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Much of the mantle of being grown-up is trying to establish some kind of order into a fluid and unpredictable, chaotic world. The world is full of streams we thoughtlessly and quite naturally push against. Wind, cold, water, weeds, muddle, mess, dirt, hunger, aging,… Continue Reading “ORDER”

Elsie The Wild

I have decided not to try and milk Elsie again. She got progressively worse each time I tried and both of us ended up scraped and sore. (Me flinging myself totally across the room to miss a right cut to my jaw). I could not even get the… Continue Reading “Elsie The Wild”


Yesterday Allison from Red Door Coop arrived in the afternoon. She is here for a week on a farmy farm stay. I had had a busy day, getting ready for Alison, editing the latest format of The Letters,  Queenie and her Flerd were in Pats… Continue Reading “Daisy”