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Cat as a Hat caught in a Driftnet

We had a bit of a driftnet gathering yesterday. (Our kind of Drift-netting means that you invite everyone you see over a period of time to arrive at different times of the day, slowly staggering them into the net. This way very diverse groups… Continue Reading “Cat as a Hat caught in a Driftnet”

‘Success is the ability to go from one failure..

… to another failure, with no loss of enthusiasm’. Winston Churchill.  I love that one, it describes us all so perfectly.  It certainly describes this cheese as it proceeds with its  metamorphosis from cheddar to puddle. Ah well. Churchill also said something about ‘success… Continue Reading “‘Success is the ability to go from one failure..”

How to make Ricotta Cheese from Whey

It was only this hot yesterday. The coconut oil was only just melted.  Some of it is only just not melted.  Not too bad at all.  Here is yesterdays Monterey Jack cheese which is air drying for a few days. (Out of the sun… Continue Reading “How to make Ricotta Cheese from Whey”

Route 66 and Lasagne

A wee while ago we traveled down Route 66 from Chicago to California.  We did not get to eat any lasagna on our travels. Because no-one wants any lasagna other than Mama’s.  I am going to part with my old family lasagna recipe.  I… Continue Reading “Route 66 and Lasagne”