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The Local Dairy, the Bus Stop and a Cafe – all on our morning walk!

This is my new walking companion. His name is Mahia.  For lunch yesterday I raided the fridge for a  few of my favourite New Zealand ingredients.   Look at the colour of that butter! That cow has been on some good grass. Armed with… Continue Reading “The Local Dairy, the Bus Stop and a Cafe – all on our morning walk!”

New Zealand Travel

Yesterday I arrived in Wellington via Auckland.  Safe and sound.  This is home. I was collected by my sons and we all gathered for a bakery lunch.  We feasted on steak and cheese pies,  deep fried lasagne squares, filled rolls and sausage rolls, doughnuts… Continue Reading “New Zealand Travel”

Bye Bye Now Farmy

Have you ever seen a pig wave her little trotter, smiling weakly? The image wants me to add a  white glove and a tearful well made-up eye;  a sobbing Daisy and desolate Queenie, standing looking all forlorn. At the very least a heart broken… Continue Reading “Bye Bye Now Farmy”

Please Mrs – Don’t Eat me!

Look at the kittens face, silently begging the chook not to take a bite. I have been packing. I hauled my silver suitcase out to the barn and weighed it on the feed scales. And I am just under the allowed 50 pounds.  So… Continue Reading “Please Mrs – Don’t Eat me!”

Find a Man we would shout and laugh like drains!

I can’t decide whether this shot is utilitarian or beautiful.  I love the lines of colour as the corn comes out.  When we were kids we had a babysitter. Her name was Pat.  And she was perfect. She was a 60’s girl.  Once my… Continue Reading “Find a Man we would shout and laugh like drains!”

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig

We rose at 3.15 am  California time and began the pressure cooker air travel race to reach The Prairies  by 6.30 pm.  Travelling is all about waiting, interminable waiting, interspersed with wild spurts of frantic power walking navigating literally MILES of corridors to find… Continue Reading “Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig”

Go West Young Man

Actually it is me who is going out West.  On Wednesday.  The Matriarch and I (in my favourite  role as the Handmaiden) are flying out to California to attend  her eldest son’s wedding and  then I am sloping off to visit my son and… Continue Reading “Go West Young Man”

New Zealand Week: Fish ‘n’ Chips In honour of the rugby WIN.

OK It is possible that in the far away or near future, you may take it upon yourself to go to New Zealand to visit. Mainly because we have the best rugby team in the WORLD!  In that case you are going to need… Continue Reading “New Zealand Week: Fish ‘n’ Chips In honour of the rugby WIN.”

My grandmother made wild rabbit stew.

My grandfather, who we called Pa,  loved rabbit stew.  He had been a rabbiter in the Great Depression.  After losing his trucking business, this was how he fed his family. He took his rifles, his old truck, his ammo and his dogs and drove… Continue Reading “My grandmother made wild rabbit stew.”

my italian housekeeper

The story of my Italian Housekeeper. When I worked in Italy, years ago, we rented an enormous house on the Amalfi Coast, very close to Amalfi, right on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Mediterannian.  It had six terraces, with heavy marble tables… Continue Reading “my italian housekeeper”