Tag: raising piglets

Your skeleton

Look at your skeleton.  Lucky we are to have one. Have you ever looked at your fingers, felt around them, pushing the skin about, worrying at the bones laying there under your skin. Like a bone person living within you? Harder yet gentler. Have you… Continue Reading “Your skeleton”

The Creep

In the piglets farrowing chamber there are two creeps. A creep is a space that only the baby animal can enter. both these creeps have plenty of dry straw and a warm light. Molly’s piglets decided to make their own. They found a space… Continue Reading “The Creep”

You would think Sheila could have washed her face

Before she introduced herself to the piglets. But, oh no. She has to go out of her way to terrify them! I let her into the pen next door because it has a delicious muddy wallow. So she rolled and wriggled deep into the mud… Continue Reading “You would think Sheila could have washed her face”