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Tane Mahuta

Yesterday Tane Mahuta was loaded into Kim’s car and off we went to the vet. Thank Goodness for Kim and her car.  After another 79 dollars we discovered that he has thrown his hip out a bit and developed a secondary infection. He  has a temperature… Continue Reading “Tane Mahuta”

The Speed of Light

The speed of light is not very fast. Not when you are IN IT! Yesterday I was at the speed of light. Warp speed. Bendy tree speed.  Hair blown straight speed. Dealing with Well Guys (Broken Well out at the West Barn) who then… Continue Reading “The Speed of Light”


Yesterday Allison from Red Door Coop arrived in the afternoon. She is here for a week on a farmy farm stay. I had had a busy day, getting ready for Alison, editing the latest format of The Letters,  Queenie and her Flerd were in Pats… Continue Reading “Daisy”

Charlotte begins her Slow Recovery. Because I said so.

Yesterday, I called the vet to talk about The Shush Sister Charlotte, who is still walking very wonkily.  And not often. She lists to the side like a sinking container ship.  But the vet was out for the day and would not be back… Continue Reading “Charlotte begins her Slow Recovery. Because I said so.”

Charlotte not much improved: vet today.

Peaceful day on the Farmy.  Later in the day the sun came out, and the wind dropped right away. Poor Houdini can’t even have her dust bath in peace. Mama has been doing a fence inspection and is not impressed. Charlotte is still limping… Continue Reading “Charlotte not much improved: vet today.”