Tiny little blip things happened here on the farm yesterday. Things that have no impact on the world like the ones we read about in the news. But there you are. We live on if we are given the chance. And our lives by their very nature are small which is a good thing. I am glad of it.  Glad not to be news. 

I lost the card on my camera, yesterday.  The little card which comes in and out of the camera every day that I put it in the computer to be read and it is never lost, but it is lost.  So these images are on my phone.

I did so many dumb things yesterday but will report only two lest you spill your coffee trying to drink and laugh at me at the same time. IMG_1147

I carry two buckets of feed out to the pigs but can only empty one at a time (the big feeder pigs have a sole purpose in life of practising the perfect shove, the one that will topple me and their feed)  so carrying two buckets of feed in there would be silly –  I place the second bucket up high in the corridor paddock, out of the way of the parade of pigs and dogs and cats and calf who follow me everywhere and the feeder pigs who are squawling and smashing stuff trying to get to the feed.

Yesterday, I went to put a bucket of warm pig porridge (their feed soaked in warm milk) on top of the fence post. I do this every day four times a day. So, holding the one bucket in my left hand above the noses of the noisies, I lift the other bucket, in my right  hand, far above me and place it on a high fence post. The Brown Bobby and Tima and Tane watch me doing this excitedly because they too are after that bucket.  I choose a high fence post so the Bobby cannot reach the food, he would (and has) knocked it off to share with and Tima and Tane, his room-mates.

Of course I am lifting the bucket with the handle so i need to get the heavy pail far above the wide telegraph pole fence post before placing the bucket of warm mash on it’s level surface to  wait.  Let me remind you again that I do this often, it is a well practised precise swing up and onto the post. Perfectly timed over the years, The swing of its weight, the step, stretch the body up, the slight push and down. It is heavy too by the way. Yet, yesterday,  the handle swung too far, the bucket was a little too full, it slid sideways, balanced, lost its balance then clipped the poll, instead of going above it the bucket tipped like the tiny little teapot short and stout. Spilling, cascading really.  Feed going everywhere. And as I was reaching up with my mouth slightly open in concentration, and the top of the pole was up above my head – I got a mouth full of lovely porridge (very tasty by the way) and then (with no spare hand to stop it) the mouth of the bucket tipped right down and mush  poured warm and slowly soppy cascading down my face and my neck and inside my clothing, running muckily down my body even reaching my legs and into my boot. Sigh.  Tima and Tane squealing in delight.

With one full bucket and one half full bucket I scuttled sideways away from my adoring fans, the big pigs clammering and screaming trying to climb the fence to get at the feed seeing my retreat in horror. Still holding my two buckets I leapt up onto the corner of the wobbly tin shack to regroup.

I was only halfway through the chores so there was nothing for it. I wiped my face off as best I could and continued. The bucket was lighter now and easy to swing back onto the fence post. I carried on. Slopping my way through the rest of the afternoons work as my milky porridgy clothes cooled into wet cold.

Later I took all my clothes off and put them in the washing machine, checking the pockets as I went, taking out knives and screwdrivers and caps and clasps and clips and scissors and string and no money. Into the washing machine they went and it was a good thirty minutes before I realised that I had not checked the top pocket where my iphone lives.

I rushed into the basement and stopped the wash and got the newly washed and rinsed and well-spun phone in its easy to see red case out from the bottom of the machine.

It was still working. Blinking sadly to me.  I took off the case and blow dried all the apertures (on cold), rested it standing up and waited for the boom to drop.

Yet, it is still working this morning. Fingers crossed.

I hope you have a lovely day.


WEATHER. Wet and warm.

Thursday 11/02 70% / 0.04 in
Cloudy with light rain developing this afternoon. Thunder possible. High 58F/14C. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 70%.

Thursday Night 11/02 60% / 0.02 in
Rain showers this evening with clearing overnight. Low 39F/3C. Winds N at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

7:25 am 5:47 pm
Waxing Gibbous, 96% visible 5:19 pm 5:18 am


40 Comments on “PORRIDGE

  1. Just the thought of that porridge cascading over you gives me the shivers–but I’m glad it was tasty. No laughter from me, just a sigh of relief that I’m not the only one who experiences mishaps of such proportions! Glad your phone was okay, too.

  2. Next time your phone (or other electronic device) gets wet, immediately open it up as best you can, ideally pull the battery out, and bury the pieces for 24+ hours in dry rice. This will help pull any moisture out.

    • It also means you get rice stuck in everything . These iPhone units are very well sealed. I cannot see where one could pull it apart at all. I have good iPhone insurance and everything is stored in the cloud. Not much of A problem anymore .

  3. Oh no! It’s a good job you weren’t in with Sheila and Poppy.
    The best thing (probably) for wet phones, memory sticks and laptops is immersion in rice – it draws the moisture out. It’s not 100% effective, but it does have a good success rate.
    If it helps (in future), you can connect your camera direct to the computer to read the SD card.

        • Yes- I do go through them- but I will get a cable too I think – might be more convenient – oh and the iPhone 7 Plus ( the phone I have) is advertised as wAter resistant – I guess I just gave it the ultimate test!

          • I just saw the USB cable for $1 on Amazon and a 32 GB SD card is about $12.99. You’ve definitely got the right phone!

            • It might just be mine, but one cable-connection caveat is that the uploading of images from camera to computer is significantly slower than direct-from-card when I do it. Naturally, I never tried the card method until I’d spent many hours with the cable method every time I documented rehearsals or went on an art-resource binge of photography. But at least both do work, and are less expensive than they were! Good to have both options, as you say. 🙂

  4. Oh my! What a day of misfortune. I’ll bet your Bobby would have happily and carefully licked all the warm oats off you.

  5. This just proves Miss C, that your animals eat VERY well since the pig breakfast was fit to be eaten by a human as well. Onward to less troublesome days I hope, but don’t you just hate it when you have those days where everything seems to go wrong.

  6. POUR-ridge pouring down… we’ve all been there at some time or other. Wishing that we could just take back the last tenth of a tenth of a second of time so the situation could be remedied, without needing to face the consequences of our actions AARRGGHH!! The good news is that it does get better and this too shall pass.

  7. Very descriptive. I can just imagine that gooey trickle down my neck. Bet your skin is soft and spa like. You could add that as a perk for your Airb&b. ‘Revitalizing oatmeal bath with every booking’. I also was hoping your memory card would show up in your turn out of your pockets. I hope for only good news and fair weather for you and the Farmy.

  8. *I now see that you have the new “waterproof” iPhone, so Awesome! I am SO glad you’ve got the new one (and it does sound amazing!: ) However, having already written it down, this procedure may still come in handy for someone else that doesn’t have a waterproof phone yet; ) so here’s what I wrote…
    After stripping the phone back to its original right-out-of-the-box state of nakedness, bury it in a full container of uncooked dry rice. (Not the “good-for-you”, whole grain kind of rice but the parboiled white “minute” rice that comes in a box). Then slap a lid on it for 24 hours and those moisture-sucking kernels will absorb any residual moisture that may have gotten into the guts of your phone – but passively – without actually pulling it apart and possibly causing more damage: )

    • But the whole “dripping down your neck”, cooling and then wearing it top to bottom for an indeterminate amount of time… Oh BLECK!! But then again, being fresh, whole milk and oatmeal, at least you got a bit of a snack; ) and Cleopatra never had a better soak, lol!

        • It’s next week already. Are you laughing? I am(but with you, not “at”). I really enjoyed reading this. I believe there is a poem in there. Let’s see.

    • As long as you keep in mind that by ‘stripping it down’ you have voided your warranty. Plus you must be careful not to allow rice to get into the port- it is rice sized and dry rice gets wedged in there very easily.

      • OMG, not at all what I meant! By “Out of the box” I meant the way it looked when you bought it. Brand New in the store…
        As you said, they’re not meant to be disassembled and Apple takes a very dim view of anyone trying… Not sure how it’d work for your water-resistant model, but most cell phones have a bit of litmus paper inside that reveal any exposure to water; and, as soon as that happens – barring any insurance on the phone – your warrantee is immediately void.

  9. I laughed, it was funny, and so well written I could’ve been there. I guess you’re lucky a pig or calf didn’t try to lick it all off you or chew on your clothes. 🙂

  10. Yuck! The oatmeal bath gives me the willies too . Thank god the new phone works! And and someone said above—this too shall pass. What a day you had!

  11. Yuck! The oatmeal bath gives me the willies too . Thank god the new phone works! And and someone said above—this too shall pass. What a day you had!

  12. Oh my what a day, but as someone else said, at least the bucket was full of poridge and not something nasty and smelly! 😀

  13. It could have been worse in that you didn’t fall down and get mobbed by the mob. I admit I did giggle a little bit. I would imagine that we have all had days like you had yesterday. I know I have. Keep calm and carry on. It sounds like you have quite an entourage as you go about your day. Now THAT would be a great picture!

  14. Oh my word you were lucky with that phone. My husband has lost two iPhones to water, once after accidentally dunking the phone in a rock pool he’d plunged into, once after it was in his cycling bag during heavy rain. I can imagine your shock when you realised!

  15. So lucky that phone is working. Or I suppose it’s not lucky but good engineering, but still – what an expensive thing that would have been, so I’m glad it’s working.

  16. What a saga, and told with maximum effect 🙂 It’s one of those ‘train wreck’ days, when you see the thing coming but are powerless to stop it. I’m glad all is well now.

  17. I am so glad you have a sense of humor….and that you feed pigs tasty porridge ! My favorite part is “jumping on the tin to regroup…” Its so
    true…,one must collect and review the circumstances !! A little shock to the system….recanoodling is a must !! The phone is a miracle..

    Welcome, November !

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