farmers, one must always stay and mind the farm so that the other may travel. xo

  8. RIP Gayle!
    Christmas in Canada sounds wonderful. Of course I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting Canada, but traveling anywhere always sounds wonderful to me 🙂

  9. Thats sad news about Gayle she was always so cheerful. My sympathies for her family and friends. Poor Tane I’m sure you will do the best for him, and as long as he is eating I’m sure he doesn’t feel too bad, but a nice comfy bed is a good idea.

  10. Sad news about Gayle. I think your blog bought her great pleasure. Poor Tane. My little pup Alfi had a big op on his rear leg a few weeks ago and immediately after, I started adding a cumin paste to his food (and I’m taking it too!). It’s supposedly good for all sorts of things and has anti inflammatory properties. The vet is astounded at how quickly he’s recuperating and back on his four paws…do you think it would help a piggy? One cup of organic cumin powder warmed with half a cup of water until it thickens, then stir in a quarter cup of olive oil or coconut oil and about 2 heaped teaspoons of freshly ground black pepper (this makes it more effective and stops it just passing straight through the body). About a teaspoon a day for 10kg dog. Keeps in the fridge for a couple of weeks.

    • I was recently given this recipe but using Tumeric powder – excuse my ignorance but are Cumin and Tumeric the same/same family? Laura

      • Oh, just today I made this mix for myself as I’ve caught a bad cold. I regularly paste it with honey and this time I added a bit of grated ginger and some lemon zest. I have it like a cup of tea or together with my mix of water-vinegar-healing earth. Hope it helps soon…

      • I have a bottle of turmeric ready to go for him. In fact I have been dipping into it myself and the results are stunning! We have to finish the course of anti inflam,’s first. If he improves I need to know why! c

  11. I so love the idea of the Farmy being able to continue after we are gone. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

    Tane is very charming ! I would love to pet his stiff little bristles! I hope everything starts to come together for him.


  12. Gayle had reached out to me when you were having a quiet day and she was wondering what had happened to you. She cared deeply about your well being. She seemed a lovely, kind person. I’m so sorry to hear but thank you for the information. I’m also sorry to hear Tane is not getting relief from his hip pain. It’s quite hard when the body is chronically in pain. I’m glad you have found a way to work things out so you get to be with your family at Christmas. Can’t wait to get the details on John’s milking adventures later. 🙂

  13. I reckon Viv is hovering around the Pearly Gates, waiting for new friends to arrive so she can take them in hand and show them around, and then catch up with the Farmy news! Farewell, Gayle, always a cheerful voice in the Lounge of comments.
    Tane is a lovely boy, and a clever one for finding his own accommodation with the pain.

  14. Farewell Gayle … RIP.

    There used to be a time that you had to wait for John to come home before you could milk Lady A. I am sure they will both be fine for 5 days. Laura

  15. Fly free the mortal coil, Gayle. Have a grand time witn Viv. I’m sure the two of you will have lots to talk about. I’ll miss Gayle’s loving comments, she even popped over to my blog a couple times.
    Love the pics of Tane and I hope his meds will kick in or that something else will be found to give him some comfort. I know there are orthopedic foam beds for dogs and in various sizes, maybe someone has a used one they no longer need.
    Enjoy the lovely weather.

  16. I feel Gayle and Viv keep a weather eye on the Farmy now, and are forming their own supportive lounge of comments. Sweet Tane….

  17. I too enjoyed Gayle’s down-to-earth comments, her questionings, and her quizzical, forthright smile. When I went back and looked, it pleased me to find that she saw herself as a lifetime “maker”; e.g.,

    “When I was 41 I had a fling with Legos and made houses, each taking 4-5 hours to make, without any directions, just out of my head, and central to all this I’ve had a love affair with beads which now is resurrected once again.”

    May Gayle the homey artist and lounge friend live on around the farmy.

  18. RIP Gayle, fly free. If you cannot find a duvet perhaps one of the secondhand stores might have sleeping bags. I used to use those for my dogs until I had one that enjoyed shredding them! I also have an old one I cover Percy with when it gets mightily cold.

  19. Thank you for all of your kind comments about ‘my’ Gayle. I’ve known her for years and, in fact, she’s the one who introduced me to the wonders of this farmy’s blog. Your comments are easing to my heart!

  20. awww sweet lovable Tane- and I did not know Gayle- but reading your and others comments- I know she was a sweet woman. My husband here hears me rave about you and your farmy every day and we are thinking about coming out next summer and helping for a week or so- how would we arrange this? Big hugs all round the farm- especially for you and John!

  21. Where in Canada will you be going for Christmas? That’s exciting! And to spend Christmas with your son will be soo wonderful. I’m heading down to the Philadelphia area for Thanksgiving, with a little stop both ‘coming and going’ at our house in the Pocono mountains. I’ll be bringing my sewing machine with me because (as I’ve been informed) new curtains are needed both at my son’s house AND at the Pocono house.

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