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Life as a Wall

A climbing wall. As you can see from the lead image even children can climb this wall. Little tiny children. Yesterday my daughter suggested going to a climbing wall in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand. She said: Give it a try. I said: I am too tired. She… Continue Reading “Life as a Wall”

Pneumonia takes Piglet.

One of the piglets has died. The little one. He had pneumonia. Pigs show no signs of pneumonia until they are far advanced. No coughing or runny nose. Not even a hot nose actually. Just a creeping lethargy I suppose. Lack of appetite and… Continue Reading “Pneumonia takes Piglet.”

Human Error Kills Bees

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time researching the bees problem. Trying to work out how my two hives died over this winter. I checked all the links you sent me (thank you) and these links took me to other links, I made notes and… Continue Reading “Human Error Kills Bees”

‘Success is the ability to go from one failure..

… to another failure, with no loss of enthusiasm’. Winston Churchill.  I love that one, it describes us all so perfectly.  It certainly describes this cheese as it proceeds with its  metamorphosis from cheddar to puddle. Ah well. Churchill also said something about ‘success… Continue Reading “‘Success is the ability to go from one failure..”