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Day Off

The mob and I are packing our boots away, getting out our sandals and off to the city we are going. There is a barbecue festival and something called the Green Living Festival – then I will peel off and catch a train back  home… Continue Reading “Day Off”

The Last Time

Last night I milked Lady Astor, the house cow, for the last time this season.  She does not know it yet because she is a cow and though invited to the meeting of me and … um … ‘me’ to discuss the future of… Continue Reading “The Last Time”

The cow and the girl

Now that John is working even further North, with an even longer drive to and fro, Lady Astor and I are back to milking alone. She is very well behaved now and I find myself sinking into that lovely alone time that is induced by… Continue Reading “The cow and the girl”

Waiting for the Milking

The afternoons are spent in a series of gentle moves that culminate in The Milking.  I put Naomi into the barn about 2pm.  She just runs straight in every time.  Her mother waits outside in the yards and we milk her about 5pm.  I usually… Continue Reading “Waiting for the Milking”

Daisy begins her dry period

Today I will not be milking Daisy. The milking has finished. Oh, how I will miss the milk. And I will miss milking but after a while. It will be nice to have the time off.  It will be a shock to the system,… Continue Reading “Daisy begins her dry period”

Well beehaved bees

The bees have arrived and not only did they survive their travels with very few casualties, but they even tucked themselves up into their own new homes without terribly much bother. You see, yesterday morning early I hurt my back. Not badly but enough… Continue Reading “Well beehaved bees”

I Scream you Scream we all Scream for Icecream

Two days ago, on one of those tremendously hot days, Daisy launched herself into the milking parlour. She always pours through the door at speed, she has never and will never be a gentle giant of a cow.  The moment she hears the bell… Continue Reading “I Scream you Scream we all Scream for Icecream”

Milking a cow from start to finish in pictures.

I wanted to document a milking in pictures for you. This was easier said than done as I needed to bring in people unfamiliar with my camera (Our John and Tall Teenager) to take the actual pictures. And there is no way to set… Continue Reading “Milking a cow from start to finish in pictures.”

Bobby Blanc goes to Day Care

I failed at making the lasagne last night. When I was checking the ingredients I  discovered that I had run out of chedder cheese for the top.  Can you believe it! The cheese in the fridge was an empty packet with only a sliver… Continue Reading “Bobby Blanc goes to Day Care”

Thinking ahead – way ahead

Before I make a cheese cake I need to make cream cheese. Before I make cream cheese I need to make buttermilk. There are two ways to make buttermilk: allow the milk itself to culture. Which I will show you. But I am in… Continue Reading “Thinking ahead – way ahead”