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TonTon remains stoic

Ton has been the best behaved dog in the history of dogdom since Blue was unexpectedly foisted upon him.  He is not thrilled especially when Blue has picked his tail up in his mouth and chewed on it. He is stoic but unsmiling. On… Continue Reading “TonTon remains stoic”

The receding snow line

Sorry had to say it – because the snow is receding as slowly as an old man’s hair to reveal a bald man’s pate. A moonscape. Beige with a hint of sepia is still the colour of the day.     John is in… Continue Reading “The receding snow line”

The Mucky Murk or is it The Murky Muck

Yesterday was a study in getting stuck in the mud. I squelched my way through fields with my arms out like wings trying to keep my balance. The ground underneath is still frozen so in some areas the melting soil is like a slurry… Continue Reading “The Mucky Murk or is it The Murky Muck”

Home Made Peanut Butter, Home Made Laundry Powder, a Home Made Life

Home made is my favourite way because the ingredients in anything should be recognisable or at the very least readable. And if I make something myself then I know for sure what I am eating or using.  I just don’t trust store bought. Only… Continue Reading “Home Made Peanut Butter, Home Made Laundry Powder, a Home Made Life”

Onwards and Upwards at 5F (-15C)

This kind of beautiful clear day … … always has to be paid for. (Do you see the shape of the Coupe’s roofline developing in the framing here?) There was a lot of sun for warmth gathering yesterday.  And I know why now.  It… Continue Reading “Onwards and Upwards at 5F (-15C)”