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Weather as Entertainment

It rained a lot yesterday, so we all got wet in the morning, then the sun came out and it was hot and humid and we all started to steam dry the afternoon went by damp and breezy but nothing beat the extraordinary lightening… Continue Reading “Weather as Entertainment”


And YES. The capitals DO mean I am shrieking!  I was outside yesterday in big jacket, wooly scarf big socks – the works. Can someone please tell the rain gods that it is May now and it is time to warm up so the… Continue Reading “WHY AM I COLD?”

Dear Old Friend,

  8.53 pm. Tuesday night (NOT Wednesday night!  hard to remember what day it is sometimes!) Dear old Friend, I am laughing at myself! Fifteen minutes ago I was reading your email  – my brain turned off – La La La  I was humming, sleepy,  sitting… Continue Reading “Dear Old Friend,”

Of CoursE. IT SnowS.

More than the predicted three inches too.  Tomorrow I catch a plane to California to get ready to catch a plane to Australia. Of course it snows. Just to give me The Fear. And it is forecast to snow a little tomorrow too so… Continue Reading “Of CoursE. IT SnowS.”


By afternoon the heavy rain turned to snow, coming down heavily. So I threw on my clown suit and big jacket and and hattie and trotted about getting everyone fed early in case we got snowed in.  I put everyone to bed and shut all the big… Continue Reading “Anti-Climax”

The Green

Still the weather is holding. And the fields have some green. During the long nights it drops below freezing then in the day times UP the temperature comes again. It is not unusual for us to hover around the freezing mark at this time of… Continue Reading “The Green”

Fitting the Puzzle Together

Yesterday the warmth began to melt a little snow, then the water began to make a lot of mist then a lot of fog, then we lost the horizon.  Gone.  I thought  that today I would have a little round up of what’s happening… Continue Reading “Fitting the Puzzle Together”

A snowy-sun shower!

Gentlemen Close your Ears! Hush. Sshh,  I will tell you what I hate about winter coldness the most.  You ladies will understand this one. The toilet seat. It Chills me.  I am getting very tired of my freezing porcelain toilet seat. I sit down… Continue Reading “A snowy-sun shower!”

Knocking holes in walls is Deeply Satisfying.

Don’t you think? Do you ever go to peoples houses to visit and silently imagine knocking walls out, reorganising doors, rearranging their furniture and redesigning their lighting.  I do. It is an affliction. I console myself with knocking holes in my own walls. I… Continue Reading “Knocking holes in walls is Deeply Satisfying.”

Where are you on my weather map?

I like to know what is coming. Like all farmers I study the weather sites and stare up at the sky looking for action. I don’t like surprises.  I need to be prepared.  I am like TonTon who barked at the basement door yesterday… Continue Reading “Where are you on my weather map?”