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The Power, Your Power

I am often amazed by the power of a small word or gesture.  The tiniest pat and smallest gentle correction can literally make a world of difference to a persons future. A small word as you open the door, a smile as you close… Continue Reading “The Power, Your Power”

Poppy and Pie

It has been so long since I managed this whole farmette by myself that yesterday I lost track of time as I trotted about and ended up coming up to the house way too late to make any dinner so we went out to… Continue Reading “Poppy and Pie”

A pregnant Pause

Yesterday The Farmy dropped through into one of those delicious Pauses that we often see but don’t have time to feel. A gentleness rises up and envelops us.  Encouraging us to yawn as we work, and sink onto rocks to watch when we are… Continue Reading “A pregnant Pause”

Hope you are right!

I have been watching The Poll and so far the  winning group is 8 or 9 piglets.  What do you think of that Charlotte? “Trying not to think about it miss c.  Now tell the barn flock to stop staring at Tui on the nest, they… Continue Reading “Hope you are right!”

Sometimes piggies are not pretty but bees always are …

At last the farmy is looking springy. I even mowed the lawns yesterday. Gardened for hours wearing a heat wrap to protect my back. And look at our new header, it says it all. Charlotte’s shape is slowly changing. I told her to open… Continue Reading “Sometimes piggies are not pretty but bees always are …”

Can pigs get morning sickness?

Charlotte is doing a lot of heaving herself about, snapping at Sheila, hogging all the food and has taken to lying on her side taking up most of the bed. Sheila is being long suffering.  Charlotte is unrepentant. As you would expect. I have… Continue Reading “Can pigs get morning sickness?”