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Tane Mahuta

You will remember that Tane has been having bad back problems and whether you walk on two legs or four having back and hip problems makes your life difficult to say the least. He had a miserable winter. Most of the winter he rested,… Continue Reading “Tane Mahuta”

Screaming Mistress Wind

The day started off so nicely.  It was not warm  but the calm was nice. The animals woke up slowly.  But soon after breakfast Mistress Wind arrived – her black cape flapping – unpacked her bag of demon daughters and they let loose with a… Continue Reading “Screaming Mistress Wind”

The Thief

Lunch yesterday was a glorious break and the framing is in place for the new Bastard Mink Proof chook house wall. Later I was sitting on the step below the bedroom French Doors, catching the slightest of breezes in the shade there (it was… Continue Reading “The Thief”

Tima goes to the Library

It has to be said that a library is a strange place for a pig to visit. However the Cullom Memorial Library, a precious little private library in Cullom, Illinois, welcomes visits from pigs.  Especially in their summer program. And fearless little Timatanga Moana… Continue Reading “Tima goes to the Library”

Dairy-maid’s Arms

When I was small my Dad used to squeeze my upper arms between his thumb and his forefinger and chant.. “and the muscles on her scrahwny arms stoock oot like spiders knees”. Always in a broad and deeply pretend Scottish accent.  I would scream… Continue Reading “Dairy-maid’s Arms”