Celi Diet: Fall Coleslaw on a Gypsy Summer day

My other favourite snacky food to keep in the fridge, when I am on my self imposed “Watch the Body”(as opposed to watch your weight) Celi Diet, is the coleslaw. Little bowls of this is so good to snack on and sometimes I think that I could live on muesli and coleslaw quite comfortably if other members of the household did not desperately need variety.

Coleslaw by its very nature is made from calm cool CLEAN food. All fresh and clean. And sits comfortably with the mantra:

  • No Flour
  • No Sugar
  • No Rice
  • No Roots

We have lots of cabbages in the garden,  lovely crinkly green ones and the king of cabbages: the Mighty Red Cabbage.  You all know that cabbage is a super food. It is high in Vitamin C and Vitamin K which is the blood and bone vitamin. Cabbage is loaded with antioxidants (more than double in the red cabbage) and has fantastic detox properties. And there are these lovely rumours that it has fat burning abilities,  probably all the .. um.. flatulence.

As I walked about the gardens picking the greens for the coleslaw I saw all kinds of colour.  

The bees  are having the best time. Though there has been some robbing,  I witnessed a grueling bee fight yesterday evening, as one hive of bees attempted to eject the thieves and vagabonds who were out on a pillaging mission from a neighbouring hive. I guess their honey is better!


Now you all have your own favourite  coleslaw, I am sure.  So I shall merely list the ingredients in todays.  You will all know how much of what to put where. No carrots in this one this is the Celi Diet Version.

  • Green cabbage – finely shredded
  • Red cabbage- finely shredded
  • Red onion – sliced so it is transparent and roughly chopped
  • Nuts(or seeds)
  • Raisins
  • Homemade cheddar cheese- grated
  • Stalk of very finely sliced celery

The dressing has been adapted from my mothers recipe. (I am thinking of calling Mums recipes  The Retro Recipes, as they are all steeped in the sugary 70’s.)

Heat together:

  • 1/4 cup sugar (we are using 2 tablespoons of honey)
  • 1/2 cup  white vinegar (we will use cider)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

Then add

  • 1/3 cup salad oil (Peanut oil )
  • herbs of choice we are using  1tsp fresh thyme, parsley and 1 tsp fresh celeriac finely chopped

Whisk cool oil into hot vinegar and pour over coleslaw while still warm, toss and serve when chilled.

Mum usually made a big batch because she swore that this dressing made it last longer in the fridge. However this theory was never tested because we were massive eaters of coleslaw as kids.

We are still having the most gorgeous evenings and as the light is fading I have brought the candles out.

I took this shot yesterday because that Borage is such a good Do-er. It flowers early and just keeps on going.  The lavender is starting to flower again too.  The bees are having a blast with all of these flowers. 


79 Comments on “Celi Diet: Fall Coleslaw on a Gypsy Summer day

    • Have you still got some local honey? Go find that man again and get heaps more.. it does go with everything, and is a lovely healthy sweetener! c

  1. I made coleslaw the other evening with some red pepper as we had run out of carrots – and your garden is looking amazing 🙂

  2. Kudos to making a commitment to eating clean, I have recently decided to try to do the same. This coleslaw looks wonderful, I love red cabbage.

  3. Great idea to keep a bowl of this on hand for the munchies! I love to make a huge platter of sauteed cabbage and onions but your salad is better being all raw. Very healthy!

    • I love pan fried cabbage too, I make it with butter (of course) and sunflower seeds, onions are a great addition, maybe i will have that for lunch today!! c

  4. We’re great cole-slaw eaters here. Jock makes a big batch every so often, but I don’t like his dressing recipe, as he uses mustard, so once in a while I snitch some of his while it is still undressed. I like the sound of both your recipes, and have printed them to use. Thank you for a delight full post. (spelling intentional)

    • That is great ViV. John has a dressing recipe he usually uses and has refused to even taste my mums so far but last night he HAD to and he liked it. c

    • It is easy. put a couple of thise kids in the kitchen with knives to help with the chopping.. actually on second thoughts, maybe not! c

  5. Spectacular shot of the green crinkly cabbage! Coleslaw is one of the few veg dishes my husband loves, so we eat a lot of it. His constant favorite is a sweet and creamy one flavored with chopped pickled sushi ginger, which I vary sometimes with toasted sliced almonds, chopped apple or orange, sesame seeds, diced dried apricots, chopped pecans . . . it’s the ginger he’s addicted to, I think. I love almost any kind of coleslaw, but am content to stick with the ginger slaw if it gets Richard to eat his veggies! Your mother’s dressing sounds tempting too; I’ll probably do the honey version and just add ginger and see how that flies here!

    • Yours sounds amazing. I love it! I would never put sugar in a coleslaw what was my mother thinking?. and the fruit always sweetens it up anyway! One of those Slaws with everything is a whole meal I think! As you know I only drive into the town once every two weeks so we are at the short end of our ingredients this week!! c

  6. Look at those cabbages!
    I must confess, I buy all of mine from the farm down the road…the one year I tried to grow them, the grasshoppers ate them down to nothing…
    We do eat a lot of cabbage in the winter, but usually (lightly) cooked. Still haven’t found just the right dressing for slaw that makes us both happy…will give yours a go, and report back!

    • We have huge grasshoppers too, they strut about the garden like little people!. John just seems to have fluked a really good year for cabbages this year.. Daisy gets to eat them too! c

  7. Well, I officially have garden envy. Actually that’s on my bucket list… to have one:) And I love your presentation as well. I’m proud of you for eating such a restricted diet and keeping up with blogging. It’s time I did something as well, I know I’d feel more energy if I did:)

    • I know about the energy thing smidge. i am just starting to get mine back. I am just starting to pump up again. I don’t know how I let my diet get so stodgy i know it is not good for me.. c

  8. Oh, man I am so happy I bought that cabbage yesterday at the market, and glad you reminded me of it…as, I intend to make my Reuben Cole slaw to go with the hot pastrami, Swiss and rye…
    I’ll be a buzzing like those bees through the “Good Doer’s” though, my coleslaw ingredients probably wont fall under your list, or that category …oh well…it will be Good!!! lol
    Oh, I tried to get this posted sooner, but with this newer, yet slower computer, I’m really struggling to stay above water…no, I shouldn’t have used that term.. Here, just have a look, though being from New Zealand it’s probably old news to you.
    Bless You

  9. A lovely looking recipe, c! We use honey in our ‘slaw as well. (as we do for a lot of our sweetening needs) One of our local bee farmers just had their ‘pour’, and we got our years supply. Raw and unfiltered, the best way! 🙂

    • Yes, that is what i have in the cupboard too.. raw is the only way and you are so lucky to have your own bee man, at least you know it is actually honey! c

  10. That homemade dressing sounds fabulous! And look at all of that fresh cabbage. Just wonderful. I really need to get on this celi diet with you. I think it’s going to work quite well. 🙂

    • It works quickly anyway! And now i really need to get cooking instead of loafing about on the computer.. i am writing the story for tomorrow and i just get so involved when i am writing! c

  11. Oh there are holes in the cabbages alright , but they had good hearts!! We do get bugs though. i had to shake a spider out of a green one yesterday! I never spray or anything i think one of the secrets is successional planting c

  12. C – this looks HEAVENLY! I am a coleslaw fan (read: addict) and we have a head of organic napa in the fridge now. I will definitely try this!

    Your pictures are so lovely. Thank you for sharing. And thanks so much also for the warm birthday wishes. You’re too kind. 🙂

  13. I love cabbage and usually have some slaw in my fridge throughout the Summer. If I like your Mum’s dressing as much as I think I will, I’m going to regret not getting more honey last week from the Bee Man. Thanks, Celi, for another good recipe.

  14. How I love them… so delicious… And your photographs made me hungry now! With a wonderful recipes I am lost again, you are doing great series by these posts dear Cecilia, Thank you, with my love, nia

    • It is a lovely little life. i don’t have the travel you have though and i miss that.. all my travelling feels like another life! c

  15. Because I’m German if you say cabbage I say when! I could eat this everyday. 🙂

    Also you got a smile out of me with the photo of the Borage as Liz planted it this year in the garden this year and it’s just sitting there and flouring. I’ve wanted to rip it out, but Liz likes the flowers.

    • Tell Liz not to worry it doesn’t matter how often you rip it out it will grown again, its seeds are voracious (sp?), this is one of the reasons why i like it.. any plant that takes over and decides to do the gardening itself is all good in my book and then if the bees like it.. i am like Go for it! c

  16. Your garden looks so healthy and full of lovely things, my meagre pots are so very lacking.
    Colesalw in all it’s variations is always such a great salad to have in fridge ready to go.

    • You can grow lots of good plants in pots too though I guess Hippy. I bet you get some great salads out of them! c

  17. You’ve inspired me to dig out my friend from Coast Rica’s cabbage salad recipe. It used the juice of a sour orange (never seen them here, but have used lemon and lime juice with success).
    AND!!! I have not had any success with Borage since moving to Alabama. In California it grew with abandon, as if a weed, but not here! What’s the deal? I miss the loveliness in my herb bed. ~ Lynda

    • And Borage grows madly here Lynda, how weird, it even survives our outrageous winters. Maybe it is too hot? I would love to see your friends cabbage salad! c

      • Will do, but I have to try yours first… It looks divine and the colors are so beautiful! I also have to find her recipe… I seem to have misplaced it at the moment. Sorry, promise to send it ASAP when I do!
        ~ L

  18. I just LOVE cole slaw and with these fresh ingredients, your cole slaw looks amazing. I will definitely have to try your recipe and go tot he farmers market.

    • The farmers market should be heaving with cabbage and kale and all that good stuff, cold weather brassicas are dense with nutrients! For sure..Get thee to the farmers market! c

  19. Hi C. Super “munch” receipe. Never put on honey in coleslaw before. Will try this later. My museli munching days are numbered due to the ever increasing size of my bottom! Having said that I have also just seen your musesli receipe! There is no hope! Fab photos.
    Have a great weekend.
    Regards Florence x

    • Ah well it is good to know what you can and cannot eat though, you will have to have an egg for breakfast like me! c

  20. I never thought I’d say Wow at a picture of coleslaw, but I’m doing that now! Also Cecilia you’re a Celi diet Champion!

    • Oh Mel you are a darling.. I have eaten that all up too so now I have to back out into the garden, part the weeds and hunt for more!.. c

  21. Your garden looks just lovely, my little balcony pales in comparison. I’m very intrigued by your dressing, my ‘slaw has always been covered in mayo. This way looks much healthier!

  22. I am sure you grow all kinds of lovely stuff on your balcony, and yes I am very partial to mayo too but it is such a trial to make sometimes,(no processed food in little jars remember) so the oil is a lovely alternative esp with the honey! c

  23. holy cow I’m glad you commented on my blog which made me come over here to your blog. I now want to make everything I’ve seen your past several posts! I don’t have a garden, but that’s not going to stop me… yum!

  24. What do you do with the borage. In the past, it seems to have been a panacea: “borage for courage”—it cured unhappiness and “dullness”, gave you energy and got you out of your doldrums!

    • I use the tiny young leaves in salads and the flowers i freeze into blocks of ice to decorate drinks in the summer and they certainly are not dull. Interesting that it will cure the doldrums, maybe I should make a tea next time i feel weepy and see what happens! c

  25. I’m with the others here suffering from Borage Envy. I’ve been longing for the riotous growth of that rangy plant with the bluest of starry flowers and the wonderful cucumber-y taste, but can’t find them anywhere around here. I suspect it IS the heat that they can’t take. But I’m seriously thinking of finding some seeds online and trying to grow it indoors, because it’s such a favorite.

    • Oh do Kathyrn, and sow some outdoors as well you never know, it may just need an area that is not too hot though frankly we sit around a hundred for weeks and it does not fade at all..it will grow in the cracks in the paths!. I had to order the seeds online. c

  26. Lovely photos as always – we are picking little bits of veggies still from our back garden and enjoying them with our meals, though they won’t last much longer now the days are getting shorter. 🙂

    • In know Joanna .. i can still drag a meal out of the garden but we really are getting down to the last of it. c

  27. I think this is a fabulous recipe (and from all the comments, so does everyone else). Love the photos and I think serving it in those beautiful glasses must have made it taste even better…if that was possible 🙂

  28. Great pictures, great recipe. We use olive oil, mustard, horseradish and rice vinegar for our cole-slaw dressing (no sugar) and add sunflower seeds, artichoke hearts, onions, flax seeds and sometimes julienned carrots. Cole slaw makes a great snack and red cabbage is so healthy!

    • Hi there. You are right about the red cabbage it is even more of a superfood that regular cabbage! artichoke hearts sound like a great addition i will try that.. c

  29. This is a great recipe…sounds delicious and will add it to my book of good things to do with cabbage…no, that’s not the title and the book is just collected recipes…but, come to think of it, that would be a good title! Ha!Ha!

  30. Celi, I am beginning to think that your could make anything look delicious. The only cole slaw in my past is the mayo soaked stuff that Delis use as side dishes. Thanks for the real kind that is nutritious and a bunch of other good “ishes.”

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