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Guess who has come home!

I got up before dawn yesterday morning, after a night fretting about Sheila and decided to bring her home. That is that, I thought. Bad weather was coming again. She was not well. I told the nice young fella that I was worried about… Continue Reading “Guess who has come home!”

How to tell when your ewe is due.

Yesterday I received this wonderful tip from one of the wonderful Fellowship of the Farmy. r says: January 25, 2014 at 5:03 am (Edit) I am throwing my two cents worth of lambing prediction for your consideration. I go by the udder size to predict the… Continue Reading “How to tell when your ewe is due.”

Sheila says, No Thank You

I thought I wanted to go for a walk, Sheila said, but now I don’t. The puddles are too deep and I can’t swim, she said.  And my feet are cold.  Let’s go back home, she said and have our peanut butter treats inside… Continue Reading “Sheila says, No Thank You”

Your voice echoes when there is snow in the clouds

Yesterday it snowed again. But it was a gentle sweet silent snow that did not last too long. But the clouds sat heavy. Heavy clouds breathing light snow. Like kind gods. A benevolent uncle kind of snow. I set about trapping and catching the… Continue Reading “Your voice echoes when there is snow in the clouds”

A one legged rooster is not really one legged

The chooks, roosters and the guineas swap feet when they are standing in the cold, one foot up, then that foot down and  then another foot up,  like a wee boy in his thin pajamas showing too much ankle on the cold bathroom floor… Continue Reading “A one legged rooster is not really one legged”

Frozen rain falls like sharp stones

Do you know that sharp gravel that you  can buy by the truck load? For the drive. The lane. The track.  Men buy it because the bashed up rock wants to snap back together and form a pointy barbed stony mat. Women would rather… Continue Reading “Frozen rain falls like sharp stones”

As the snow turns to a dogs delight: slush and mud

The day stayed well above freezing yesterday. The snow began to melt and all the animals  heads came back up. Incredibly the sparrows indulged in a bird bath. Splashing about in the melting ice. Not quite that warm I thought. But there you are,… Continue Reading “As the snow turns to a dogs delight: slush and mud”

Writing and farming below freezing

Yesterday was colder than ever and the wind was blowing fiercely scoring the skin off my face and the water out of my own eyes. So cold that if you are doing the dishes and your hands are a little wet, and you pop… Continue Reading “Writing and farming below freezing”

Have you ever made funny faces for a baby…

But the baby does not care… Poor BooBoo. No more laughing, it hurts to laugh. But every time I look at that shot this morning I laugh out loud. Then look what Baby Marmalade did next … Went to sleep in my sewing basket..… Continue Reading “Have you ever made funny faces for a baby…”

Good news and Lots of Sweetness

Marmalade still loves Boo Boo. But that is not the good news. We all know about the Marmalade and Boo Boo show! Everyone loves the new hay. But that is not the good news either. The Good news is that the Duke of Kupa… Continue Reading “Good news and Lots of Sweetness”