Feeding Time

Feeding a big group of pigs is like merging onto a motorway full of fast moving trucks whose drivers got their licenses from the dodge-ems at a fair. And all the drivers are half crazed with thirst and my truck is carrying the beer!

Happy pigs.


My friend Kristy (eatplayloveblog) had Camera House yesterday and was able to catch a little of this frenzy on camera for you.


I am carrying  5 gallon buckets of warm porridge.  Their favourite! But I am awkward and they profess to be starving. So I am careful.


They quickly settle down to scoffing and coughing.  PIGS, the lot of them.

Tane getting his egg of the evening.




I hope you have a lovely day.


44 thoughts

  1. These days we only raise a few pigs at a time – even at that – I toss a couple of blocks of frozen homemade cream cheese some distance away (or eggs if I’ve any to spare) and then I’m able to feed in relative safety 😊

  2. what a lovely life..being a pig at the farmy..with porridge all over your face ..HE! he!  

    Sent: Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 2:42 PM

  3. I can appreciate what is involved here. I only have two Hereford pigs that are about 60 pounds each, and it is still challenging to feed them. I give them lots of milk from my cow, and I get very frustrated if the pigs waste it by knocking me over in their wild enthusiasm! My new and best strategy is to lock them in their pen in the evening, and then have their food waiting outside when they go out in the morning. In the evening, I sneak their food in their pen while they are preoccupied outside, and then call them to let them know dinner is ready. I then lock them in for the night while they are happily eating. I also feed them lunch, but I don’t have milk then, so it is not so upsetting if a little food is knocked about.

    • That is an excellent strategy. When I oly have a few I have a piece of fence that is higher than the rest and i can fit bowls under it – then pour the food in from my side and they eat it on theirs. but this mob is just too big!

  4. Hahaha… the pig frenzy is wonderful! And I agree, the porridge shower is a wonderful shot with the frenzy looking perfectly ecstatic. Such happy animals. You must feel very satisfied with your day’s work when you know your crew are so happy and comfortable. And may you have such a happy outlook too! ~ Mame 🙂

  5. You should have the carpenter in your life build you a pig trough. A heavy unmovable structure that sits just the other side of a fence, so you can shower their upturned faces with porridge from relative safety. I fear that some icy early winters day, you may fall and hurt more than your ego. Although the opportunity of dancing with a mob of gigantic happy piglets does look like an absolutly delight.

  6. If a rowdy bunch of pigs is not called a mob, it should be! LOL! Be careful though! I think the idea of pouring the bucket of oats over the fence into a trough of some kind sounds like a VERY good idea! Do all Kune Kune piggies have those tusks that stick out sideways from their mouths and if so, what is their purpose? They can’t possible chew anything with them, can they? Maybe for rooting in the dirt? Too funny! Tane looks like a little Ewok!

    • Kune’s don’t root up the fields so I would say the tusks are for fighting – if a pig wants to hurt you he will generally hit his adversary with the side of his head- with tusks he can take a chunk out at the same time. But he has four tusks – i have not seen this before… c

  7. Thank you thank you for my favorite picture: feeding an intact egg whole to a pig. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that a pig can digest an egg, shell and all!
    All of your photos today are absolutely spectacular. Spectacular! Those pigs ganging up on you and each other is one for the books and so is that shower of porridge! Love love love ’em!

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