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Lemon Butter Cake

Well, it was so warm yesterday morning that I put my clown suit  (those ugly thick padded overalls the men use when digging slowly on the side of the road) and my Carhart jacket into the washing machine.  Both were pretty pongy. Then of… Continue Reading “Lemon Butter Cake”

Ginger Beer Bug and Sour Dough Starter

So this week I have started my sour dough starter. Very exciting. Today I will bring in the last of the honey.  Queenie who is still such a short cow I am getting worried that we may have bought a midget by mistake, wears… Continue Reading “Ginger Beer Bug and Sour Dough Starter”

mama’s easy peasy party recipe

On July 4th this year I started to blog my family recipes and stories for my family and friends. I am in another country from most of you.  It is not as good as sitting around a table and eating and yarning with you… Continue Reading “mama’s easy peasy party recipe”