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Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips on the Beach. Nothing better on a beachy sunny day. Today we drive off into the country to set up the venue for Senior sons wedding. Lots to do yet! Life is good. Love your friend, celi        

Champagne with Fish and Chips on the Waterfront

Wellington Harbour was the most beautiful sight yesterday.  You can walk for a quite some time around the old port area and it is heaving with eateries,  locals, tourists, runners and business men on suspiciously long lunches. The usual business of a working port… Continue Reading “Champagne with Fish and Chips on the Waterfront”

New Zealand Week: Fish ‘n’ Chips In honour of the rugby WIN.

OK It is possible that in the far away or near future, you may take it upon yourself to go to New Zealand to visit. Mainly because we have the best rugby team in the WORLD!  In that case you are going to need… Continue Reading “New Zealand Week: Fish ‘n’ Chips In honour of the rugby WIN.”