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Making apple cider with just a hint of cuteness: due to popular demand.

Yesterday we made the apple cider. This year has been an astronomical year for apples. I have been collecting apples from a number of different trees over the last few weeks. We love to have a mixture of apple flavours in the cider. I… Continue Reading “Making apple cider with just a hint of cuteness: due to popular demand.”

So, How Many Days are there in September?

This piggie has cauliflower ears.. must be all that rugby out in the field. So, how many days  until the end of September? We have run into a problem I did not foresee.  We have eaten all the greens, there are no more tasty… Continue Reading “So, How Many Days are there in September?”

Cooling Our Hot Heels

The heat has finally come to the Prairies. I must be very careful that everyone has plenty of water. All the pigs will have their wallows topped up each morning. And I have discovered that if you hose the heels of a cow she… Continue Reading “Cooling Our Hot Heels”

I can’t see you, so you can’t see me and a floating chook!

Little piggy games. Funny dog Games. Yesterday we sowed all the high summer vegetables all over again. The secret to growing lots of food across a whole summer is successive plantings. Already we are eating like kings. Last night we had lamb burgers flavoured… Continue Reading “I can’t see you, so you can’t see me and a floating chook!”

Home again, Home again, Jiggedy Jig

Back to the farm, the animals and ordinary old gardening and housework. Why is it that a drill always appears on the table when I am gone.  Boo  will not let me out of his sight now that I am home. He has picked… Continue Reading “Home again, Home again, Jiggedy Jig”

Now, what is going to happen today?!

Tomorrow if you have time to  come and visit me. You might see more of these pictures. Then we will know that Plan A has failed, I am still on the farm and Plan B is being trundled out into the drive. That’s OK though.… Continue Reading “Now, what is going to happen today?!”

Keep those balls in the air, magic is brewing!

The package (my urgent passport renewal application) has landed in the United Kingdom and at 9.13 London time it was delivered to the New Zealand Passport Office.  Thank you FedEx! So we have gained HALF a day.  I just spoke to a lovely New Zealand… Continue Reading “Keep those balls in the air, magic is brewing!”

I can’t find Pania the Peahen .. now what could she be up to?

Tui  the peahen is still on her nest (her eggs are due to hatch on July 2nd) and Pania the other peahen has slowly become more and more absent.  And now I have no idea where she is. There are a few more hiding… Continue Reading “I can’t find Pania the Peahen .. now what could she be up to?”

Rainbow at the end of the Farmy

The Big Dog still rules the verandah with a firm hand. While the peahens still sneak about avoiding their motherly duties. Thank you for all your excellent ideas for hatching the eggs safely. Giraffe has her own little private run now. Shortly after I… Continue Reading “Rainbow at the end of the Farmy”

And so it begins…

Playtime. The babies are playing.. The unDaily View. Why is it that the lawn is growing faster than the fields? I shall have to get the mower going soon. Today will be another blustery rainy day which is good for the fields but not… Continue Reading “And so it begins…”