Celi Diet: Meatballs on Silverbeet.

I am very lucky to have grass fed, grain free beef  from my own paddocks in my own freezer. Grass fed beef is naturally lower in fat. GE/GM free. Carries up to 400 times more Vitamin A and E. It has two to four times more of that heart healthy Omega 3.  It is disease and chemical free. What more could you ask for?

Today I made meatballs with a fresh tomato sauce, served on a bed of sauteed silverbeet. This entire meal is from the kitchensgarden and fields. So it is very fresh and the nutrients and especially Vitamin C are at their peak.  To absorb the iron from the silverbeet and the beef you need to have some Vitamin C in your meal as well.


Chop finely in food processer

  • 1 large onion
  • 1 handful cilantro
  • 1 handful basil
  • 1 small chilli
  • 1 capsicum
  • Add this to 2 pounds of ground beef with 2 small eggs. Mix together well.  Scoop up small portions of meat mixture, shape and roll in flax seed flour.  
  • Oven bake in a little olive oil or butter until browned and cooked, turning once.

Tomato Sauce

Meanwhile cut up  and cook together with a little olive oil

  • 6 peeled and chopped tomatoes,
  • a sliced onion,
  • a fennel bulb,
  • fresh herbs and seasoning
  • While this cooks: scorch  the last big shiny eggplant from the garden over a flame until the skin is crackly and the inside is soft and mushy.
  •  Once the tomato mixture is cooked down enough, (about 30-40 minutes) mix in the peeled eggplant then blend in batches creating a lovely fresh thickened sauce. Pour over meatballs and cook for about 10 minutes. 


Wash silverbeet, spinach or swiss chard and roll up like an enormous cigar. Then cut into thin strips. 
Heat about 1/4 cup of olive oil and a little chilli in a wok. When oil is smoking add all the silverbeet carefully. With two forks toss freqently until reduced.  Not soggy though. Add a handful of toasted sunflower seeds during the last few minutes.
Serve outside on the long barn door table as the sun is setting.  And absorb that wonderful quality of autumnal stillness that accompanies the sweet rustle of dried corn, and falling leaves.  Just feel that peace seeping across the still warm fields.
Have fun.

56 Comments on “Celi Diet: Meatballs on Silverbeet.

    • Silver beet is a big cold weather leafy green, it is called swiss chard in the U.S. Today i shall post a shot of it in the ground maybe you will recognise it then! c

  1. May I come to dinner tonight to you? This is so delicious, how smelling… I can feel… I loved this menu. In our food culture we have this silverbeet and we make a lot of things with them. And also meatballs too. But I haven’t eaten something like yours before. It seems so delicious, and very beautiful, I mean in a plate, standing so artistic too. You are great cooker dear Cecilia, I am talking to my husband to move where you are and to be your neighbour! Thank you beautiful lady, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

    • Thank you nia, what else do you make with your silverbeet. i love it and am always looking for new recipes for it.. c

      • Dear Cecilia, there are so different recipes with silver beets… If you open on Google and to search for this (especially for images) “Pazı Tarifleri” image… you can see so many different recipes’ pictures… I try to find in English, but let me know, what is interesting for you, you can send me to my e-mail address the picture and I can translate for you. You are welcome, with my love, nia

  2. This really does sound good! Love that you’ve added eggplant & chard; never can get enough of ’em. We are so lucky right now to be able to eat outdoors for a few more days. Such a pretty time of the year to do so.

    • The weather is just stunning John isn’t it.. I cannot stay inside! So many of the plants are flowering again and the fall garden is great this year.. I bet Evanston farmers market is packed with good stuff! c

    • oops, sorry, thank you for pointing that out Miss T, a capsicum is what you call a sweet pepper, i will pop a shot of that in as well for tomorrow as i am taking the camera into the garden soon.. c

    • Cilantro is called coriander in Europe i think, though coriander usually refers to the dried seed. You could sub in flat leafed parsley if you have that. Flax seed flour is sometimes called flax seed meal and should be in the bakers section, with the wheat germ and bran. If I don’t have it on hand I sometimes just roll the meatballs in flax seed, it gives a nice crunchy texture to the balls! I just took a shot of coriander in the garden i will post that tomorrow too.. you guys are writing tomorrows post for me! great! c

      • Coriander I have – in my herb patch, and I use the leaves as much as the seeds. flax seeds I can get – and put them in my meusli, but I’ve never come across the meal. Thanks for all the information.

        I have all the hat templates ready for when you tell me where to send them.

  3. We are pretty lucky really with a little determination thrown in. i just can’t eat meat without knowing its origins. Staying in the countryside in England spoilt me, with their darling little butchers and local dairy’s. You can look and see where your food has come from! c

  4. Wow, I just got instantly hungry looking at those meatballs! I’ve never put fennel in my sauce before; I’ll have to give it a try!!

    • Just a little fennel goes a long way. I love fennel and that was the last of the bulbs from the garden! (sad face) c

  5. Absolutely spectacular. I LOVE the idea of using the roasted eggplant for texture and flavor in the sauce (never thought of using it that way) and the coating of flax meal on the meatballs is inspired, too. And I can never get enough chard. That one’s tricky here, since my spouse it not too keen on more than a tiny few varieties of green veg. Even herbs are dangerous ground, but I can slip some into something cooked down like this, so . . . . Anyway, to sum up: YUMMY. Will take inspiration here for sure!

    • Awesome kathryn.. also the eggplant thickened the sauce very nicely! You are right the blended ‘red sauce’ is a perfect way to slip in some good veg! c

  6. KIAORA,,,,we live in Ireland and live a similar life to you, isnt it great? We do our best and hope our best is good enough!! If people like us keep doing what we’re doing maybe the earth will stand a chance. The meatballs look devine,,, what time do you want us round?

  7. I happened to purchase some grass-fed organic ground beef once, and it made the most flavorful and tender burgers I’d ever tasted. Your post reminded me to get some more soon!

    • It is good isn’t it, you can really taste the beef. But so expensive and out here i cannot even find it to buy, so i have to grow it! c

  8. Had to look up silverbeet to find that it’s Mangold in German.
    Interesting how it turned from silver to gold.

    • I really think Diets should be fun, and the barn door table seats piles of people! Though i did make it myself and it is a bit rickety! c

  9. Oh my.. I feel like these meatballs are speaking to me and telling me to make it lol. Although I’m allergic to the acidity to tomatoes, I would definitely bowl down that sauce and make this dish. Beautiful Miss C

    • I would surely starve to death over there then. Once I decided only to eat fresh and clean you did limit ymy choices. I am just so lucky to have a few acres to grow what we eat! c

  10. Oh I know what you mean, that is the last of my eggplants too, I have a couple of long green thai ones there, but I love the big fat aubergines.. c

  11. I’m signing up to buy a share of meat from a local farm. Their meet is hormone free, but now I want to ask if it is grass fed. I’ve heard people say you can taste a difference, is this true??

    • Oh definitely Murphy. Grass fed and corn free has an actual meat taste! Plus because their lives have more movement and less stress the meat though a deeper red due to lack of fat, has a lighter taste. mm. I will have to think about it, taste is hard to describe. Also if a beast has been eating grass there is a Huge lack of nasties in its gut, so I guess you could call the meat a bit sweeter, less acidic.. Well to answer your question yes we can taste the difference. However it will be a steak not jelly meat so be prepared for a little more chew.

  12. That meatballs looks lovely, I never had tried serving it this way. The only way we use silverbeet is with soups, now you gave me a wonderful idea of sauteeing it

  13. Might have to give this one a try! Minus the cilantro … “Love it or hate it, there is no in between.” I definitely don’t love it 😆)

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