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Argentinian Lunch – Recipes.

For Mothers Day yesterday our Argentinian guest made lunch. It was just wonderful. So tasty and I learnt a few very good tricks. So as a practice for his  English studies, last night Federico wrote the recipes down for me and described to me out loud… Continue Reading “Argentinian Lunch – Recipes.”

Little Party Nibbles: Mini Apple Sponge Cakes

My sister is having a few parties in NZ this month. And as I am 8,961 miles away  (14,421 km) I am not sure I can make it.  So I am going to join in by sending her a couple of my favourite party… Continue Reading “Little Party Nibbles: Mini Apple Sponge Cakes”

Mama’s Retro Pumpkin Pie: can you bear it?

My little sister Gabe, who is developing a  farm  in New Zealand, wrote to me yesterday, asking for our Mums Pumpkin Pie recipe. Coincidentally my little brother T asked for the recipe a couple of weeks ago as well.  And yes they are both… Continue Reading “Mama’s Retro Pumpkin Pie: can you bear it?”