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The Beauty and the Rot

In nature often we will see perfect beauty sitting right next to rot. Good sitting hand in hand with Bad. This beautiful little butterfly sitting about with a bunch of flies sucking up sugary watermelon water from a rotton watermelon is an example.  We… Continue Reading “The Beauty and the Rot”


Every morning after he has fed the chickens Hugo hooks up the trailer to his beloved ride -on lawn mower, cuts about 30 – 40 stalks of sunflowers  and driving about the farm,  distributes them between the pigs and cows and meat chickens.  Like… Continue Reading “Sunflowery”

Scours in Calves

By late morning yesterday four of the five calves were scouring. Diarrhea. Bad. All except Difficult.  Here is what I know. Any loss of fluids needs to be replaced very fast or a small newly born animal like these calves will die.  The scouring… Continue Reading “Scours in Calves”